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Of Sunsets and Night Skies by speed killz reviews Pure feel-good Bumblebee one-shots and small multi-chaptered short stories. Sexual content will vary greatly between stories. From innocent snowball fights, to chasing the reincarnation of their soulmate through time, relax and let your imagination run wild as we explore the indomitable love between our favourite huntresses. Con el tiempo llegara el momento en el que debas elegir que es lo que quieres en tu futuro. Disfrutando de cada partido, cada quedada y cada fiesta en la que es invitada.

RWBY is the story of four girls who are going to save the world. It's the story of four girls trying to survive a bloody world of evolution. Red is the color that travels the farthest by amal-rukia reviews She opened the door and walked in carefully. She had to be cautious, because she had no idea what she was about to deal with. She heard rumors of the powerful witch who had been locked here and couldn't control her magic.

She was dangerous, cold blooded and she could kill her at any second. Chariot Du Nord is a prisoner, Croix has to watch over her and has no idea why she is. M - Spanish - Chapters: Menagerie Nights by LazyKatie reviews Yang lives her days as a street rat in the city of Kuo Kuana, stealing food to survive. When her brother gets her involved in a crazy scheme to help her win the heart of the Sultan's daughter, Blake Belladonna, a series of circumstances lead her to come into the possession of a magic lamp containing a genie.

Light in the Darkest Place by JustUandMe reviews Alexandra Vause, a being doomed to govern the Shadow Lands in a world increasingly beset by darkness, will see her power subdued by the arrival of a young woman who will arise in her feelings never felt before. Her end is imminent so she will have to make a decision: Busted by Clementine Davidson reviews Being a cop isn't always easy… especially when Blake catches her own girlfriend drinking and driving.

I own none of these characters and this is all for fun. Hidden in plain sight by Herofire reviews Bumblebee flies strong, and a White Rose sprouts, even as the world tries to tear them apart. Weiss' insight by Saharet reviews There's something unnerving about observing Blake and Yang together.

She always took them for granted, the way they were inseparable in Beacon, how they always seemed to be a unit. Now, looking closely, she can clearly see what was overlooked and what's different. It's driving her up the wall. Takes place after episode two of volume six so please be aware of slight spoilers. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: Petrichor by MollyBananahammock reviews "Now that rain has stopped, and I've put down my umbrella and this sweet smell of petrichor is everywhere.

This whole new world has opened up to me, and I can thrive in it With you, Alex, I can thrive. Challenge by Baxter reviews The warmth from the start of their argument fades as the barb hits a little too close to home. You're so bad you can't even get into the first row of your section. Unexpected Company by Clementine Davidson reviews Blake's boyfriend failed to show up to the restaurant.

Everyone was beginning to stare at her with judgement and she was about to leave and forget this humiliating evening ever happened But then a blonde stranger showed up, apologised to her for being late, and sat down with her as if they were a couple. Fall Girl by Helena's Mangos reviews Piper is popular. Piper has always used Alex as a scapegoat for her shitty family life, but after they're unwittingly forced to spend time together, will they realize they have more in common than they think? Stolen Hearts by ninjasoftogether-together reviews What happens when two criminals become roommates after a predicament involving blackmail?

Blake isn't ecstatic about Yang hiding in her apartment, but maybe something good can come out of it. There's no way Yang, the "honest" criminal, could steal her heart. Love and Misfortune by amal-rukia reviews There was a thin line between them, between humans and vampires. However, that line could be crossed, by creating a link between humans and those who call themselves servamps, vampires that carry the burden of the seven deadly sins. The sins were presumed missing for the longest time, until one day, two sisters stumbled upon two of the sins. Little does she know that it will mark the start of some very interesting events.

Elsanna non-incest Frozen - Rated: Inevitable by Gabriel H. Sean curiosos New Game! Regal Blood by Jessica-X reviews [vampire! The reason for this becomes clear when Anna follows her to St. Idun's Cathedral in the dead of night, only to witness a horrific scene. She didn't expect anything other than a bunch of twenty-somethings getting shit faced and making complete asses of themselves.

She certainly didn't expect to find herself in bed with a black and red haired stranger or to have been the initiator. She wants it bad. So when she learns that there are services that pay her ludicrous amounts of Lein to let Vampires feed on her how could she possibly say no? Human-Faunus relationships have steadily improved over the years thanks to the tireless efforts of the newly reformed Schnee Dust Company.

With peace finally within arm's reach, a grim shadow looms over the four kingdoms biding its time. Citrus schtuffs by angel0wonder reviews A collection of quick one-shots featuring Yuzu and Mei. And pretty much everyone else! A few chapters are M-rated.

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With Yang knocked out, it's left to Blake to get them both out, safe and alive, and find their way back to the rest of their team. That is, if Weiss and Ruby survived. Su vida es discreta y rutinaria, mientras sobreviven en un lugar que ellos construyeron. One Piece - Rated: Say Something by Tazbb12 reviews Piper was ready to living her life when her past caught up to her. Now she has 7 days to figure out what she really wants. Sorry don't want to give away anything in the summary. The Erotic Adventures of One Piece by Stixz Awesome reviews This is an anothology about the many lewd and perverted events taking place on the seas of the grand line.

Each chapter has its own pairing, set of kinks and contains a large helping of smutty lemon for you to enjoy. Kyouko and Sayaka try to spread Christmas cheer. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Kitsunemeo y Tanulieta by Kazuki-Taichou reviews Tojo Nozomi y Ayase Eli son enemigas mortales, pero por otro lado, sus tiernas mascotas son otra historia.

She managed to get a well paying job, a roof over her head and a new social life. Everything was going great until one day a teenage girl walked into her life bringing back old memories. Nozomi Toujou by hirumisan reviews Eli Ayase. Successful CEO of a large conglomerate. A perfectionist of the highest calibre, her work is always well-renowned and absolutely amazing. How does she do it? Well, as the saying goes, behind every great woman is another great woman! Well, I'm sure it went something like that! K - English - Romance - Chapters: Luna Nova was thriving, magic was becoming well received once again by the public, and the students were back to enjoying a peaceful school life.

Croix comes back, and throws everybody off. And not necessarily in a bad way. Brighter by y8ay8a reviews It took that three day mission away from Beacon Academy, but if Yang looked back on the last months, their relationship was probably bound to change sooner or later. Starts in between V2 and V3, follows events of V3. May very well be continued with V5. Un universo alterno donde ellas se conocen y crecen juntas. Historia terminada al fin. Honey Sugar, Sugar by abadeerly reviews 'You are my candy girl, and you've got me wanting you.

Elsa While returning to the castle late one summer night, Anna stumbles upon a living myth. Setting Elsa free throws her life upside down, but it's the best bad decision she's ever made. K - English - Chapters: Betrothed with you by Glaciem Arendelle reviews Princess Anna of Solskinn would like to marry for love not for political or economic purposes. Many nobles and princes tried to catch her attention. She could choose whoever she wants but she felt there's someone out there waiting for her.

Swept Away by Your Love by SockyCake It's around that time Kotori gets tired of overwork in her company and being caught in the rain doubles her misery. At least her lover is in the right place to relax her. Umi x Kotori Love Live! Tokyo Justice by karliitabueso reviews En un mundo donde las personas con Fuerza sobrehumana son llamadas "heroes".

Can they still stand side-by-side on the stage of life? Un fic PreciaLindy hm Maria-sama ga Miteru - Rated: Street Affairs by Taichi Takuya reviews As Shizuru heads home she is attacked, but winds up getting attached to a certain puppy and taking her home. Rated M for later chapters. Secret by asakura89 reviews "My name is Alicia Testarossa and I have a secret; a fatal lie. I'm really not Alicia. Aqui les mostraremos todo lo que paso durante la filmacion de esta franquicia. K - Spanish - Humor - Chapters: Fairy Tail - Rated: Follow My Lead by momoxtoshiro reviews Their hands have yet to come apart since Maya had offered hers.

They walk side-by-side, shoulders back, chins high, proud and tall, all traces of shame and regret left behind on the stage. They don't look back. No quiero perderte by maikysmithsa reviews Hay malas interpretaciones que hacen que al no hablar con tu pareja puedan a ver conflictos hasta el limite de dejarla por un mal entendido. I'm an ice wielder. I don't remember anything about my past and I may or may not have escaped the Northern Lands. I just hope Queen Anna of Arendelle will have mercy on me. A Happy Dream by angel0wonder reviews The wheels of fate turn to allow for new opportunities, possibilities, and change.

Specifically for two girls whose fortunes never allowed them to be together, until now. You and I, unplanned by JustUandMe reviews A talented doctor obsessed with having the perfect life, will learn that sometimes plans are not always infallible. When she meets a charming young woman in her emergency room that seems to occupy every space of her mind in a short period of time, her life takes an unexpected twist, complicating her so well thought-out plans.

Rated M for vocabulary and sexual content. Fate is home with Vivio and the little blond ask a question which Fate knows the answer all too well K - English - Family - Chapters: Order of the Arrow by TheFrozenLion reviews The town of Elderwood is known for producing the best archers southeast of the Northern Mountain coming from their archery academy. Anna Andersen, like many others, aspires to be an elite archer and become a member of the Order of the Arrow.

Anna gets Elsa Arendelle, a highly esteemed member of the Order, as her instructor and must survive her class to graduate. Una tarde como cualquier otra, se lleva la desagradable sorpresa de que la realidad es, de hecho, muy diferente de lo que pensaba Sick Of Losing Soulmates by W-IIV reviews In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now.

Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate's is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last. Futari Happiness by SockyCake reviews Sonoda Umi never thought she would live a different college life, unfortunately not everything in her life would be all calculated as she wanted. With the excitement of Alex's arm having been removed from it's cast, Piper's mind catalyses what she's been waiting for.

Kristoff is trying to catapult her back into the dating life, which Elsa has been unable to be involved in. Suddenly Anna comes along, but what she does for a living makes it difficult to dive head first into a relationship. Elsanna, no incest, Modern AU. M for suggestive themes and swearing. Can contain AU's and other scenarios! Dragon Ball Z - Rated: Grimm Reality by RosewoodAuthor reviews Ruby, a young wolf wants to be a Huntress like her mother before her. Weiss, the Heiress to the SDC wants to right the wrongs caused by her family.

Blake, a traitor to a cause she once believed in wants to find a better answer to help the world. Yang, a brawler seeks adventure and answers to her own questions. But not everything goes as planed. Sometimes the past gets in the way. Clinging to the Future by MadeintheUS reviews Alex and Piper survive Paris and Alex thought life was good until her past suddenly comes crashing in on her ten years later when she's least expecting it. How will Piper handle the various stresses of life while her girlfriend is put in prison?

Will the strain this puts on their relationship be what ends it? Rated M for language, drug use, and sexual content. M - English - Angst - Chapters: Letters by Unjax reviews Ruby wakes up in a forest with nothing but foggy memories and a letter on a scroll. As she begins to remember the world, she tries to piece together what happened to her, how the world has changed, and most importantly, who Weiss Schnee is and what she used to mean to Ruby; with nothing to guide her but letters from a missing heiress.

Because it's Canon Bitch! Yuri, oral, and futa. One thing leads to the next. The only problem is the White Mage is busy helping Yuuno planning a wedding. What will become of our favorite Lightning Mage? Alex comes to stay with them for a while and Piper's not very friendly with the idea. A different kind of Vauseman relationship Dos pueden jugar al mismo juego by Sora-Tu-Padre reviews Caitlyn trabaja en una de las mayores empresas de Valoran y mantiene a su cargo un gran equipo de profesionales.

AU, yuri, mature content. League of Legends - Rated: Sun In Our Eyes by loafbread reviews Bonnibel is an intern. Marceline is her boss. It was easy understanding their predicament but underneath the simplicity of their work is something sinister that they have both to find out. Nighttime Ritual by White Rose Trash reviews Weiss settles into bed with her partner after an exhausting day, she keeps her up for a little longer than intended.

Her chin is scraped up, her wrist is killing her, and there's a motionless body beneath her, but she's responsible. It doesn't matter if her face is numb and she feels like she'll throw up at any moment. It doesn't matter if her throat is clenching and she's seconds away from hyperventilating. She can fix this. Te necesito ahora by fate. Una historia llena de humor, desastres, Alicia, Hayate, bragas! Alicia les manda saludos No real scientific evidence to prove the claim. So why is it that when she picked up Nico's notebook, her world turned upside down?

Secretos by Lunari Wolf reviews Todos tienen secretos El secreto de Vi se oculta en su pasado, mientras el secreto de Caitlyn aun no nace. Ice and Fire by Les milles et une nuits reviews Is it possible to melt an ice queen without losing patient or mind? Piper is a freshman trying out for her high school softball team and Alex is the captain, the rest of the story is inevitable. Q pasara cuando su deseo de venganza se convierta en amor por la persona q a fastidiado su vida? K - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Sperm Donor by Sammie-chan89 reviews You gave me what I've always wanted Now our baby is going to give us something in return.

Learning her way around a new unfamiliar kingdom with a new spouse leads to new emotions, mysteries, and other adventures. Ten Years Later by insomniac reviews Ten years ago, she broke her heart. Ten years ago, she married a man who didn't love her and she did not love. A death forces Sachiko to contact Yumi for the first time in Ten Years. How will Yumi respond? Will Sachiko be forgiven?

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Was originally a short story, but I don't know how long it's going to be now. Rated T for safety. Three Doors Down by Rfoxy reviews Piper has just broken up with her fiance and decides to check out a new bar in town. This will be a multi-chapter story obviously with a Vauseman focus, but will contain other characters as well as the story develops.

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Rated M for future chapters: M - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Elsa es la capitana del equipo de beisball, una chica caballerosa y atenta que vive enamorada de la hermana menor de su mejor amigo, Anna. Crave by Helena's Mangos reviews Piper is determined to do well in her introduction to psychology course even if it means asking the intimidating TA for help. Emergence by Ultima-Matrixed reviews It's the twilight of In the ten years since the end of the war Izetta has made strides to become as she was before.

The irresistible by fictionist09 reviews AU. What happens when a simple, beautiful and innocent girl meets a powerful, influential and enigmatic woman? Piper is ready for something exciting to happen to her, just about when a mysterious woman enters her life. Their connection is instant, something they've never even dreamed of before. But are they strong enough to overcome the demons shadowing Alex's past? La Casa Sagae by DamyDark reviews Inukai Isuke, luego de frustrarse debido a que su madre no le permite tomar ninguna mision despues de lo ocurrido en la clase negra, toma un trabajo destinado a Eisuke, lo suficientemente peligroso para meterla en problemas y tener que quedarse con sierta pelirroja por un tiempo indeterminado en su casa, lograra salir de ese lio?

Second favourite by Flawed-Fallacy reviews Piper gets a new job as a babysitter and meets a very interesting family. What will Piper do when she finds herself falling into the arms of the irresistible yet irrevocably annoying Alex Vause. Rated T for language. Will soon be rated M for more.

Las encargadas de cada punta, llevan una doble vida en sus casas con sus familias. Al final la verdad se revela. My perfect rock bottom, my beautiful trauma, my love, my love, my drug. She'd seen people ruin their lives over drugs. Kill themselves to get one last fix. No, she'd never understood it The Unknown by fayturner97 reviews Piper is struggling with her relationship with her immature beau Larry, Alex is trying to get straight whilst juggling a job, a girlfriend and friends.

Both looking for some excitement an escape and an adventure - maybe they find it in each other. Deflowering by the green baron reviews Ruby loses her virginity Colour Blind by The Great Weiss Shark reviews Ruby was rooted to the ground unable to tear her eyes away from the picturesque woman. Her heart thrashed wildly against her chest, threatening to break free and follow the other artist home.

She had never felt this way before. It scared her, but at the same time she had never felt more alive. A love triangle or maybe a rectangle. A witty little boy and a hell of a lot of complications. How will Vauseman handle this one. Its going to get complicated. Waking hours filled with passion, witching hours filled with more. What fantasies lie in the dreams of Tendou Maya and Claudine Saijou? Signs of Love by karukaro reviews Kumiko and Reina never had a chance to become closer until they happened to start talking at a party.

The two instantly click, and then something more than friendship starts to grow between them. Will they be able to figure things out and wind up together? Maybe, with the help of some friends. American-based high school AU. Nemesis by AirbornAnomaly reviews Claudine spends every hour of every day thinking about her archenemy: An anthology of shorts. A Budding White Rose by Vanitas Lunar reviews After being married for 3 years, Ruby and Weiss finally decide to start a family together with Ruby the one carrying their first child.

Join Ruby in her new and exciting journey of being an expectant mother along with her friends and family to help her in the process. This story is also for the fanfiction trade for the montyoumproject on Tumblr. T - English - Family - Chapters: For a while she really believed he loved her, until something snapped inside him, he became cruel.

Alex is trying to work out how to deal with her messy life when a new foster kid is sent to live with them, Piper Chapman. Piper's own life has fallen apart, with the 2 girls slowly learning how to help each other. When Umi decides to use it to make Kotori a surprise dinner to show her appreciation, she gets a tasteful surprise of her own.

Pure fluff and some emotional moments all from Diana's perspective. Future AU stuff I guess. Yang and Blake get a request form Taiyang to come and visit Signal as special guests, and help with teaching. She never told you? My first fic BTW so that's some cool beans. Rated M for awesome Adam death. Sick Day by Dorkybluefish reviews We are so used to our heroes saving the day without breaking a sweat, but soon forget that they are human too.

And when Blake comes down with a cold, Yang is determined to be her hero for the day and take care of her sick girlfriend. Theater Nerd by Scarterror The Fallen reviews Theater knows how to bring two people together and split them up again. Emotions on stage might be fake, but sometimes the performance is so much better when the feelings are real.

Elsa tries to show Anna that there has to be whimsy in the world, but the young woman has already accepted that life was harsh. Maybe that's why she doesn't give her all during class. Add Kotori to the mix and you get a perfectly executed plan… Right? PhotoJazz by blinkkittylove reviews Maki's a photographer, Nico's an actress who's rebooting her career, and Nozomi's the cause of all the trouble.

That and Maki is gay. What happens when she meets a mysterious brunette, Alex Vause? Sing Me A Story by drizzlesandsands reviews Every song is a story. Back To Back by momoxtoshiro reviews "It just hurts a little. That is, until she accidentally runs into gorgeous platinum blonde and her dog. Now she has three weeks to live out her foreign fantasy romance and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Drage Hjerte by Burning Phoenix X-7 reviews After climbing the North Mountain, Princess Anna of Arendelle stumbles upon a discovery she never imagined would change her life forever, and neither did the beast that resided within.

The three promise to find their own "happy end" together. When the curtain falls, will it be their "happy end? This is the story of how to make a "gentle" world. But will their future lovers want to go back to the otherworld with them? Read and find out. The Omake of the Godless Month! Kannazuki no Miko - Rated: Ice Prince by Shadow Strabi-star22 reviews Eis Schnee is next to run his father's corporation as the rightful heir. He doesn't care about anyone else, only that the other mafia group, The White Fang, is completely eradicated. During a nasty shootout he meets Ruby Rose, a lower class girl who ends up saving his life.

Falling in love with a non-noble woman, Eis seeks to change tradition. Weiss x Ruby, Male! Stoplight Party by TheSyndra reviews Maybe Anna's too young to be at the party, but Elsa's too drunk to listen and Anna's too cute to pass up. Stealing Lightning by phoenixnext reviews Stealing Lightning: Popular mage Fate is in love with awkward nerd Nanoha, a former mage with a painful past.

Nanoha is faced with the question is it really theft when someone is giving it away? Pretty much purely random gag stuff. Grind With Me by ReticentNinja reviews A raunchy grind led to a sinful night filled with lust and pleasure. Madre hay una sola by Laila Doretti reviews Hola bueno esta es una historia que cree hace muuuucho tiempo y por tema de tiempo no he podido publicar y ahora la he reencontrado, espero les guste.

The Rose Amidst the Snow by The Great Weiss Shark reviews For eleven years, Blake proudly watched the lost child she found in the forest grow into a strong, confident young woman with nothing to fear. She taught Ruby everything she knew about surviving in a world that didn't want her.

But when a ship carrying the crown prince of Atlas arrives, Blake realizes she hadn't taught Ruby the one lesson that could save her life. Red Line by Etheriell reviews A series of loosely related one shots that form a sort of sequel to my previous story, albeit with much more fluff and humor than before! Also, a lot of money made for Weiss' repair company. Shin Sekai by XxNiNe23xX reviews Maki vive tranquilamente con sus padres adoptivos, teniendo todo lo que una chica pueda desear. T - Spanish - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Saltshaker by itwasinevitable reviews Piper and Alex do not meet each other in prison.

Alex isn't working for a drug cartel, Piper does own a soap business with Polly. Alex owns a few clubs in New York. Still Alex and Piper though M - English - Chapters: Watashi wa… Ane-san Desu Ka by whiteDevilTeh reviews Everyone knows that the Yakuza or familia are a fearsome group of people and not someone you would want to mess with. Heck, you don't want to be associated with them and you would avoid them if possible. But can there be good people within the group? What people do not realise is that, they can be very loyal and am strongly guided by codes of the family.

Read to find out more. A Lesson in Messy by sapphicx reviews Alex teaches Piper how she likes things done. Club Rose by Acoustic Ghost reviews Summary: Ruby 'Red' Rose owner of the Vale's popular Strip club is board. Same old Running the club, Same old hosting a popular adult website, same old sleeping with any woman who took her fancy, at least until SHE walked into her club. Maybe things would be a bit fun. Finding home on each other's. A dramatic tale of romance unfolds across multiple relationships over the span of our characters' first year at college.

More will be revealed with time. Cover photo by anhdang on Tumblr. She is my Master! When Mai and Natsuki are kicked out of their boarding house, they must find shelter with a M - English - Humor - Chapters: What happens after a package delivery is delivered to the wrong owner? Is it destiny or just a coincidence?

Watch out for Romance, fluff, drama, angst, and a little bit of everything in between. The years caught up by FantasyMythos reviews A bumbleby one-shot were Yang and Blake are childhood friends and live in a world without Grimm and Huntsmen. The White Rose of Vermilion by Kuribayashi reviews Medieval AU where Ruby spends her days as a huntress, hunting wild game to support herself and her older sister Yang, a blacksmith. They live humble lives until one pivotal decision drags them and the ones they love into a deadly game of shadows where the Grimm aren't the only enemies.

De adolescente estaba enamorada de Nanoha Takamachi: Day in the Life at Aihara-Okogi's by Zoop Top reviews Possible Collection of semi-short drabbles about Yuzu and Mei's married life, following their trials and tribulations of parenthood, because why not? Both were more powerful than man for it is believed that they possessed powers that man could not begin to understand.

However neither of these beings could overpower the other for they were the only two that were equal to each other. How to lose your virginity by Hukki reviews Umi never thought that being a virgin was a bad thing; but apparently for her family it's a dishonor. So when her cousin Eli bursts in on her graduation and screams to the world she's gonna help her baby cousin lose her virginity; Umi finds herself in for a crazy 4 years of college.

Crazy as in joining a fraternity and falling in love with a girl from the rival sorority! The Burbs by LisaMVause reviews Piper Chapman is moving house for the first time in her 18 year life after her father, Bill, lands a new job on the other side of town. She soon learns that there's more to the life she's been leading when she falls in love with one of her intriguing neighbours, Alex Vause. Piper runs Popi with Polly, and Alex runs a bakery. Tons of fluff, probably a little angst. And guest stars your favorite people to hate Larry and Sylvia.

Lo mejor del Camry

And your favorite people to love Nicky, Lorna, Red and lots more. I suck at summaries so just check it out. Forever Mine by RizzlesB21 reviews Piper and Alex get engaged in prison at the end of season 5. Will they still be in prison or will Caputo let them both go? Warning this story doesn't take up after the finally so please don't hate me. The Equation by littleredtovette reviews A story about two people drawn together by forces stronger than fate. Who fall in love Despite, and have to fight for that love Because.

It's a story about two loves - one strong enough to break the world, and one strong enough to heal it. Contains made-up theories of time travel and alternate universes. Leaving the T rating, but Part 2 will carry M warnings. Beautiful Opportunities by rjl. She finally gets an opportunity to make her name known, but when she meets the famous photographer, Alex Vause, things get complicated. The Alone Diaries by DanielIsNotMyName reviews A story where Nico is coping up with her life as a single woman, while planning ways on how to make Nishikino Maki hers again with a little help from her crazy friends.

Cuando la fiabilidad es también atrevida.

Her fans told her she was pretty and sexy, so she was confident she can win the heart of her ultimate crush, the Vice-President and former elite agent of TSAB; Fate Testarossa. Nanoha even befriend Fate's mother and Nee-san; for her more chances of winning. Little did she know she needs more than that to heal a broken heart. After Hell by Gemsssyyy reviews Piper owns a halfway house, in come our favourite ladies.

They are both logical and emotional. Horror is the third genre here also Dark! Elsa Frozen - Rated: It's Time by hellsespada1 reviews A brief respite and a bolstering of wills amidst a chaotic world. T - English - Chapters: Polly x Alex by Oitnbvausemanxx reviews This is my first fanfic so be gentle.

Everyone already knows Alex and Polly dislike eachother. What happens when they are forced to live together for a few days. Post Litchfield for Alex and Piper. The meaning of being home by rosen-fenrir reviews Years after the war, a weary Yang returns to her oldest home to visit and take a much needed vacation after travelling Remnant to fight Grim. She makes an effort to get there before sundown, since someone very special is waiting for her.

Stones and Scars by Victoria G reviews Shiz-nat oneshot.

She does this from time to time and my experiences with it are always difficult. Explaining why is difficult as well Ficrec from my tumblr askbox. Alex is chapter 1, Vamp! Piper is chapter 2. It's dark and smutty, bad language and sex found within. Reviews welcome - I haven't written anything quite like this before.

El amor es una rosa by Prince of sweet sorrow reviews El amor de haruka y michiru paso por las mismas etapas que sufren las rosas Haruka recuerda el profundo amor que sintio hacia esa mujer. Nanofate y otras parejas yuri variadas Concubinus by yrs reviews Driven by his hatred for the Dark King Aizen and desire for revenge, Ulquiorra sells his soul to his enemy and is given as a bed slave to the king's niece, the innocent Princess Orihime, who doesn't seem to want or know what to do with the heartless man.

Un Deseo Malinterpretado by Hoshizora reviews Un rechazo de la persona que mas amaban Un deseo sin intencion alguna Todo cambiara de una forma radical para varias integrantes de Muse, llevandolas a vivir una segunda vida y dandoles una segunda oportunidad para enamorar a la persona que mas aman Gender Todos los ships misma relevancia Love Live! Warm Bliss by White Rose Trash reviews Ruby and her dragon enjoy each other's company in more ways than one. Blake gets a haircut. That decision triggers a domino effect. Okay, now there are explosions involved. Glynda is in the picture now.

I have no idea what's going on anymore, and I'm the author. Naughty Blake is naughty. Jaune can be scary too. Just read the story already! Most of them are fluffs, most are short, but romantic. Some with action, too. May include M-Rated fics, too. Pursued by Tazbb12 reviews AU Vauseman. Alex, an importer of a different kind, is finally happy with her life.

She has great friends and is trying out this whole commitment thing but that is proving complicated. How will a blonde cause her to break the rules she was trying to establish for herself. A look into how Alex tries to purse Piper and how all their friends play a role. Kussun by LukaloveMiku reviews Este fanfic es sobre las seiyuus de las chicas.

Un mundo alzado con mentiras y sangre, parece querer encontrar la forma de continuar. La Magia que hay en ti by karliitabueso reviews Un imperio rodeado de magia pura, una magia que en tiempos remotos fue aceptada por la humanidad. Fucked up by Orangeisthenewboo reviews Piper had a good memory, better than most, and she was surprisingly good with people. So red didn't really have a problem hiring her anyways, besides the age thing. Fanart por jhondb, tumblr: Moments by Double99 reviews 26 snippets from Alex Vause's life. Every moment is based on a letter from the alphabet.

One Bad Night by MediocreWriter reviews Yang didn't think that she could ever forget those amber eyes. There was a feral sense of seduction that this woman held, and the blonde could feel that she was probably going to be this dancer's next victim for the night She also didn't know that her entire world was going to turn upside down when she met her again the day after T - Spanish - Chapters: My Secret Empress by ToxicTsukino reviews Backward Michiru Kaiou finally musters the courage to confess to the popular and multi-talented Haruka Tennou, only to be harshly rejected for not being pretty enough.

Years later, Michiru makes a name for herself as a well known model and artist, only to find out her new agency's boss is none other Haruka It's just a slice of life story about Eli, Umi, and Maki living together in an apartment named Soldier House.

Only God knows why the owner named an all-girl apartment a "Soldier House". T - English - Friendship - Chapters: With her daughter starting her final year of elementary school, Nico is determined to make it their best year yet. When these two strangers from different walks of life meet in a bar where Alex's band is preforming, they have an instant connection. Neither of them had any idea that the decision for them to be in that same bar that night would have such an impact on the rest of their lives.

Nuestra Diablilla by Bety-neko-chan reviews Secuela de: Gladiator by DevilRed03 reviews Ruby Rose was a Valesian scout turned prisoner of war until she was bought by Roman Torchwick from Mistral's slave market. Now she is known as the Reaper - Champion of the Arena. Weiss Schnee is an Altesian merchant's daughter looking to expand the business by opening up a branch company in the Kingdom of Mistral. All they have in common at first is Mistral's Great Stone Coliseum. Marriage Among Ice by Arendellecitizen reviews Elsa summons Anna to her ice palace for a special purpose, one that Anna is curious about.

When Elsa reveals the reason Anna is here, the young princess is met with a beautiful surprise, both in person Us, Lost Upwinders by Fazadragonhart reviews Branded by nature as an omega, bestowed with a broke gambler father, Ruby breaks the tides and fate as a pirate with her uncle. On the other side, a captain of an Atlesian frigate, the unlikely alpha Weiss Schnee had lots more to worry than pirate ambushes, a sister in the madhouse and her own corrupted family hounding her through deep waters. It was driving Umi crazy to the point that she couldn't stop thinking about her.

In fact, it was as if Kotori didn't know just how much she had Umi wrapped around her pretty little finger. A sequel to "A Normal Day", but can be a standalone. Pedigree by Phoenix Commander reviews A red wolf and a white cat are looking for an apartment.

Can they move past their different upbringings and their instincts in order to live together? Expect two different writing styles. Cover art courtesy of SylverLining. What will Blake do? There is Faunus but that's it. Rated M for lemon. Decision by elfenlied reviews Weiss Schnee, Uni graduate, rich kid, and emotional wreck travels to Oregon to clock out of life.

Only problem is a very cherry local -Ruby Rose, a college drop out, dish washer, and Oregon native just keeping up a smile and hoping meaning will fall into her lap. Decision is about mental illness, existential dread, losing your dreams, and learning to be okay with it. The Impact of Affection by ElsAnnaSpaz reviews Elsa is a quiet girl living alone on the side of a mountain where she can be at peace and away from all those who've pushed her around. Never before had she a friend or even someone to talk to, but what happens when she bumps into a girl who she feels can fill up the void tearing open her heart?

The only thing is, this woman has a bit of a disability.

Y07 | FanFiction

Focusing on Mei and Yuzu. Slightly mature themes may apply Citrus - Rated: One Step Closer by Plesiosaur reviews 40 Weeks universe bubbline backstory short! If commitment is the goal then there are some important steps along the way that Marceline wishes she could just skip. Like bringing her new girlfriend to meet her weirdo father for dinner. But however nervous she's feeling, Hunson has it worse. When did his little monster grow up and start dating? Awkwardness is an Abadeer family trait. These two opposites save Remnant but only to have a family cast away the Dragon and the Panthers love bring her back.

But Piper might have noticed something else in her behavior that could indicate the actual problem, and once she gets her confirmation, she persuades Alex to take a short break, so that she can take care of her. Umi never could've imagined she would meet the love of her life when training for a marathon. Highschool student Minami Kotori takes on the menace known as Kaitou-san to help her mother, Detective Minami, until it becomes something more? Cross-dressing Umi Love Live!

Love Sick by anator reviews Ruby Rose, an average teenager is diagnosed with lung cancer, the same disease that took away her mother two years ago. She's crushed but has no time to dwell on it as the new school year starts. Weiss Schnee, a rich heiress arrives and is immediately intrigued by Ruby, hoping to get closer to this girl.

White Rose, rated M for future chapters and language. Alex Vause is a highly sought after and successful dentist living with her mother in her beautiful house. Tragic circumstances throw her life into turmoil. Will anyone be able to save her? Vauseman endgame Rated M because you never know.

Brighter - extras by y8ay8a reviews Small stories set before the main story. A journey on one part of self-discovery and on the other of obliviousness. Hot Child in the City by shortie reviews AU. Piper is a struggling artist in need of a job and comes across the bar, Coyote. But what she'll find inside is more than just a job. And they are only sixteen. Although society does not accept their kind of relationship, she is always there for her.

This is a story about teen pregnancy. Contains emotional abuse, violence and all that stuff. Premium Well - Redux by Dinas Emrys reviews Yang decides her teammates need to socialize outside of other hunter teams, ending in the girls realizing their feelings for each other. Unfortunately Weiss' family, and enemies both old and new, may have other plans for the four young women. WhiteRose and Bumbleby pairings. Classic Fluff and Angst with a lemony taste, now with extra Plot. Todo con la persona menos pensada su "hermana" Nanoha. Right Here by JenSurname reviews One shot.

There is a theory in certain circles that in Season 6, Alex may die. I have absolutely no idea if that's going to happen or not, but if it does, the aftermath may look a little like this Bait And Switch by Arendellecitizen reviews Happily married to Anna, Elsa has one of the greatest treasures in her whole life. After an exhausting day at work, she comes home to her beloved.

In the bedroom, however, Anna has a very pleasant surprise. Noise Complaint by TheWillOfMythal reviews Piper is working hard on her dissertation and she has tried to be patient with the inconsiderate, loud upstairs neighbor and with the obscene noises that they have been making. Her patience, however, has reached its limit and she decides to finally have a word with whoever it is that is living in the apartment above hers.

Behind Closed Doors by boundless23 reviews Piper Chapman was enjoying her life in Ithaca until she started to go into a slow descent into depression. One night during a storm, a mysterious stranger knocks at her door only to send Piper's life spinning. As much as Piper would like to help this woman, they both need to deal with their own demons. M rated for future content with graphic scenes. Nada es lo que parece. Their relationship starts as a friendship but will it become something more? Contains also other characters of oitnb. Overtime by slayer reviews Sachiko has been working a lot hours lately and Yumi is feeling a little neglected.

Our Pack by Shadow Nightblade reviews One shots about the lives of a Wolf and a Raven, taking care of their own little zoo. This is a collaboration between myself and Phoenix Commander. Rosebird, White Rose and Bumbleby pairings. Las actualizaciones pueden estar disponibles en tu concesionario a un cargo adicional. Consulta el Manual del Propietario para detalles. No es un sistema para evitar colisiones ni sustituye el manejo seguro y atento. Si tienes alguno de estos aparatos, por favor consulta con tu doctor para ver si debes desactivar el sistema.

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