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The two pregnant girls are supposed to be fifteen but are played by obviously older actresses who turned out to be twenty and twenty-one at the time. The plot is okay, but the story does jump around a bit, leaving one guessing whether you're in Boston or Pennsylvania. The priest seems to use warp speed between the two. The catholic church is portrayed as having a secretive sect for investigating events which only happen to those of that faith. What if the two girls had been protestant?

Would the catholics of cared? Therefore some what contrived. Who knows, some day the catholic church might even learn what the Bible teaches. If you miss this one, don't feel you've lost anything. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Get to Know Rachel Brosnahan. Horror Movies from Movies of my life Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Learn more More Like This. The Twilight of the Golds A group of female friends in San Francisco investigate a serial killer targeting newlyweds. Journey to the End of the Night Beyond the Veil of Mists Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Father Rosetti Claudette Nevins Lenore Beavier Sydney Penny Margaret Gallagher Kristin Dattilo Kathleen Beavier Alan Oppenheimer George Beavier Eric Christmas Father Francesca Richard McKenzie Father Guarini Viveca Lindfors I "know" Jonathan Janz, online only , and consider him a friend.

Neither this or the fact that Sinister Grin provided me a free e-ARC of this story, affected my honest review. View all 11 comments. Feb 09, Jon Recluse rated it it was amazing Shelves: Will Burgess is a kid used to the rough side of life. Raising his little sister with a mom who is mentally missing in action thanks to pharmaceutical fire, and an absentee father.

Trying to survive his first year of high school, targeted by bullies More than enough for any teenager Janz takes the coming of age story into horror territory with impressive results, melding his already well established ability to create characters that ring true, characters with heart and soul, that you can't help but feel empathy with, and his prodigious talent for monster mayhem This one burns rubber, folks, and you'll want to take it for a spin. Pre-order your copy here: I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Apr 10, Edward Lorn rated it really liked it.

Times like this I'm glad I have a second-chance policy for new-to-me authors. This one I enjoyed. The writing is clean and tonally perfect, but I didn't care much for any of the characters. In the end that's why I knocked off a star. Feb 12, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Author Jonathan Janz continues to amaze me with his "growth" in writing style, as shown in each successive book he pens. Janz has shown his versatility in his array of story lines and characters all along. I have al Author Jonathan Janz continues to amaze me with his "growth" in writing style, as shown in each successive book he pens.

I have always been impressed with the depth of this author's characterization. Wether dealing with a large cast of main characters, or those with shorter--but no less important--roles, I find it very easy to see the individual identity of each. These "people" are not two-dimensional stereotypes, but complex personalities. In one case, Will Burgess is internally giving us his views on the motivating force guiding one of his neighbors: I think it was the fragility of life that compelled.

Unfortunately, real life lessons are often unpleasant, and unfair to so many people for a variety of reasons.

Children of the Dark

Why did such a good-hearted, loving girl get treated like dirt? This novel really showcases Janz' talent in writing--not just the horrific elements--but the more emotional, sensitive issues as well. He's not afraid to look beyond the facade of what most people see and judge others by, and show us what's REALLY behind the curtain. Rich or poor, addict or law-enforcer--everybody has a side hidden from public view.

I always look forward to a new Jonathan Janz book, and once again, he's raised the bar to new heights. View all 5 comments. Apr 09, Mindi rated it it was amazing. Jonathan Janz, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, and Sinister Grin Press all made it possible for my group the NightWorms to read this book together, so a big thank you is due to all of these folks for supplying our group of 7 horror lovers with copies in exchange for an honest review. This is my first book by Jonathan Janz, and I'm definitely a fan!

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Children of the Dark was a tense, gore filled, coming of age horror novel that I read very late into the night. I couldn't put this one down. Will Burgess and h Jonathan Janz, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, and Sinister Grin Press all made it possible for my group the NightWorms to read this book together, so a big thank you is due to all of these folks for supplying our group of 7 horror lovers with copies in exchange for an honest review.

Will Burgess and his friends Chris and Barley have the same problems as most year-olds. Chris and Will have crushes on two of the prettiest girls in school who also happen to have boyfriends that constantly want to kick their asses. Will, however, has a much harder life than his pals. His father is gone, and his mother can barely function due to her addiction to pain medication. Will is left to take care of his 6-year-old sister Peach pretty much on his own, and he deeply resents his mother for it. He loves his little sister more than anything though, and being forced to take care of her has created a bond that can never be broken.

One night the girls Mia and Rebecca tell Chris that they will be camping in their parent's yard, so the boys should stop by to visit. With hormones raging, Will, Chris, and Barely go to meet their crushes, and they end up swimming together in a nearby creek. Will's crush and his interactions with Mia really took me back to being a year-old, and what it felt like to have a crush on someone and then have that crush reciprocated.

These scenes are such nostalgic fun, but suddenly Mia sees a face in the woods, a pale face with green eyes, and soon everyone in Savage Hollow has a lot more to worry about than bullies and crushes. Because there is something lurking in the woods. And on top of that, one of the nation's most notorious serial killers has escaped from prison, and he's heading straight for Will's hometown.

I was invested in this book right from the beginning. Will's friendship with Chris and Barley is truly special, and his love for his little sister Peach is so pure. These are characters that you quickly learn to love, and when they start to be in peril, I was practically racing through the pages to find out the fate of each character. Sure there are some tropes here. The bad guys are really bad, the cops are inept to the point of rage, and the parents are initially clueless, but Janz takes this story to places I never would have expected.

I love how fearless his writing in this book is. He knows there have to be consequences, he knows that not everyone is going to survive the evil in the woods, and he makes the situation as realistic as you can when dealing with ancient cave dwelling monsters. There was a point while I was reading that I realized I had reached the place where you don't stop, no matter how late it is because you HAVE to know what happened. Janz holds nothing back, and parts of this book leave you reeling and feeling a bit breathless.

And those are the best kinds of books. The ones where you shout out loud when something terrible and unexpected happens because you are so invested in the characters. And Janz writes fantastic characters. This is a coming of age creature feature that I recommend to everyone who enjoys horror that doesn't hold back. I can't wait to read more from Janz. Feb 09, Michael Hicks rated it it was amazing Shelves: Keene, this book put me well over the moon and I th Confession time: So, what is Children of the Dark? So much murder and mayhem. At least until news breaks of a serial killer on the loose, and one of said girls goes missing.

What follows is a fast-paced, frenetic, heart-breaking read. Highly recommended By the way, this book is evidently a prequel of sorts to Savage Species, but each book covers different ground and characters. At about a quarter of the way into my reading of Children of the Dark, I bought Savage Species because I already wanted more Janz and more Children in my life.

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Feb 13, Andi rated it it was amazing. Children of the Dark is the third novel I have read by Jonathan Janz. Intelligent, thoughtful, and witty, Janz has quickly become one of my new favorite authors. My only regret is how long it took me from first hearing his name, about a year ago, to actually getting around to reading one of his books. Small town or not, life is a far cry from The Waltons for year-old Will Burgess. His father walked out, his mother is a drug addict who sleeps all of the time, and Will is left to be the sole caretaker of his much younger sister, Peach.

Will was already more adult than most of the adults in his town to begin with. The story admittedly starts out a tad slow but it gives you the foundation that every good story needs to have any sort of depth. Whether from experience or exceptional storytelling, Jonathan Janz is well acquainted with the human condition and the pain that comes with it. He is also very adept at painting for you something out of your worst nightmares, whether it is a serial killer on the hunt or monsters prowling about the woods.

Could a town possibly be so unfortunate to attract both? The answer is yes and the catalyst may be more surprising than the results. Jonathan Janz, as always, writes a good story. What I love about it is that he makes his characters real and his monsters believable. You want the good guys to survive but the bad ones are human enough that there is no satisfaction in their death and that to me is the story of humanity. People are never black and white.

A story is never one-dimensional. Children of the Dark could be your town. View all 4 comments. I could not put this book down. Every time I did I would just reach for it again. Will Burgess is a high school freshman who plays great baseball and has a crush on a girl. Unfortunately, timing is everything and he's got other things to worry about, an escaped serial killer who eats his victims and Somehow Jonathan Janz manages to squeeze everything into this book: This was a wild ride!

Janz gives you enough detail in the beginning of the book to fill you in on all the family drama while at the same time adding just enough of a backdrop of terror to get the reader going. Then before you know it, the adrenaline pumped action begins and you're sucked in. I really, really liked this book! My only question now is Feb 14, Peter rated it it was amazing. This is the pre-sequel, to Savage Species. Will Burgess and his two best buddies, are dealing with being bullied at school and teenage crushes. Will is growing up without a father and a mother who is addicted to painkillers.

Will also has the responsibility of taking care of his younger sister, Peach. Carl Padgett, who is known as The Moonlight Killer, has escaped from jail and could be headed for the town of Shadeland. Padgett, use to live in this town and the people are scared that he may retu This is the pre-sequel, to Savage Species. Padgett, use to live in this town and the people are scared that he may return, seeking revenge. Legend has it, that blood sucking creatures, live in the caves and the caverns that surround the town. These creatures, are known as the children. The children, will not be denied their taste for the flesh of a human.

Will is about to enter the gates of hell and there is no turn back. The tales, is really intense and has plenty of blood and guts. Janz, does a excellent job developing the main character Will. I ask the author recently, if there might be a Children of the Dark 2. This was part of his answer. Will Burgess and his story is far from done. In one way or another, his tale is going to be continued. There is a good chance that the characters from Children of the Dark will collide with story of Savage Species.

For the readers who devoured Children of the Dark, this is a good thing. The only hard thing is the wait. I highly recommend this book. May 29, The Behrg rated it really liked it. My first trip down Janz halls. Children of the Dark starts as a coming-of-age tale that is masterfully spun. If you don't come to care about these characters in the first half of this novel, there's something wrong with you. But don't worry, there's something wrong with me too. One of my biggest gripes with the horror genre is that gore and scares often tend to overshadow character development, and yet without giving us a reason to care about the characters it's impossible for us to feel afraid My first trip down Janz halls.

One of my biggest gripes with the horror genre is that gore and scares often tend to overshadow character development, and yet without giving us a reason to care about the characters it's impossible for us to feel afraid for them. Janz takes his time setting up a great cast that feel remarkably real, so that when the horror begins you have a reason to sit up and take notice.

The second half of this novel was a completely different beast from the first, and while this is where the payoff comes for us horror junkies, there were moments where it felt a little too much and dipped into familiar tropes that could have been avoided. Still a quite stellar experience, and a book I would definitely recommend. Looking forward to revisiting more of the Janz hallways soon. I will enthusiastically consider myself a Janz Junkie from here on out. I invested into his character immediately and I say this in a lot of reviews but anytime I'm invested in the characters, it instantly makes a horror story that much more terrifying because the stakes are high.

And this book is jammed packed with threatening situations--everything from a shady home life, to bullies, to a serial killer and even some unexplained, evil activity lurking around the woods surrounding our Will's small town. And let me tell you, without spoilers there were several situations that got my heart racing--I'm not entirely sure what freaked me out the most, the ugly side of the human nature Janz peels back or the creature-feature-esque storytelling About pages from the end, I started feeling that sense of dread, where I know the book is almost over but I'm nowhere near ready to say goodbye to the way this book made me feel: I read an interview of the author on a friend's blog and there is a sequel for this book which makes me positively glowing with book worm delight and eager anticipation.

In the meantime, Janz has more stories to read so I can occupy myself with all of that while I wait impatiently for more Children of the Dark. Buy this book now and read it so that you can roll around on the ground in childish excitement for book two with me!! Jan 19, Kandice rated it it was ok. This book read very much like an R. Stine book to me. If that's what I had been expecting, I would probably have loved this book.

That's one of the very few drawbacks of Goodreads for me. I see what friends think of a book and then expect exactly that. Sometimes I forget that we all read differently and end up disappointed. It's almost unfair to authors because I am no longer judging their work, I am weighing it against expectation and opinion. This was definitely a page turner, and it was a ve This book read very much like an R. This was definitely a page turner, and it was a very suspenseful story, but I rolled my eyes so many times as I read that they were tired each time I put it down.

Again, if I was looking for this type of book, my reaction would have been different, but this was so unrealistic. Janz allows the authorities to act in such unrealistic ways that I just couldn't buy it. Local law is unabashedly biased and just plain wrong, not to mention stupid, and make no efforts to disguise this bias and then we have the higher up authorities that are so much better at seeing the truth, but then share their observations with children.

Will, our hero of the tale, is very responsible and capable, but is still a teenager. He simply wouldn't be taken into the confidence of authority that easily. I will say that the relationships Janz created between Will and his little sister Peach and especially between Will and his friends, were terrific. Kids can love so much deeper and without question. Janz is very good at painting that particular picture. I just wish he had been a little more accurate with the landscape of this tale. That just doesn't make sense.

It also feels a little silly that once the final showdown of the story takes place, it's more than a year later and the existence of the "children" is still hidden from the majority of the population. There were so many deaths that were not explained away by natural disaster or some other lie, supposedly by the same idiot law officers who messed it all up to begin with. There should have been a heck of a lot more than whispered sightings. Maybe Janz was setting up a sequel.

Jun 07, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: With its small town rural setting and eerie premise Children of the Dark has all the style of a retro 's horror film but the author has put is own personal edge into the horror genre with the different themes and realistic characters. Jan 10, Vicki Willis rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an amazing book! It is the first one I have read by this author, but it definitely won't be the last. I stayed up way too late reading "just one more chapter". It is tense, exciting, action packed and suspenseful. It is a coming of age story about a 15 year old boy and his friends with one part serial killer, one part monster and one part tragedy.

I loved the characters and the author really made me care about Will and his little sister, Peach.

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  4. I also loved the ending. I thought it was pe This is an amazing book! I thought it was perfect and gave me goosebumps. I hope Janz continues the story in another book because I would read it for sure! That's not flattery, Gentle Readers: He is a genius of prose, and a genius of literate horror. I don't know how much time he spends on a book, but each gem is freshly polished and perfect. In my mind is a virtual library of Mr.

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    Janz, because once I've read one, it remains forever with me. View all 9 comments. Apr 15, Alex findingmontauk1 rated it it was amazing Shelves: Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz is one of my favorite types of books! WELL, let me just tell you. It combines so many things I look forward to in a horror novel: It was such a fun read and evoked all kinds of nostalgia the way The Monster Squad, Goonies, and even Stranger Things can all do as movies or TV shows. I have been told that this book also gives some readers slight Boy's Life vibes written by Robert McCammon, but since I have not read that yet, I will just have to trust their opinions!

    If the summary here on Goodreads or Amazon does not sound like something you are already dying to read then I don't know what else to say! Janz does not disappoint with his storytelling skills and ability to build up characters.

    Child of Darkness, Child of Light (TV Movie ) - IMDb

    He is able to put you, as the reader, smack dab in the middle of Savage Hollow and in the midst of all the horrific chaos that is happening. The narrative flowed so perfectly and kept me engaged. It was always entertaining and an incredible blend of horror and thriller. I even liked what Janz did with the chapter titles in this one. So each chapter title hooked you wanting to know in detail what was about to happen. I never wanted to take a break from reading this book - but I am glad that I also was able to enjoy it over a few days as opposed to devouring it in one long sitting.

    Soaking this story in over multiple days really was fantastic and gave me something else to look forward to each day after work before my husband would come home from his job. Aside from supernatural horror and how terrible humanity can also be, Janz touches on the concept of family a lot. Will has been fatherless in life. His mother is an addict in the worst way. And he has been forced to take grow up too fast and take care of his younger sister, Peach, because there is no one else. I loved this aspect of the overall story and it was just another creative way that Janz makes it personal and connects to the reader, making this story even more real.

    And the copies were signed and inscribed which makes the treat even sweeter! Feb 09, Glenn Rolfe rated it really liked it. If you're already a fan of Janz's work, you'll love it. If you're new to him, I bet you'll want to follow along.

    See a Problem?

    This one serves as a prequel to his fun and gory novel, Savage Species. Just a warning, while Children of the Dark doesn't reach the same levels of viciousness as Species, it does contain some violent moments. This one though, as stated by the author in the book's front matter, plays more with a I got a chance to read an ARC of the latest novel from Jonathn Janz, Children of the Dark.

    This one though, as stated by the author in the book's front matter, plays more with a coming-of-age type of story. On that end, we follow teenager, Will Burgess, through some of his mid-teen growing pains. Fatherless, and with a mother who self-medicates, Will is basically the major parent figure for his little sister, Peach. Even with those added responsibilities, he's still very much a young man trying to sort out his ever hectic world of sports, romance, and trying to be a regular teenager. When a serial killer escapes and makes his way back to town, Will and his friends, along with the entire community, are on high alert.

    All this, plus they discover what true horror is when they find out about "The Children". If you've read Savage Species you know all too well that this is not going to go well. Janz stretches his writing skills out a bit more with Children of the Dark, treading new waters and doing a good job. While I definitely prefer his full-throttle hell rides, Children of the Dark has enough heart and gore to satisfy.

    View all 3 comments. This Hardcover book is number 14 of 60 copies printed and is signed by Jonathan Janz. Mar 01, Shane Douglas Keene rated it it was amazing. Here I find myself writing again about the work of author Jonathan Janz. I restrain myself from going so far as to say, the great Jonathan Janz, but just barely. Every book I've read by Janz to date has been an experience to cherish. His writing is fresh, even when he's taking on an old trope, and his mastery of language is picture perfect, engaging, and captivating.