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I understood why he fell into temptation but him killing his wife's murderer really did cut off my connection with him. Afterward, he seemed very childish, falling for one lie after another. While I liked that he was so devoted to his wife, it bothered me that he was willing to forsake everything to be back with her.

I was really glad that he learned to stop making rash decisions, even if he did believe he was going to be back with her. In that regard, his growth was refreshing. I also found how Goodman portrayed demons very fascinating. The fact that they lied to each other to get the new recruits to follow suit was an interesting twist. The entire imagining of Hell was something I hadn't read before and felt fresh. I enjoyed picturing it as an office with stints selling The Formula and answering to "The Boss". The way we were introduced to Nadine, the girl who could draw angels and demons was also great.

I loved getting snippets of her stories throughout the novel and really helped solify the ending. I had no idea how it would end but becuase of these snippets of who Nadine was and what she did, it was a believalbe way for the story to end. It was a quest for Nadine's soul, we just don't find out until the end that she's alone on the journey. While there were plenty of good things about this novel, it wasn't without its faults. The endless exploration did wear down on the story and interrupted the flow of the plot.

By the middle of the novel, I felt that it was either trying to preach to me or that it was focusing too hard on the issues and forgoing the plot. I felt a lot of things could have been cut to allow the reader to interrupt what the author was trying to say instead of hammering it over and over again. The writng was also a bit shaky. Some first novels don't feel like firsts, but this one did. It suffered from some over-writing and as mentioned before, it just felt like the author didn't trust that the reader could get the point.

However, this only showed up every once and a while and for the most part was absent. I enjoyed getting to know the other character but I felt a bit tricked about Devon's son and his wife. We go on a journey, and unbeknownst to Devon and the reader, we are actually with his son and his wife but his son and his wife pretend to be entirely different people. It was a bit frustrating because it was from these two journies that Devon learned that even if he does bad things for good reasons, the deeds are still bad. This is really Devon's breaking point where he finally starts to accept his own actions and because those people his wife and son were pretending to be didn't actually exist, it sort of cheapened the journey for me.

There were a lot of things about this novel that worked-- the main character's journey, the re-invention of Heaven and Hell and angels and demons and the surprise ending. But because a lot of the plot was buried in exploration, I grew a bit detached from everything else and lost interest about halfway through. This might be a book for some people but I certainly wouldn't reccommend it for everyone. Overall, I'm glad I read it but it's definitely not for the light hearted. Jan 05, Smash added it Shelves: Check out this review over at Smash Attack Reads: I really enjoyed the premise of this book.

There are sociological, religious, and political themes. The story revolves around justice, the human condition and free will, how the choices we make always have consequences. Great concepts to be explored, for sure. To sell The Formula, aka Revenge. Devin was not a very interesting character, to me. And his naivety was annoying.

The poor guy is thrust into the war between Good and Evil, lied to, tricked, physically and mentally tortured, yet he presses forward, albeit mostly for selfish goals. However, later on the creativity of that transition and subsequent ones really interested me. Drawing anime was a catharsis for her. Natalia, an Angel who is watching over Nadine, wants him to witness firsthand what The Formula does. She is trying to prove to Devin that he is being played and is working for the wrong team. So she transports him back in time to Rwanda where he has to witness the carnage of the genocide that took place there in I was an anti-genocide advocate during my undergrad, and Rwanda holds a dear place in my heart.

The genocide that occurred there in and the movie made about it, Hotel Rwanda, is what shaped my ambitions. During my undergrad, I wrote many papers on the genocide and the inaction of the world. I will adopt a child from that country one day.

I did not enjoy any part of their involvement in the story. I also found the main plot regarding Nadine and her importance to be odd. I just found it a bit convoluted and weird. However, as stated earlier, I enjoyed the premise and themes presented. It was definitely a thought-provoking book that made you question your values about certain issues of justice and the like.

I think the author has great ideas. Nov 20, Cass - Words on Paper rated it it was ok Shelves: Read at your own risk!

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Let me start by saying this wasn't a terrible book. It just wasn't for me, and it is my duty as a book reviewer to be completely honest in my opinions. I know there are many people out there who would deeply enjoy this novel, and I'll tell you why this didn't fit the bill for me. It goes without saying that this would appeal more to "adults" whatever that means these days , say those in their late twenties onwards. Logic of Demons begins when a steadfast ma Slight spoilers.

Logic of Demons begins when a steadfast man in his thirties is mulling over the recent murder of his late-wife. He goes to her funeral, and fights against his inner tendencies to strike back: And in so doing, he scores himself a quick trip down to "The Office" or Hell , after being 'accidentally' shot time and time again, before succumbing to his injuries.

All that drives him forward is the will to see his wife again. I could not relate to the protagonist, Devin, at all. He lives in a different world than I ever could have: His actions are also painfully naive considering all he's gone through. Perhaps this stems from my fatal inability to relate to him on even the most basic terms, but his mentally throughout the whole novel is "All I want is to be with my wife again! This happened, sadly, to the point that I was shaking my head. The writing style, and more specifically, just the basics of writing, are to be expected when dealing with a self-published novel.

I can forgive that, but I can't forgive the blatantly obvious typos that popped up time and time again. Being a stickler for spelling and grammar, this also stifled my possible ability to enjoy the novel, even that little bit more than I did. Once more, the formatting of the novel as a whole was one that I was unaccustomed to.

The chapters are long, especially when compared to many YA titles, resulting in my only reading one chapter in one sitting, most times. At the beginning though, I was willing to give this one a shot, but it just wasn't meant to be. However, the story when seen from a distance, is at its core, about the struggle between good and evil.

Are the actions we, as humans, make purely our sole decisions? This novel deals with a chunk of issues that it's hard to list it. There's death, rape, love, trust, family, justice. Goodman actually addresses these pretty well, and I have no doubts that his next novels will prove to entertain and satisfy fans and loyal readers. Jul 25, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a hardback copy of Logic of Demons from H.

Goodman, the author, for review. I was happy to take a look at this novel because from the description, it sounded like something a little different from what I've been reading lately and it definitely caught my interest. I honestly didn't care much for the book cover, however, the book within was definitely worth reading.

Logic of Demons is a dark, twisty novel that introduces us to Devin Schwartz, a man who recently suffered the loss of hi I received a hardback copy of Logic of Demons from H. Logic of Demons is a dark, twisty novel that introduces us to Devin Schwartz, a man who recently suffered the loss of his pregnant wife to an unspeakable act of violence. When Devin decides to take matters into his own hands and seek revenge on the murderer, it sets into place a series of events that change his life and very soon after, his afterlife as well.

Devin finds himself transported to hell where he is offered a "too good to be true" deal with the devil. Satan was a lively and entertaining part of the story. She is the boss of "The Company", and the company's product? The Formula for revenge. I found Devin to be such an interesting character, not really one I can relate to, but interesting all the same. His actions and decisions seemed to be very immature, making impulsive decisions without considering any consequences to himself or anyone else.

He also seemed a bit obtuse at times, missing things that should have been fairly obvious. Even though he claimed to have the single-minded purpose to be with his wife and child, he didn't seem to actively ensure that he was on the right path to succeed in that.

Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul

Although, I guess that's a fairly common human trait, inadvertently putting obstacles in your own path. Nadine also plays a major part in all of these goings-on. She is the teenage target that Devin must foist the Company's "Formula" off on. Nadine is an easy character to sympathize with, with her tragic past and so many things against her, I couldn't help rooting for her throughout the twist and turns. Some of the plot was a bit hard to follow at the beginning, but was cleared up with the twists at the end, which I felt was cleverly done.

This book takes a hard look at right verses wrong and some of the gray areas, as well as causing me as a reader to think about where I stand as far as my beliefs, and how I would react to certain situations and what the consequences would be. Although Logic of Demons explores heaven, hell, angels, and demons, I don't feel that it had an overbearingly religious message and is a novel that can be thoroughly enjoyed regardless of your own personal beliefs. This novel can be pretty graphic at times and does explore some touchy subjects.

However, I don't believe it was overdone in anyway and was relevant to the story. As a reviewer though, I feel as though I should mention this to anyone thinking of reading Logic of Demons. Overall, I think H. Goodman has penned a novel that is incredibly unique and thought provoking. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of darkness in their fantasy. Dec 22, Wicked Lil Pixie Natasha rated it liked it.

January 11 Logic of Demons — H. Logic of Demons follows Devin, who instead of going shopping with his pregnant wife chooses to finish up watching a football game. Little does he know his wife ends up being murdered by a man who has been killing pregnant woman. I had a whoa moment at the end of the book, when all the pieces just neatly fall into place.

If you are looking for something a bit different, with a big change on our normal views of the afterlife check out Logic of Demons. Nov 13, Mina Burrows rated it liked it. Overall, I liked H. To be honest, the last 50 pages did it for me. On my KilloMeter, I give H. The Review in detail: What would happen if your pregnant wife was raped and murdered and you knew who the killer was?

Would you seek justice and kill the culprit? If that scenario happened to you…what would you do? The book opens with our hero faced with that conflict. With all the conviction that Devin started out with in this book, he certainly lost his bravado when it came to the afterlife. The bulk of this book was about Devin fumbling through afterlife, attempting to reunite with his wife and child.

There were many times were I wanted to smack Devin. Devin acted — often to his detriment — too impulsively, causing more problems for our demonic hero. Using The Formula, Devin must convince Nadine to do something heinous. And who is Nadine anyway? In the story, Nadine is this talented anime artist whose parents are dead and she lives with her holy-rolling Uncle. While reading this, I often thought that personal tragedy was the common thread between Devin and Nadine.

Posted also on my blog, http: Dark Fantasy Reading Level: I received a copy of this book from the author; he did not request it, but I am happy to provide an honest review. To say that my reading this weekend has been a little This is a disturbing book, and definitely a mind-twister. I enjoyed the way that Goodman showed that each side in this conflict — demons, Paladins, Angels — were absolutely convinced that they were the ones doing things right, the ones who truly had the best interests of all people on their minds, and truly believed in what they were doing.

And God remains silent — completely silent, leaving even those in the afterlife looking for direction, and having to find their own. I think this speaks directly to a part of all humanity: But we need to remember to be merciful and listen to our conscience, not our human nature. Feb 03, Audrey rated it really liked it. This book was amazingly, surprisingly, and shockingly awesome! I've got to be honest - I wasn't excepting to like it. I find that lately, every time I receive a book for review from an author that's been published by an unknown publishing company, I'm disappointed.

It had almost gotten to the point in which I felt like it must be an editor that makes a book good and not an author. Alas, not the case with Logic of Demons. I was immediately gripped, pulled into the world of Devin Schwartz, horrifie This book was amazingly, surprisingly, and shockingly awesome!

I was immediately gripped, pulled into the world of Devin Schwartz, horrified that I was unable to do anything to help him as I helplessly watched him make one horrible decision that would change his life forever.

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He buys the Forumla and finds he can't stop himself from killing the man that raped and murdered his pregnant wife. Logic of Demons takes a look at how thinly drawn the lines are between good and evil. As Devin makes his way through the afterlife, trying to understand the world of demons and angels and paladins and salesmen, he continues to make some pretty bad choices, a lot of them based on sheer naivety. It's hard to sit back and watch him when, as a reader, you pick up on things so much more quickly than he does.

But, through his fumbling, the reader comes to understand what Goodman is trying to accomplish. In evil, there is always a little good to be found, and in good, there is always evil to be found - it just depends on how you look at things. Overall, this book is utterly readable and enjoyable, and it's got a message worth reading. I don't really like how Goodman seems to overlook completely the whole idea that things that may seem bad on the surface aren't necessarily so because of intentions, but I didn't really feel the book lacking for not approaching it.

I suppose it delves enough into the moral to not need it. There were a couple other parts of the book that also frustrated me since when does a person not have the opportunity to be defended at his trial, for example?

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If you've ever questioned heaven or hell or good or evil, or really even if you're just looking for a fast-paced, exciting read with some unique twists, this book is for you! You'll find yourself hooked and wondering just how Nadine and her soul play into this whole thing right up until the very last chapter. Definitely worth checking out! Dec 07, Moonlight Gleam rated it really liked it.

Devin is the protagonist of the novel, and the story begins with his pregnant wife having just been raped and murdered. Holding on to the memories he shared and the thoughts of what his wife had to endure the last few moments of her life, Devin is faced with a dilemma.

He can choose to let it go, or get revenge. His concerned father-in-law begs Devin not to do anything irrational, but having his thoughts filled w Logic of Demons: His concerned father-in-law begs Devin not to do anything irrational, but having his thoughts filled with the need for revenge, he does not listen. Police soon enter the room and open fire at Devin, killing him instantly. Templeton that by working for them he will be once again be reunited with his wife, but only after completing one special project.

Devin soon finds out the importance of Nadine and the consequences of his decision. Logic of Demons is a very easy and enjoyable read. Despite being an easy read, Logic of Demons is a much deeper novel than one may think at first glance. You will definitely need to keep an open mind when reading Logic of Demons as the novel addresses strong subject matter such as rape, murder, depression, alcoholism, values, genocide, afterlife, and religion Heaven and Hell.

It is evident that H. Goodman has definitely invested a lot of time into researching these subjects. Moreover, while reading the novel, you may find yourself going back and forth between the history books and the novel. Through the subjects presented, readers will be able to connect with the characters portrayed in the novel. Goodman has created a wonderful novel, with an original plot and an unforeseen ending.

I recommend this novel to those who enjoy science-fiction, thrillers and contemporary fantasy. This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it. Nov 11, Melissa i swim for oceans rated it really liked it. Logic of Demons is an insane thrill ride of an adventure following Devin the aftermath of his wife's rape and murder by a homeless man. Devin makes a decision that ultimately catapults him on a path to atonement, forgiveness, and ultimately redemption.

While trying to redeem himself and find his way to a life where he continue out all time with his wife, Devin learns the depth of the human condition and how far people will go to control situations. I was contacted by Hal Goodman to read his novel Logic of Demons is an insane thrill ride of an adventure following Devin the aftermath of his wife's rape and murder by a homeless man.

I was contacted by Hal Goodman to read his novel, Logic of Demons, and I heartily accepted because I love books with religious undertones that address some of the more vivid aspects of life that we might otherwise overlook. He's created a masterpiece of a novel that combines a great writing voice, characters that make you feel for them, and a story about redemption that anyone can appreciate. I did have a few qualms with Logic of Demons though, and I feel it's only right as a reviewer to address them.

Devin, our hero had a clear goal to reunite with his wife throughout the story, yet when he was presented with cataclysmic circumstances, he always seemed to leap before looking. Now, lots of us are like this, but it really had me wanting to punch the MC for his stupidity. Then, when he is given the task by The Company to sell the Formula to Nadine, all I wanted to was save her because of her background of tragedy. Basically, I had conflicting emotions tackling one another through the story.

Logic of Demons is a very well-written novel. Clearly the author put both time and effort into the story, as well as heart. I will, however, say that I think Logic of Demons would be suited for more of an adult crowd that a YA audience. The graphic nature of parts of the story, as well as the content might offend those otherwise. I give it a 4 out 5, and I'd highly recommend this book to more of an adult audience that enjoys Christian fiction, as well as contemporary and fantasy.

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I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book. Jan 10, Looksie At Looksie Lovitz: Books and Wits Blog rated it it was ok. After the tragic rape and murder of his pregnant wife, Devon seeks revenge. Well, this lands him in a hellish purgatory which seems to run more like an office than an afterlife.

To sell The Formula. If he can sell the Formula to Nadine, he will get to see his wife. This is his motivator. But what is so special about this girl? According to his boss, The Formula saves lives but Devon sees flaws. The further along Devon progresses in his journey, the more he seems to doubt his new aft After the tragic rape and murder of his pregnant wife, Devon seeks revenge. The further along Devon progresses in his journey, the more he seems to doubt his new afterlife employers intentions. Especially when he meets an angel who shows him things that are too horrible to witness in the human world.

Is she right or is she just trying to get Devon not to sell the Formula to Nadine. Angels are the competition after all. The story was a bit slow for me. It switched from reading about Nadine to reading about Devon but I didn't really feel a connection with either character. I also had a hard time sympathizing with Devon's motivations for his actions throughout the book. I get that he misses his wife but when the book starts she is already dead so I guess I didn't feel the loss with him because I don't know enough about her and their relationship together.

The world building was pretty cool though. The whole office setting thing reminded me of Beetlejuice. The Formula concept I thought was interesting too. What it could potentially do. I don't want to spoil it's actual purpose but I will say that it tended to make things happen for better or worse.

The ending had a twist that would do M. Night Shyamalan proud because I wasn't expecting it at all and it left me a bit flabbergasted. Overall, the story wasn't bad but I just couldn't really get into it. It just wasn't for me. But it might be for you and it is available online if this seems like something that would interest you.

For this review and more visit me on my blog at http: Jan 31, Murphy's Library rated it liked it. He wanted revenge and in a desperate act, he did it by himself: If you think this is tough, just wait until the end of Logic of Demons: Now Devin is dead and forced to work for The Office, selling The Formula—at first, he had no idea what it was, but soon he realize from Murphy's Library — http: Now Devin is dead and forced to work for The Office, selling The Formula—at first, he had no idea what it was, but soon he realized he should compel people to make terrible things—to help people, according to his new boss.

But all he wanted was to be with his wife again, so he got a propose: But, well, when Devin said yes, he had no idea what The Formula or Nadine were. She loved to draw them—and it seemed she was pretty good at it. But later we found out what were her really issues—which made the story even sadder. This book talks about a lot of polemic issues. Nov 20, Lauren rated it really liked it. Logic of Demons tells the tale of Devin Schwartz, a man who just lost his wife and unborn child to a horrible death.

Taking things into his own hands, Devin takes revenge by killing the murderer. Unknowing to Devin, this act of violence sends him into an adventure of a lifetime. Logic of Demons is a very deep book. It takes religion and morals into great consideration. A reoccurring question that came up was if Devin was correct in avenging his wife's death. Is "an eye for an eye" the right way t Logic of Demons tells the tale of Devin Schwartz, a man who just lost his wife and unborn child to a horrible death. Is "an eye for an eye" the right way to deal with murder? Throughout the book, I found myself questioning Devin's choices.

Whenever one of the characters made Devin a deal to do something he would regret, he would willingly do it to be reunited with his wife and child. Sooner rather than later, he would have to pay for the consequences. The three main types of people in this book are: They believed that humans needed a fresh start, or a Judgement Day. Then there was the Angels, who convince you to do good deeds. And finally, Satan and his demons, who convince you to murder and end lives. Devin gets mixed up with all three of these people. And they all have one common goal: At first, when Goodman is explaining about Nadine, she just seems like a regular teenager, who enjoys drawing and lives with her annoying Uncle Gustav.

But there are a lot of demons hidden below the surface, and she is dealing with a battle between life and death. Her very existence means a lot to this ethereal beings. Overall, Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul is an endless battle between right and wrong, and coming to terms with has happened. Also, how you can't change time, no matter how many times you wish to go back in time and erase the bad memories. Jan 12, Orchid rated it really liked it Shelves: One of the things I really enjoyed about Logic of Demons was how the Devin, who was the narrator for the majority of the book, had to come to face up to all the crimes he had committed after the death of his wife.

I also loved the moral aspect of Logic of Demons and how in the end one cannot blame ones misdeeds by saying you where led astray. Because we are all given the choice to decide whether or not to do what deep down we now is wrong. Another fascinating thing I found while I was reading this book was the authors take the company and the formula, I thought it was one of the more interesting ways to depict how shrewd the devil can be. While the end of the book was kind of out of left field, it also made a weird kind of sense after thinking back on the book.

My favorite thing about Logic of Demons seems to be more about how the choices we make affect not only our life, but also the lives of everyone around us. There was just a bit too much foul language for my taste; my other problem was that some scenes were over explained a bit, while others were left a little too vague.

An interesting thought provoking read. Dec 16, Justine rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, I definitely enjoyed this book thoroughly! Logic of Demons is just the right book for me when I was looking for something new and gripping. It takes you on a crazy, fantasy ride with interesting twists along the way. Devin has just lost his wife and is dealing with emotions that threaten to overwhelm him.

After making one major decision, he has no choice but to face the consequences that wait for him in the afterlife. But he wants one thing and one thing only: And he will do anything for that to happen even if it means going through Heaven and Hell. Logic of Demons is a book that would make you think. About the choices you make daily, about its causes and its effects. It makes you wonder about the afterlife, about Heaven and Hell. Goodman involves the events in history and muses over them, viewing it in black and white or both.

What I liked most is the battle in the afterlife between three forces: It is so original and fascinating that I was engrossed. Some twists were predictable but some were surprising. It creates a nice balance that makes this novel grand. Overall, Logic of Demons is adventurous and aims to address the aspects that no one else would dare touch. Goodman successfully tells the story with perfect pacing and a thrilling sense of style, causing one to feel emotionally moved in the very end.

Although this book is about a lot of heavier topics, I found it to be an easy and enjoyable read.

Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul by H A Goodman - book review

The story revolves a lot around choices and consequences, which not only gives us more insight into the book but also into our own characters as well. While we're on the subject of characters, there is an entire cast of them that make up Logic of Demons - everyone of them important to the story. I liked Devin as a character. He also makes it clear just how easy it is to quiet our consciences and listen to the voices of the demons within us.

After all, what would you do if someone close to you was murdered by a psychopathic stranger? If you had the opportunity for extra-judicial revenge, would you take it? Can you say that you wouldn't be tempted? In Goodman's version of the afterlife, Devin is asked to think about this and many other much broader issues - child soldiers, prostitution, sex-trafficking, religious fundamentalism, even genocide. For if the wrong choices made by individuals can have disastrous consequences, what happens when entire societies make them?

It's not all existential conundrums though - there are sparklings of humour running through the book in the form of some of the supporting characters. My favourite was the Company's Boss - Satan to you and me, but in Devin's surreal afterlife she prefers to be called Pam.

Pam is a truly awful caricature of the woman who won't age - propped up by cosmetics and cosmetic surgery and a vision of beauty only she can see. Maybe so, but I could picture her perfectly. The narrative has more twists and turns than you could shake a stick at, but I didn't see the final twist coming - I was too busy rooting for Nadine, the young girl causing heavenly civil war, to realise where Devin's adventures were actually heading.

Perhaps there's a little bit too much thrown in for a truly focused book, but it's better to keep your readers guessing than give it all away. I'd also have liked to have seen a few less said bookims and bit more show not tell , but overall, I enjoyed Logic of Demons as an imaginative and pacy book that will give all its readers plenty of pause for thought.

The obvious further reading is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - also about the after life in the after math of a rape and murder. If you haven't read it already, you should. H A Goodman was kind enough to be interviewed by Bookbag. You can read more book reviews or buy Logic of Demons: