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Their heads were then set upon poles as a warning to others. Teachers might wish to discuss with their pupils what would have happened if the plot had succeeded. As result of the plot, James I became more popular having survived an attempt on his life. However, it became harder for Catholics to practise their religion or play a part in society. Finally, there is no doubt that Guy Fawkes is remembered incorrectly as the main plotter, a myth perpetuated as generations of children celebrate Bonfire Night. The Gunpowder Plot More background and resources on the plot produced by Parliament.

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Civil War and Revolution What if the gunpowder plot had succeeded? Lesson pack Related resources Crime and punishment. Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search our records. View lesson as PDF View full image.

Gunpowder Plot

Lesson at a glance. Can you uncover the plans of the plotters? Look at the letter and other documents below and see if you can unravel this Gunpowder plot. This is the letter sent to Lord Monteagle a few days before parliament. What two steps does the writer want Lord Monteagle to take? Why does the writer suggest that Lord Monteagle should follow this advice? This is a copy of the examination of John Johnson.

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Who do you think John Johnson might be? What did Johnson plan to do to parliament? Name one of the other plotters whom Johnson mentions Was Johnson worried about any Catholics who might have been there? This is a proclamation royal demand made after the plot was discovered. Why does the government want Thomas Percy to be captured alive?

Who else has Thomas Percy tried to blow up apart from the King and Parliament? Why do you think the plotters might have wanted to kill these other people? Read the description of Thomas Percy. Do you think it is enough information for him to be found?

Gunpowder, treason and plot: The story behind Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes

This is a statement given by Thomas Wintour, another one of the plotters who was there: Who were the plotters present at the house? Read this extract and answer the following questions: Does this support the evidence provided in Source 2? Why do you think Fawkes seems to have changed his story? Finally, look at all of the sources again and write a report on the plot including the following: He belonged to a wealthy Catholic family from Warwickshire. His cousin, Francis Tresham, was also prepared to use physical violence to achieve his aim of initiating a regime change.

These two men would have known Guy Fawkes from school at St. Fawkes himself was a veteran of the wars against the Dutch in the Netherlands. Wintour and Fawkes are both known to have travelled to Spain in order to seek support. Sceptical that the treaty would force the English king to tolerate Catholics, the conspirators prepared for another, more violent means of having their way.

Clements in the Strand. Elizabeth I had banished them from England by decree 5 November After the Mass, the conspirators swore an oath.

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The John Gerard was most likely not present for the oath, although Protestants would associate the conspiracy with the Jesuit order for a long time. Parliament opened 19 March The peace treaty with Spain was signed, and it included no mention of Catholic toleration. The plotters encountered many setbacks. Their house was requisitioned while they were digging the mine, which risked the exposure of the plot. A plague outbreak forced Parliament to prorogue until 3 October They hoped for Princess Elizabeth to survive the explosion—a female monarch, they felt, would be more easily manipulable.

Apparently, they had forgotten how much they suffered under the last female monarch, the last Elizabeth. Robert Wintour, Kit Wright, and John Grant a notorious participant in the Essex rebellion and the brother-in-law of Robert Wintour , entered the conspiracy in March This meant they could place powder directly under the House of Lords.

Presumably, the coal would help the fires burn afterwards. On 3 October, Parliament was prorogued once more, until the fateful day of 5 November. On 27 October, Catesby had reason to suspect the plot had been betrayed. He suspected Francis Tresham, for his connections to Mounteagle, but he denied it enough to convince the conspirators he was innocent. They pushed forward with their resolution. Thomas Percy met lord Northumberland in an attempt to see if he had heard about the conspiracy, but found that he was ignorant of it.

The gunpowder was undisturbed, reported Fawkes. The next day, the Lord Chamberlain was ordered to search the palace at Westminster …. Fawkes enters the chamber with a slow match on 4 November. He comes face-to-face with the Lord Chamberlain. They are standing right in front of a pile of gunpowder barrels concealed only beneath a pile of brushwood and wooden sticks. Fawkes sighs in relief when the Chamberlain, satisfied, resumes his inspection of the rest of House of Lords.

The lie Fawkes uses to get out of that tight spot is not really a lie at all, but an omission of the truth: However, Monteagle finds this suspicious. Why would Percy, a known Catholic, own a second house near Parliament when he has his own house in nearby London? At midnight, they found Fawkes with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder, red-handed.

Guy Fawkes

Fawkes had intended to light the fuse after hearing the king enter Parliament above, then escape across the Thames before the whole thing blew. Sir Everard Digby and his men were stationed in an inn called the Red Lion in Dunchurch, posing as hunters, awaiting Step 2, which Catsby would have initiated after arriving from London with the intent of initiating a Catholic uprising.

However, when news of the arrest reached them, the assemble huntsmen lost heart, losing all sense of guidance and momentum.


Catesby, Ambrose Rockwood, and John Grant fled from Catholic safehouse to safehouse, avoiding the law. Once, they were wounded in an accidental gunpowder explosion, when they left damp powder too close to a fireplace. What followed at Holbeach was like a showdown in the Wild West. The sheriff of Worcestershire arrived with two hundred men and exchanged fire with the conspirators.

The Wright brothers not the inventors of the airplane, but the Catholics Jack and Kit Wright , were killed. Tom Percy and Rob Catesby were brought down by a single bullet. Catesby died after crawling back to his house and hugging onto a statue of the Virgin Mary.