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That's after a magnitude 4. Steve Horton is a seismologist for the University of Memphis. He drove five hours to measure the aftershock activity. The system converts the movement in the ground to data that researchers can analyze. Horton's instruments detected two aftershocks Thursday night.

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  • Multiple aftershocks followed after Wednesday's earthquake, experts say.
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  • Aftershocks continue in Decatur, Tenn.; Researchers narrow in on earthquake's fault line!

Horton says permanent systems that are 13 miles away measured at least six aftershocks before he installed the three systems Thursday. StormTrack 9 counted nine aftershocks by Thursday morning. The triangle where Horton has set up the three aftershock systems is where he believes the fault line is. Researchers say it's possible the area will experience an aftershock up to a magnitude 3 in the next month.

UTC geologist explains science behind Wednesday's magnitude 4. Meigs County church full of cracks after earthquake; administrators wait for inspection. Their apartment block collapses and traps their children under a pile of rubble.

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In the aftermath of the earthquake, a rescue team informs Li that her twins are trapped under a large slab of concrete. Lifting up the slab in any way will cause one of her children to die, so she can only choose one to save. Feeling heartbroken, Li decides to save her son, Fang Da. The girl, Fang Deng, survives and regains consciousness later to find herself among several dead bodies.


Assumed to be an orphan, Fang Deng is adopted by a military couple, Wang Deqing and Dong Guilan, who bring her back to their home in Beijing. She is renamed to "Wang Deng" after taking on her adoptive father's surname.

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  4. Multiple aftershocks followed after Wednesday's earthquake, experts say?
  5. Ten years later, she moves away from home to study in a medical school in Hangzhou , where she meets a graduate student, Yang Zhi, and begins an intimate relationship with him. In her third year, Fang Deng's adoptive mother becomes critically ill. Before dying, she asks Fang Deng to use the money they saved to find her real family.

    Fang Deng finds out that she is pregnant later. Despite being pressured by Yang Zhi to undergo an abortion, she refuses to abandon her child and secretly drops out of university and loses contact with Yang and her adoptive father.

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    In the meantime, Fang Da's grandmother and aunt had wanted him to live with them in Jinan, Shandong Province but eventually decided to let him remain behind in Tangshan with his mother. The earthquake had claimed his left arm, rendering him physically disabled. After deciding to not take the National Higher Education Entrance Examination despite his mother's insistence, Fang Da starts working as a cycle rickshaw driver and eventually becomes the boss of a successful travel agency in Hangzhou.

    He marries and has a son, Diandian, with his wife. After a period of four years, Fang Deng brings along her daughter, also named Diandian, and reunites with her adoptive father. She apologises and reconciles with him.

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    On Lunar New Year 's Eve, she tells her adoptive father that she is getting married to a foreigner and will be emigrating to Vancouver with her daughter. In , Fang Deng sees the earthquake in Sichuan on television. She immediately volunteers to join rescuers and returns to China. Fang Da has also decided to help in the rescue efforts. She reunites herself with her brother, and they both decide to visit their mother. At first, Fang Deng is angry at her mother for abandoning her.