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It's about a guy trying to get home because there's someone in his house, and he's got to sort that out. And along the way he's got his annoying brother, a drunk chick, and some bipolar kid with him. So that's the way into the story, and then it's how do I apply those things into spaceships and explosions. Center Taika Waititi on the set of "Thor: So when you had the early talks with Marvel about the project, did you lay all the cards on the table and say that you weren't interested in making the typical Marvel franchise movie?

But they knew that as well. And we don't want to continue with what we've done. We want to do something very fresh and new.

Taika Waititi Says ‘Hollywood Is Running Out of Ideas,’ but Not Diverse Filmmakers — TIFF

Was there a moment through all this when you said to yourself, "Wow, they are really letting me do this the way I want to do it! There were moments when you're like, "Wow, this is something that I never thought I'd be allowed to put into a superhero movie. Marvel's job really is just to keep me in my lane and make sure I'm not crashing the car. There was never a moment like that, which was both surprising and also disconcerting.

17th-century fires

I remember after a couple of days working with Chris [Hemsworth] and Mark [Ruffalo], Mark came up to me and said, "I'll be surprised if you and I are back here on Monday. I have a feeling like we're breaking this. They are going to get rid of us. That includes a scene with Hulk and Thor sitting on a bed talking about their emotions and apologizing to each other after an argument. Which is not something I felt I've ever seen in a superhero movie.

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And I feel that is the point of difference that I've managed to bring. What would everyone expect from this and let's do the opposite. That's what we were saying to each other often when we were shooting. And if so, how do we change it? I read that in your sizzle reel to Marvel you had scenes from "Sixteen Candles" because there was a time when you were planning to do flashback scenes of Thor as a kid. It was in the first couple months of storylining. We always wondered, could we put in these flashbacks and make them work. To me it still feels like a great idea, but it was one element too many.


It was very hard to justify doing. It would have felt like just this one-off little flashback and it needed more. We could have done it when Thor talks about one of the times Loki tried to kill him.

Conflag Hag – How Fires Shaped the Face of Edo and Tokyo

Instead of Thor describing it in that scene there could have been a jump to a flashback? But it's actually better that we didn't flashback because it's funnier him just telling the story. It's funny, but I don't know, watching a teen Thor and Loki in a flashback scene would have been really great. It would have been funnier if it was this ongoing thing where we had more and more of those stories through the movie.

The one thing I'm kind of bummed about was that the trailer revealed that Hulk is Thor's opponent in their fight on Sakaar.

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The buildup is so great. Are you disappointed that was used in the trailer? Skip to main content.

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    Taika Waititi Says ‘Hollywood Is Running Out of Ideas,’ but Not Diverse Filmmakers — TIFF

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