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You can also ask the nurses in the hospital after your baby is born, but by that time you may too tired and too frustrated to be a good student. Your birth plan is not complete without this task. If you are delivering in a hospital or clinic, make sure that you, your spouse, and any relative or friend that might have to drive you while you are in labor knows exactly where to go.

My husband did NOT do this, and we ended up getting lost and going around the area several times before accidentally finding the right door. If possible, take a tour of the maternity floor too, so that you will feel more relaxed when you arrive for the real thing. For the same reason you need to buy the car seat early. If you go into labor earlier than expected, then you may need urgent care. Make sure to pack items for your birth partner too.

But that is okay, as long as you get there with your personal items. Anyone can deliver some snacks to you later on. If you have a large freezer, consider making and freezing a few meals to cover dinner for the first few weeks. Even stocking up on some prepackaged convenience meals is better than skipping a meal because you are too tired or sore to cook.

Another great idea is to buy up a good supply of energy snacks for yourself. Especially if you are going to breastfeed … you will need the energy. Baby care can get costly! While you are pregnant, sign up for sites that offer free samples, discounts and coupons for products such as diapers and formula. The benefit of signing up before baby arrives is that you can take advantage of discounts and coupons and stock up on supplies.

Some manufacturers will send double coupons and samples to moms of twins and higher order multiples, so start researching soon if you are expecting twins or multiples! This is a great list but I am distracted by the dress you are wearing in the first photo. May I please borrow it? Seriously, oh my gosh.

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You are so awesome at making these lists!!! And I must say the one that I went, "Oh wow I totally agree" was the one about using the TV to your advantage when clipping their fingernails! Isn't that such a random one to really identify with? You were as happy as I was, to be finally pregnant. I was finally pregnant at 35, and felt like it was a dream, I was so happy. OMG you are SO beautiful preggers. And I had to totally crack up at poop on your leg. But I know how you feel. When Big Roo was a baby, he did that at an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

Thank god we were in box seats. Congrats on posts! Pinterest brought me here. Thank you for this list it was a great read.

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I wish you all the best Carly! How a simple yes can make his day. I absolutely loved this list. Just a comment about 29, I woke up a week after birth shaking and sweating so bad. I thought it was just post partum stuff. Until I took my temperature and it was and rising. My doctor sent me to the ER.

Thank you for mentioning that — I totally agree and should have added that I asked my midwife about it before I knew it was harmless sweating. We always need to listen to our instinct and if in doubt, knock on some doors and ask an expert. Wish I would have found it before I had my son instead of a year and a half later but I still really enjoyed it! Are You a Leader or a Manager? How Leadership Changes Our Parenting.

What to Expect From Your First Trimester

I love 99 of the tips on here. Moms do need to hear this stuff. However please do not put ur baby in bed with you if you are sleeping. I have had a friend that lost her daughter this way. It is just too big of a risk take. Thank you, moms do really need to hear this stuff. I have a friend that lost her daughter this way. No matter where you chose for your baby to sleep, you need to be safe. I just found this and after just having my 2nd I agree with everything you wrote especially about the unplanned c-section I will be passing this along to many of my first time preggo friends.

Thanks for such a great post and I look forward to reading more. It was sooooo gd to read a positive post about pregnancy, birth and mummyhood!! Thanks for being real but positive too!! Love Yourself — Is that buried within the Greatest Commandment?

Any suggestions on what will make pregnancy more enjoyable for my wife? Let me first start by saying that I loved reading this post! I love how you sweetly reminded us to not forget our husbands and taking care of ourselves when we do have a baby! It is so very important! Thank you, thank you, for being so encouraging and honest!

Thank you so much for this. My little boy is only two months old, but each of these still really hit home. I kept finding myself giggling or getting a little teary eyed as I went through the list. It is very sweet and a lot of them are oh so true. However, I have to say that I disliked the part about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was the single most difficult thing I have ever experienced in all my life. I spent 4 months trying to fight a losing battle. Saying it is the easiest thing is a slap in the face.

This perpetuation of the ease of breastfeeding needs to stop. For most women there is some kind of struggle involved. I just feel like the few that have babies born knowing how to breastfeed make the majority who do have any sort of obstacle or struggle feel incompetent and horrifically guilty when at long last they resort to formula. We need to share the bad as well as the good. Not to mention the few babies that cannot thrive on breastmilk or the women who cannot produce enough or any milk. Personally, I had heard so many horror stories that I was completely intimidated and anxious and expecting the worse.

I wish someone had encouraged me that it can turn out differently so that I would have anticipated it with more faith instead of fear. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share about your struggles. I loved this post. I have 4 littles of my own 6,4,3 and almost 1. I sooooo identified with this. What a great post for those expecting! All of it was so relevant, funny and sooo true! Beautiful, amazing and funny! Well written and I felt like I was talking to a best friend.

What if your baby has Down syndrome? Would the world love him, too? Cara mengobati kutil di sekitar kemaluan. Every single one absolutely true …. Sometimes a kid just needs to know: Will you trust me? My little guy is 5 weeks old and I appreciated reading this! It is always important to be reminded to enjoy this time and let all of the other expectations go. You fed your son 12 times and changed as many diapers! And yes, I did come home with an exersaucer the other day.

The promise of Easter and meeting our little ones again. I just want to throw some persepctive out there. Most of my friends I grew up with have had the opportunity to stay at home with their babies and they are great people! I just wish everyone would stop comparing a stay at home mom with working moms. I have to not want to return to work. I get only 6 weeks of partial-paid maternity leave and then leave my newborn at home while I cry myself to work.

Expecting Mothers Must Know This 2 - Nigerian Movies 2017

I will have to use all my coffee and lunch breaks to pump milk and try to scarf down my lunch while answering phones. Those weekends and holidays? Chores, laundry, cooking, all of that in a fraction of the time a SAHM gets. Thanks for taking the time to share you perspective Natilee. I really do appreciate it. I think most all moms recognize the hard work it takes to do what we do, no matter where the work takes place — inside and outside of the home. I did, however, have many moments as a new SAHM where I wished I could return to work to have a break from the constant demands of the home variety of motherhood.

Each woman has a different hard. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and we ALL work super hard!!! Thank you for this post! By the way you wrote it, I knew you loved Jesus. I felt so encouraged and hopeful for the future for my husband and myself. We just started trying to have children. Number one on the list was for me! And all the rest were so fun to read about and look forward to. Ah yes, the wait is hard!! Best of luck to you Courtney! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope you can find a rich mine of resources to help you in your motherhood journey.

Already in my second year with my little one and everything you said is right on target a good read for expecting moms or moms who already have to get a look back. Thank you for this post. I my self have never had the wonderful opportunity to be a mom. But I have step sons. One is now married and expecting their 1st. I sent this to his wife I really thought it was light and funny but very informational. And if I may, I just want to say that sounds to me like you are a mom!!! Many many thanks for this valuable sharing with new moms and upcoming moms like i found your post very helpful to me because i will be a mom soon.

At 30 years of age, I find myself unexpectedly expecting my first little one. This post has been so good for me to read and I will reread it many times. Thank you for sharing! I just stumbled upon this and I just want to say thank you. I am about 9 weeks into my first pregnancy and I am a worry wart. I am constantly worrying about things that might happen 6 years down the road. Your tips and advice put me at ease and got me excited and crying.

I am super nervous about being a mom but after reading this I know I will be okay. Thank you and God bless! Not a mom yet, but trying to conceive. There are so many blog posts out there about how hard and overwhelming being a new mom is. This was amazing to read. I clipped so many things to Evernote to read again later. This just made me laugh so hard! It was still so funny! The way you want things to be with the first and the reality are so very different. With each one you care less about the little things and learn to breathe deep a little more.

You also find yourself praying about times a day for God to give you peace and enjoy the faults in this season of life. My kids are 16, 5, 2, and one baking. My life is a mess! The laundry pile can continue to grow. You wrote great things. I am not pregnant but I am in college and seeing this article you wrote was great. I read every single one of your comment deals and they seem great.

I legitimately have read this and cannot wait to be a mom. I will look back and use this when I become a first time mother. I just loved reading this so much!

It brought smiles and tears both at the same time. I really needed it. Thanks for your wonderful list which every new mommies can relate to. In the starting time of your baby you need more work and more attention to give real proper maintenance for your baby. I had a baby in winter and after not feeling the cold for so long whilst pregnant I suddenly really noticed it and found I had to wear extra clothes to keep warm.

I also found that breastfeeding at night made me cold. This is a wonderful site!! I really like this my fiancee and me are trying to have a baby and i am looking up peoples opinions on mother. I for sure loved the info i gotbhere. Thank you so much. Hi It the great post and all about pregnancy. Will of course be helpful for the expecting ladies and their family. I am happy with getting this post as I am expecting on next June. Thank you for this nice post.

I love this post and am so grateful to have found it! My first baby is due in 2 weeks and after reading your list I feel alot more confident about it all. I know I will end up reading this again and again…thank you so much x. Hi, I am going to be a mommy in September, well thats what the doctor estimates but I am sure we all know babies have a mind of their own … I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am loving every second of it.

I am so happy, lucky and blessed to be this happy. I love reading up about everything, whats to come, whats happening on the inside and the out, my favorite day of the week now is a Monday, thats when I get my weekly updates on what to expect this week, I love it and I constantly sit with a nerdy grin on my face while working, my boss just looks at me, smiles then goes about his business.

I loved this article and I look forward to reading many more. I hate this thought and this is the only thing putting a damper on the most amazing time of my life. Anyway, definitely not going to harp on this, all I wanted to say is how much I loved reading this and I look forward to the next few months to come …. Did you have your little one Charmaine? How did it all go? And big congratulations, by the way!! Adriel Booker recently posted.. I love your tips! Reading your post makes me so excited to be a mommy!

I was thinking I should just ask my friends who they use but are there specific questions I should ask my doctor about the care he provides? Not sure how I missed it before! Best of luck with it all! So i am pregnant for the first time I am 20 years old, and i have honestly have never been so happy or so excited about anything in my life. Reading your tips just brought tears of excitement to my eyes, I really cant wait, your tips made me even more excited for my future family.

Your tips are super helpful, thank you. Thanks for stopping by and for also taking the time to say hello.

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Reading your post made me feel so very much better about…well, everything! Thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for sharing your experiences. You really are amazing!

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  8. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. Congrats on your little one! I am very very excited but also nervous and overwhelmed by everything. Sometimes I even have some random emotional breakdowns or nights like this where I have not slept because all I can think about is having baby and what I need and how to be a good mom.. As you can tell I have so many things on my mind at this point in time. Anyways, long story short, I just wanted to let you know that your article inspired me, even though I found this post about one year later! I have really been wanting to find support groups and advice to help me along the way…this really helped calm my nerves.

    I know I should give myself more credit and to relax in knowing that there is no way to be a perfect mom. I just wanted to say how appreciative I am to have found your blog this early in the morning and that I hope you will write future ones along the way! Would I choose Beautiful with no one watching? Adriel, where were you and this advice and encouragement 33 years ago when I was a first time mom? I sincerely hope she prints it and re-reads weekly. Well, I was born. After any delivery, a mother needs to allow her body to rest and heal. Ideally, this means little or no housework or running after other little ones.

    10 Things A First Time Expecting Mom Should Do Before Baby Arrives

    The maternal mortality rate is highest in the postpartum period, so special consideration needs to be given to the care of the mother. Take time to understand the limitations of a new mother and the kind of care that might be necessary. Keep in mind that it is normal for a new mother to feel overwhelmed emotionally and physically drained.

    I found some really interesting information that will assist you as it did to me. As a mother of 6, these nuggets of knowledge truly are things that are spot on! Seriously a really must read for new moms.. Wish I had this list my first time around! Love it Adriel, this is info they should hand out at the first prenatal appointment! It made me LOL. Forget 1 and do everything possible to … […]. By far the best advice I have read yet!

    I will be sharing this with all of my new mommy friends! Of mixed metaphor and the search for home. I have a 2 yr old and a 17 day old baby, but gosh a feel like a first time mum all over again and today was a struggle! Your article made me laugh which was just what I needed to get some perspective on the situation. So glad I could give you a smile. As a parent even if you get tired you will never felt it despite you will still feel inspired because of your love to your baby. Two thumbs up for this post. Hi Adriel, I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first child, youre site has really informed me alot about pregnancy and all that fun stuff.

    I give you a two thumbs up for youre posts. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

    Your reference 9 re the use of resveratrol states: My question concerns the form in which resveratrol was administered. As an isolate, or in the whole red-wine complex? If the latter, then the test suggests to me that alcohol would mitigate against fetal pancreatic development. A trial with resveratrol in grape juice vs. A lot of good advice about risks. If it is a boy there is risk in circumcision. Free ebook at revolg yahoo.