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Shieldbreaker's Story Saberhagen's Lost Swords 8. Editorial Reviews From Library Journal In a post-technology world in which the Olympian deities are distant memories, Jeremy Redthorn discovers a divine artifact that transforms his life and heralds the return of the gods. Combining the epic quest with a story of one young man's rite of passage, this title should appeal to YA readers as well as to the author's many fans. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. That noticeably improves his sex life and gives him the power to summon swarms of bees against his enemies, but it also imposes responsibilities equal to the new powers and thrusts him forcibly into the front lines of the cosmic battle of good and evil.

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Caesar and the Celtic gods - Apollo the Sun god "Shining One"

Product details File Size: March 20, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention face of apollo main character fred saberhagen god apollo jeremy mythology swords concept hades repetition masks ancient boy called decide faces flow human humans lord. Showing of 22 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Authors who write very long and successful series, like the Swords series all really good, btw! It's understandable - they're under a lot of pressure from publishers to get something out fast, and hey, why ruin a winning formula? Saberhagen keeps some of the themes from the Swords, namely that Gods who walk the earth are not actually "gods" but somehow enhanced humans.

The Face of Apollo (Books of the Gods, book 1) by Fred Saberhagen

In addition, there are "items of power" which are often sought out by individuals, but sometimes acquired just by luck. In the other series it was Swords, here it's Masks. Other than sharing that same starting point The topography of the land is totally different, as are the personalities of all the major characters. This storyline is quite unpredictable and engaging too! This looks to be a great new series, and I highly recommend it. Many of the negative reviews do have merit. However, in my opinion, Saberhagen's greatness lies in his high concepts, not his prose. I read Saberhagen books because I am assured of finding a completely different concept than the majority of the Dungeons-and-Dragons-based or Lord of the Rings morphs that abound in the fantasy genre.

And once again, Saberhagen delivers. When a mortal being puts on this "Face", they become that god, without losing their former identity. What a great concept!! Thus through their human avatars, the gods continue their ages-old wars and aims.

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But this story os less about gods, and more about the humans wearing their Faces. It is a great story. Yes, it jumps around a bit, often confusingly. But Saberhagen solidly delivers an enjoyable read.

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And when you are reading something with a different concept from other books out there, you can forgive at least some of the flaws. I highly recommend this book. Best Saberhagen series, in my opinion. A great coming-of-age story that should appeal to fans of sword and sorcery as well as lovers of Greek mythology.

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Sep 18, Otto Naja rated it liked it Shelves: The beginning was good. You could feel like Jeremy. In the end it got very fast very fantastic and boring. Therefore I wouldn't read Book of Gods Part 2. Jan 04, Carol rated it really liked it. Mask of the sun god Not sure if I own this book or not I'll have to look. Jul 21, Greg rated it it was amazing. Great stuff but I would not recommend going after the other books in the series. May 04, Jay rated it it was ok. Not as good as his books of Lost swords.

The Face of Apollo

It strated slow and never really got moving from there. I might try the next one in the series because I love his other stuff. Aug 13, Jenniffer rated it did not like it. Puts a different twist on who the Greek Gods really were.

The Face of Apollo

I just couldn't get into it so really didn't care for it. Darren rated it it was ok Jul 31, Nycholas Maldonado-taylor rated it really liked it May 12, Joshua Makovsky rated it really liked it Oct 20, Lauren Canfield rated it really liked it May 06, Tom Greenwalt rated it it was amazing Apr 09, M rated it did not like it May 25, Sonya rated it liked it May 03, Jamie rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Christian rated it really liked it Nov 03, Sarah Carpenter rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Lisa Gannon rated it liked it Nov 11, Ewen Cooke rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Crystal rated it really liked it Jun 21, Roger rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Wes rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Omer Maras rated it did not like it Nov 09, Shiva has overthrown the rightful King Minos of Crete and in his place put a minion of the gods of Death.

Theseus, a young hostage, and his companions are doomed, unless Princess Ariadne, her brother Ariadne is the daughter of the King Minos.

The creature in the Labyrinth is her brother Theseus is a young man sentenced to be sacrificed by the gods, with whom Ariadne falls deeply in love. She conspires to spare him from his grisly fate, but doesn't count on Dionysus stepping in. Hercules is the son of the nearly omnipotent Zeus, King of the Gods, and of a human mother whose beauty sparked lust in the great god. The arms of Hercules look no more muscular than those of many other men - but his father was the greatest god in the entire world. Hercules, the son of Zeus, has crushed monsters, giants and legendary warriors in combat.

Until one challenge remains: