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Undoing a projected emotion: Realize that what we thought the environment was mechanically doing to us is really something we are doing to ourselves - we are responsible Reverse the direction of the projection itself. Projected traits are simpler to tack back because they do not involve a direction. Usually these will be qualities which we imagine another to possess and which we utterly loathe, qualities we are always itching to point out and violently condemn. A similar method is to keep a diary of defensive over-reactions. Then identify the underlying voice then enter into a dialog with that voice.

Barbara Hannah The greatest use of active imagination is to put us into harmony with the Tao, so that the right things may happen around us instead of the wrong.

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Active imagination gives us the opportunity of opening negotiations and coming to terms with forces in the unconscious. The idea is to get in touch with the subconscious giving it an opportunity to express itself in some other way e. Draw the images, you can develop a series of images of your shadow.

A few exercises for working with that shadow: In the case of Jung there is a wealth of primary and secondary material by the man himself and his direct and indirect disciples which I found personally very useful. I wouldn't equate Wilber's 'shadow' with Jung's. Phase three isn't static, so the process is fractal and non-linear but in some sense is also embedded in a finite linear process with very concrete shifts in one's way of being, relating and experiencing. The process, from the point of view of phase two, is partly of linking back to unconscious wholeness.

Basically a collection of Pro-Soviet nations who border the Mediterranean and historically, sided with the Soviets: Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Yugoslavia, or at least, Yugoslavian tanks that the other nations picked up after the Balkan wars. This is an alpha Beta, not fully finished or balanced First up, a download link; https: AB Noob, available as a folder in the above link.

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Don't touch the ones inside 'original', these are the original unaltered files as released by eugen that get swapped back when you uninstall. For those new to using mods, the path for where you want to put them will look something like F: Global changes Radar SAM's missile have an across the board range increase Range increases on ARM missiles Reduction in points cost from 2 to 1 for the second slot of Logistics, infantry and support Additional 4 pt infantry slot added Additional 5 pt aircraft slot added Reduction in accuracy of older BVR radar missiles, to reflect the impact of DRFM jamming suceptability on older guidance systems A range of more minor weapon renames and adjustments Increase in top armor for a number of Tank CV's Reduction in cost of medium and low end tanks Points reduction for a number of higher cost special forces and shock infantry, as infantry is now a lot more vunrable with the proliferation of air power and tanks.

Yet to be implemented decrease cost of non-armored CV's Increase availability and decrease cost of infantry CV's Adding more representative unit cards for new units. Apparently the French made a prototype, so Previously it had been a single 22 round stack with 5 seconds between real shots, while other tanks had their 6. Now the Autoloader carosel is spilt into two 19 round groups, with a 12,10 or 8 second reload and 5.

Decksgrupp will also get an MP7 as a result. Yet to be implemented. WAH added with Brimstones.

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Exceptional stealth, weapons not yet updated. Marines renamed Marine raiders. Weapon loadout not yet updated. Good optics, increased availability, reduced cost. Add Mi Super hind, a South African upgrade. Ka rerolled as Ka, high speed transport helo with km speed. Mi-8T rerolled as Mi, a faster transport helo Mi-4A rerolled as an Mi gunship Mi-4 rerolled as the Mi, a high speed attack helo, and then given to the Czechs. But maybe too ambitious: I'll have you know that nearly half of the units you've planned are impossible to make due to the fact that we cannot change the models. It'll all have to be proxies.

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Anyways, I wish you good luck and patience in developing this mod It has potential to deliver experience never to be seen neither in vanilla wargame, nor any other mod. By going crazy with national doctrines a-la "the US takes the stealth route for its ASF's, Soviets go for less stealthy platforms with stand-off AA missiles so they are more able to remain under the umbrella of their own ADN.

Of course, if I were doing that, I would seriously narrow down the national base for start. Likely forget about individual nations completely, and try to flesh out coalitions as basic playable entities taking the most interesting choices from composing nations to form vastly different playstyles. Ash and Shadows Message par The W: It also comes with an uninstaller, so people won't have to back up their files.

You can also do the same for coalitions. If need be, re-install the country by just making a new row and entering in the correct TableString. RD Sandbox Mod 5. Rapier missile model not changed Patriot and PAC-3 have different sizes Raven glows then disappears in armory. Have no idea why.

Give at least good stealth If you need help with fixing any of these, feel free to PM me.

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I look forward to your finished product very much! The download drop box has been updated with my recent changes. I think I must have saved a test copy of something while I was twiddeling with its weapons. Ahh, I know why, the Aim-9B got turned into a missile for the Rapier It'll get swapped out at some point.

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I'm leaving most of the air-force modifications for later. Working on the easy stuff where I don't have to worry about missile carriages. It's just a demo of an F with exceptional stealth right now Should be fixed now 5 Fixed I have no idea what's causing that or how to fix it. Will get to it in a later update. Had a soviet flag. Should be more visible. Its rocket pods are slightly improved, and optics are good. What of read so far on the Khrizantema missiles puts them at a slightly shorter range than the Ataka's. Might just be for ground launches only. Dive in, launch, dive out.

Thanks for the feedback.

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No need for a model change? British tanks rerolled, fixed a couple of errors in the previous Blue dragon tank reroll. New files up again. Most nations tanks now re-rolled, many repriced.