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The performances are good, but the standout is the chase sequences that are brilliantly constructed and are truly entertaining.

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If you want some authentic chase scenes, without the use of CGI and other computer gimmicks, then give this film a shot as it relies only on the talented drivers to create the chases and it pays off. The directing is terrific as well, and the pace of the film moves very fast. Vanishing Point is far from perfect, but in the end, it's mindless fun, and if that's what you're looking for, and then definitely check this one out.

I first heard of this by viewing Quentin Tarantino's action horror thriller Death Proof, and my curiosity was peaked. Tarantino has a knack to recommend films by including references in his films, and he definitely brought this one to light. Vanishing Point has one awesome car, a Dodge Challenger, which for me, anyways is the real star of the film. Sarafian directions is wonderful, and each car chase is adrenaline inducing and hard to keep your eyes off.

However despite all the great chases, I feel that the film's weakest aspect is its plot. Though good, it could have been much better too. Despite its flaws, this is a classic action film worth seeing if you love genuine car chases and good action. If you enjoyed this one, definitely give the film Bulitt a look as well. This road movie is essentially one long car chase that concerns a man named Kowalski who bets that he can drive from Denver to San Francisco in just 15 hours. Well, going at that kind of pace, it's not long before the law is on his tail.

He does get some support along the way though, mostly from a blind DJ with almost supernatural abilities. Kowalski also meets some other colorful characters, the most notable being a lady who rides her motorcycle in the nude. The film does have substance and character development that get peppered in throughout, but it's largely a rather sparse and existential journey that really helps capture the essence of the the period it is a part of, kinda like Easy Rider. It doesn't have quite the same power and impact of that movie, but it does certainly leave an impact.

The performances are fine, the music is great, the stunt work is top notch, and the cinematography is stunning. All in all, this is a nice little gem you should check out, whether it's the U. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4 Doctor Who: Season 11 The Flash: Season 5 This Is Us: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 The Walking Dead: View All Photos 4.

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In this film, amphetamine-popping Kowalski Barry Newman attempts to drive a race car from Denver to San Francisco in order to win a bet. As the police become informed of his crazy endeavor, Kowalski struggles to avoid the cops with the help of a blind radio disco jockey who calls himself Super Soul Cleavon Little. Charlotte Rampling as Hitchhiker UK version.

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John Amos as Super Soul's radio engineer. Rita Coolidge as Singer. Anthony James as First male hitchhiker. Arthur Malet as Second male hitchhiker. Cherie Foster as 1st Girl. Valerie Kairys as Girls. View All Vanishing Point News. May 6, Full Review…. August 14, Rating: January 26, Full Review…. A movie about which I can think of almost nothing good to say.

May 9, Rating: January 1, Full Review…. August 23, Full Review…. Various facts and stories are cautiously presented, but the pieces of the puzzle don't fall into place straight away. The film is a biblical soap-opera whose action unfolds in the Californian desert. Karen and Wes's marriage is crumbling apart - like a sandcastle.

Karen can't even make love to her husband Based on the powerful novel by Ray Loriga. A young man and a young girl's lives are united under dramatic circumstances. He has just shot a security guard in the face who had accused him of Julia runs a trendy bar in Barcelona. She treats men with caution, believing one can love too much and invite pain. She's been dating Pablo, one of her waiters.

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After his grisly murder his In , a down-and-out cowboy and his horse travel to Arabia to compete in a deadly cross desert horse race. As they feel they collectively are the best, the only thing that is holding them back is money to build the best vehicle Reluctantly Bill agrees to spend a weekend on his brother-in-law's boat in the Bahamas. But he and his wife are not the only invited passengers, and instead of a few relaxing days at sea A hopelessly depressed woman's life turns around when she purchases a magic Black Velvet Pantsuit.

When his wife goes into a troubled labor while he is on the road over miles away James Kowalski, a former race-car driver and Army Ranger, attempts to elude police while trying to get home. After numerous chases, he turns into a aboriginal American reservation and reflects on his life, and his wife. He then heads off to break through an impenetrable police and F. I'll start by stating that I have not seen the original "Vanishing Point", yet. I only picked this movie up from the library because the title stood out after I had remembered it mentioned several times in "Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof", and it was the only copy there.

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So I took a look. Several people are seen performing the signs of the cross, Kowalski's conversion to Catholicism is very prevalent, and even the doctor he contacts at the hospital his wife is at, is named Nazren. Sounds a lot like Nazarene or Nazareth. So the whole religious side of the film was unnecessary. And finally the action.

the LAST Vanishing Point Challenger - 1970 Dodge Challenger RT HEMI

I love car chases in film. Movies like Death Proof and Gone in 60 Seconds have amazing car chases, with lots of crashes, side by side collisions, all the fun stuff.

This film has some decent car chase sequences but they are split apart too many times to make way for the drama that it really tarnishes the adrenaline rush they should be evoking. Not only that but they are not spectacular. The first few are a bit of a rush because you he has his "mission" and he means to fulfill it.

But after a while, with all the stops and drama, the action not only feels less engaging or tense but the action itself feels a little tired, as in the stunts and speedy feeling become less and less powerful and amazing.

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The story was simple but with all the "hero" messages and religion "advertising" it started to feel too contrived and mixed up. Again I have not seen the original something I will get on top of ASAP , so I can't decided for myself how it holds up but my experience with this film has strengthened my powers of clairvoyance and they say: Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

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When his wife goes into a troubled labor while he is on the road over miles away James Kowalski, a former race-car driver and Army Ranger, attempts to elude police while trying to get Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Favorite Viggo Mortensen Movies. Remakes that stink to high heaven.