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The explosives might require 10 successes to properly disarm it, with Ordinary result equal to 1 success, Good equal to 2, and Amazing equal to 3. Three failures or a Critical Failure a natural 20 on the control die usually terminated a complex skill check, requiring a PC to restart the check.

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Perhaps a lock that normally requires a DC of 20 to pick only requires a DC of 14 but also requires 5 successes. Any ideas on how to get something like this to work? These numbers were based off of Constitution and did not increase with level. Stuns represented shocks and bruises; lost stun points were healed at the end of each encounter.

Wounds were more serious, and were healed with bed rest and the first aid skill. Mortals represented severe injuries to the body and could only be healed with the surgery skill. A PC who lost all their stun or wound points were knocked unconcious. A PC who lost all their mortal points were dead.

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As much as I like this representation of health, I just can't imagine how it could be integrated into d20 without massive rewrites of anything combat related particularly spells. But I'd love to be proven wrong.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Lagos 25,, 2nd Abidjan 21,, 3rd Language Official: English , French Others: Senate of the Coastal African Republic Area: African dollar Internet TLD: Contents [ show ]. Accra, the capital and largest city of Ghana, one of the thirteen states of the Coastal African Republic.

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Lagos skyline, a result of the well-developed economy of Coastal African Republic. Lagos has more skyscrapers than any other of the largest cities in Africa, and some of the tallest skyscrapers in West Africa are located in Lagos.

So if you find my writeups lacking in rule detail, feel free to expand on them on your own. Tech Levels overall, regardless of the system, tends to assume that technology advances in a linear manner. I would rather say it branches out like a tree, and how far different branches will go is a matter of discovery, economics, chance and social pressures.

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The professions will have slightly different meanings in this scenario. First, Combat Specs are extremely rare on most worlds, likely rarer in most cases than in peaceful nations on Earth today. Most colonies have no need for armies, and a low population density makes criminality less of a problem.

Technology is usually so common that even a fairly nontechnical person knows practical computer skills that would impress a current programmer. The number of Tech Ops is likely fairly small since much of the systems can maintain themselves or repairs done in a highly automated manner. Currently the number of people in manufacturing Tech Ops, more or less is decreasing and will likely also end up at that level.

After that it is anybody's guess what people will be doing. Diplomats are the largest group of all; people skills and decisions are still important. I came up with this scenario before I saw Stardrive.

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To my delight there were some similarities, but also some major differences. It was very interesting to compare them. The basic difference is simply the kind of setting: