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Transfer students who have been admitted to the UW and have either participated in honors programs at their previous institution or who have strong college academic records are eligible to apply to Interdisciplinary Honors. Transfer student admission to the Interdisciplinary Honors Program is selective, due to limited space availability.

Applying for Honors

In order to determine this, those interested in entering the Honors Program must wait until they have been admitted to the University of Washington and had their transcript evaluated for UW credit before applying to Honors. Those not eligible for Interdisciplinary Honors may instead be eligible to apply for Departmental Honors in their chosen major s.

Contact the Departmental adviser for admission information and requirements. Applicants may be able to enroll in some Honors courses before they are formally accepted into the Program. See an Honors adviser regarding which Honors courses might be available to you. Want to learn how to apply for Transfer Admission to Interdisciplinary Honors? As we prepare to open the UW Application for Autumn Admissions, the Director of Honors invites students and the communities around them to learn more about the UW Honors curriculum.

What is Honors at the University of Washington

Applying to Honors at the University of Washington. University of Washington Honors Program. Who should apply to Interdisciplinary Honors at UW Historically, honors programs at universities have attracted talented and ambitious students—students who have taken many advanced level courses and participated in many extracurricular activities, and have thus been long prepared for university honors programs by parents, teachers, and counselors.

To help all students better understand how UW Honors might fit into their educational goals, we suggest consideration of the the following before beginning the application process: The University Honors Program is indeed highly competitive and acceptance does set the admitted student apart. Advanced courses in high school are significantly different from our Interdisciplinary Honors courses. Our curriculum prompts students to see beyond disciplinary boundaries and to understand the importance of interconnected knowledge for addressing the big challenges of our times.

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Those who enter with an eye toward acquiring expertise only in a particular field e. Those who want a streamlined course of study might not find the Interdisciplinary Honors option appropriate. Honors does make the university feel smaller, but it does not isolate its students from the larger university community. Many of our courses are limited to students. But these represent less than a third of the required credits to graduate from the University of Washington.

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All UW students will find themselves in a class of several hundred during their time here. Those entering Honors must be excited to attend a large public university—one that offers amazing opportunities not available at small colleges. We employ a holistic approach to evaluating applications.

The honors application

The valedictorian with s in the SATs, a 4. We look for students who not only show academic ability and promise, but whose educational goals include, but also look beyond, a future career. Students who are intellectually curious and willing to take academic risks in order to expand the boundaries of their knowledge are more likely to thrive in our program and to pursue a life of continuous growth and learning. Completion of Honors does not in itself guarantee admission into any future program.

It is but one of numerous factors that are taken into consideration by evaluators at the graduate and professional level. Graduation from Honors has indeed contributed toward academic and professional success for the majority of our students, but it is our goal that our graduates leave the UW not only experts in their chosen fields but also committed to continuing their education both professionally and personally, serving their various communities as leaders, and engaging the world as global citizens.

Provide at least two reasons why you wish to participate in this honors community. Please limit your response to words. You are hosting a dinner party this weekend and you can invite ANY three people—living, dead, real or fictional. Tell us whom you would invite and why. What would be your first topic of conversation? For example, you may describe classes and programming activities, other science and math activities, honors and awards, and other activities that demonstrate leadership potential.

Describe your educational and career goals.

Apply for Freshman Honors | Undergraduate Admissions | The University of Texas at Austin

The final page of the honors application will list the additional items if any you need to submit to the Office of Admissions in order to be considered for the selected programs. Letters of recommendation may be submitted via the Document Upload System , or you may use the system to ask someone to submit their recommendation to us directly. Track either by logging in to the Document Upload System. Track the completion of your honors application in MyStatus —see the Honors tab.

Additional honors programs exist within many academic departments. These departmental honors programs typically do not accept applications from first-year students. Contact your academic advisor to learn more about programs and their application processes. To apply to other honors programs, submit the following in addition to your application for admission: Fall Admission In order to be considered for a freshman honors program, you must apply for fall admission.

Applying to Honors

Required Majors Honors programs are open—and the honors application is available—only to students who apply to certain majors: Business Honors Unspecified Business Business must be the first-choice selection. Writing Prompts All honors program applicants may choose to respond to this optional prompt on their personal circumstances: Turing Scholars Describe your significant activities, employment and achievements.

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Program-specific requirements Complete any additional requirements for the programs to which you are applying. See Honors Application Item Submission See the Honors Application The final page of the honors application will list the additional items if any you need to submit to the Office of Admissions in order to be considered for the selected programs.