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The last stage of the plant is not another stage where the life is passing through but the last stage is the seed that was planted but in multiple form — the grain. This of course is also a scriptural concept. Jesus taught that His kingdom church was like a man planting seed. In time it would grow and go through its stages of growth, the blade, the shuck or ear and finally would produce the full corn in the ear.

Then immediately He would put in the sickle because harvest is come. The time of the sickle is the Harvest Age when the grain is separated from the rest of the wheat plant. The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ November 25, But, you remember, when it went down; and the grain begin to ripen, that you find, before that grain can ripen, everything in that stalk has to be dead. Life is in the grain again. Just exactly like the same grain that went in the ground, the same Jesus in the Bride form, same power, same Church, same thing, same Word.

The same Word sucked up through these and come out here, and come to a head here. And all that Life that come through here, picked up its people. Speaking on that tomorrow night, or next night, one, the Lord willing. It is the finality, the final stage, the finish. The Bride will go into the Eternals just as grain goes to the barn. There is simply nothing no stage of the wheat beyond the grain but Eternity. That is our age. We know it is the last age for the Jews are back in Palestine. No matter how they got there; they are there. And this is harvest time. But before there can be a harvest there has to be a ripening, a maturing of both the vines.

The Lutheran Age was the springtime. The Wesleyan Age was the summer of growth. The Laodicean Age is the harvest time of gathering the tares for binding and burning; and garnering the wheat for the Lord. There are only six instances where Bro. They are all in , in the last part of his ministry. In the first instance when the term is used, Bro. Branham compares it with the grain: He speaks of Christ being the first grain that came to maturity and then in the last day there will come a message for the Bride Age, even as the grain that was planted and rose out of darkness of the soil and returns back to grain again, even so the full maturity of the Word has returned in its full power and now is waved as a sheaf over the people.

This happens at Harvest Time. Please note what happens and is accomplished in the Bride Age dispensation. First for the Bride Age is a message and what is the Bride Age message? What happens in the Bride Age a resurrection out of dark denominationalism. Waving of the sheaf! What was the sheaf? The first one that come to mature, the first one that proved it was a wheat, that proved it was a sheaf. It was waved over the people. And the first time there will come forth, for the Bride age, for a resurrection out of dark denominationalism, will be a Message, that the full maturity of the Word has turned back again in Its full Power, and being waved over the people, by the same signs and wonders that He did back there.

If there is a Bride Age who will be its messenger? For the going home of the Bride there must be a message [the Word] to bring it to the rapture. What other messenger is promised than the Elijah messenger? It is important to understand that both the Laodicean age and the Bride Age bride dispensation have the same messenger and message. This is the climax age, this is beyond denomination. There are no stopping places or stations after Laodicea. But this is the climax age, this is the age beyond those denominations. There had to come forth, must come forth; God ordained it so, that there must come forth, them Seven Seals must be opened.

It was supposed to be done in this Laodicean age. Thus in Ephesus was the original grain Word that was planted and from Laodicea is harvested the grain to be raptured into the garner. Laodicea takes the rapture. We are over here in the last age. And the first age begin with the Word, which was Christ.

And the last age has to end with the Word, which is Christ. And these other things, these shucks and so forth, as I have explained, is just carriers of the Word, to serve its purpose until It comes into the full stature, see, of what the original grain was. After being called out by his message, the Bride then becomes the divinely ordained order prevailing at this particular period of history. And I know this is of God, is because this and other Scriptures point to this hour.

How many ever heard it? No other age has it been promised. Malachi 4, Luke Those promises is just exactly like John the Baptist identified himself in the Scripture. The true Bride of Laodicea was called out of the denominations the shuck and other parts of the wheat plant and has entered into a Rapture Age. It is the Seventh Age takes the Rapture. The Bride dispensation is the Rapture Age, where the move is on for the Bride. It must get worse. How many knows that? Another, no creature ever come up from its evolution, coming up into higher specie than—than a man, because a man is in the image of the God Who created him.

And neither can the Word climb above any Laodicea Church Age. Because the 7th angel finishes the Message to the church. He restored it back to the original Word by turning the hearts AND revealed the mysteries of the seven thunders which are the revelations contained in the seven seals. According to Malachi 4 he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. He will reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the seven seals.

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished,… Now, sounding forth, this messenger, the seventh angel here is sounding forth his Message to the Laodicean church. Notice his type of Message. But it is the seventh angel that had this type of Message. The seventh angel gathers them up, and finishes the entire mystery. The coming of the prophet effectively ends the Azusa Pentecostal dispensation by bringing a message that advances the true church into the Bride dispensation.

In the quote below he refers to the pentecostal as a move and the Bride Age is a move also. It is the move where God calls out a Bride and she becomes the final voice for the final age. It all gets messed up. Not two thousand years ago at Pentecost, or the repeat, or the return. In the Bride move or Age or dispensation [a divinely ordained order prevailing at a particular period of history] is the Bride calling when Seven Seals have been opened and only Malachi 4 can do that.

The 7th angel is Elijah. Both are the same person. The bride calling is typed by Eliezer who is sent to get a bride for Isaac. Today, the Holy Spirit in the five fold ministry continues the Eliezer call as the Bride Age progresses to the end. But now is the Bride-calling, now is when the Seven Seals has been opened, now when the complete things that the reformers left has to be opened; and only Malachi 4 can do that, because it takes the revelation straight from God to an individual to do so.

Here is the Seven Seals, or the opening of these mysteries. And you try to get It before those denominations. How many knows that this is the seventh church age? They put Him out, no cooperation. The Word was put out. The husks throwed out the wheat! It is the evening time, when God is calling out the bride.

He had It then! Now, we find out, there comes a time of these crisis when the press is right on. That was a Gentile world that was destroyed then, by fire. Is a secret made known, a revelation; is to reveal or make known a secret. The Bride Age is the distinctive time where Malachi 4 is to be fulfilled and the Son of Man revealed. None of this happens in an Eternal Age, it all happens in time during the last or Laodicean Church Age. Set up, just like He laughed about it! It had to die through those dark ages, like any other corn of wheat has to go beneath the earth and be buried, to bring forth in the first reformation them two blades of Luther, the stalk.

It had to come forth in the Wesleyans, out yonder, to bring forth the pollen, the tassels, the great missionary age. Had to come forth in the Pentecostal, for the restoration of the gifts, almost to deceive the very Elected. But back in there, then, they begin to form the oneness organization, the trinity organization, the twoness organization, and church of God organization, and all organized, and just death exactly! And now what happens?

This is not a Pentecostal age. This is the latter-day age. This is the Bride age. This is the evening Light. This is Luke This is the second… And Jeremiah, and all the rest of them, that Joel has spoke of these days, this is that day. The dying of the Pentecost brings forth the rapturing of the Bride. The dying of Pentecost brings forth the Message now.

Branham is announcing the death of Pentecost while heralding a message to bring for the Bride. Now as no… And there shall be no leavened bread seen in thee in all thy coast seven days;… The sacrifice here is a type: The messenger to the church always comes just at the dying of the other church age, always. The dying of Luther brought forth Wesley. The dying of Wesley brought forth Pentecost. Has to be the Word, brings His promise.

It is a different Word now… the Azusa Message will not work to rapture a Bride. The Bride has a different word Message from that of Azusa Street. He is declaring the death of the old and the birth of the new. You have to die in the Wesley age to be borned in a Pentecostal age. This is the Word now. It was a carrier, the denomination, but the Word goes right on. Yeah, the Word goes right on. Promised by Malachi 4, promised by the rest of the Scriptures.

Where you worship at? The house of God, seated in present tense. And these Seven Seals was not to be opened Revelations 10 until the sounding of the last earthly angel on earth, Revelations There will never be another age to it. But the revelation is to reveal the Truth of It, what It is, to make It fit with the rest the Scripture.

And then God vindicates that to be the Truth. Immediately after the church age is over, this Laodicean Church Age, then comes the Rapture. Now, all of the rest of the six men, before him, died, but Enoch was translated. We all know it. All of the other six died. But the—the end-time Bride will be called out of the… The rapturing, without death, will be called out of the seventh church age, which we are now bearing record of that age.

That, the reformers that… been they had time. They had their message of that day, and the people grasped it and denominated it. And what is it? Make His revelation of what He is in this day. Reveal, to the people, by the manifestation of Holy Spirit making that Jesus live among us. And, remember, He was represented there in a man. Now, we notice in that Genesis chapter there, when Jesus was speaking about it. Can you think of that? The seventh church age! But, there has been.

Here we find it, in this last age now. And the seven watches, like the seven watch, of one come. That was Enoch, the seventh, which was translated. And Noah, being a type of the remnant of Jews, is to be carried over.

The Bride Age – Evening Light Tabernacle of Louisiana –

Now, in the Bible times, talking about the watches. And nights were not divided into hours, in the Bible time. These others could bring these other things. Genuine pentecost had to bring genuine pentecost. The Bride Age is the time period when the church comes to the full stature of the Bride of Jesus Christ for this last day. You probably read that book, that German making fun of me, and said I was a fanatic of all the fanatics. A revelation of Who He was. The revelation of Jesus Christ in this hour; not what He was in another hour!

What He was now, the Bible expresses. Therefore, if the corn of wheat, of Christ, had to fall in the ground, so did the Bride have to fall in the ground, through the dark ages. And the great Church that He established on the Day of Pentecost, by the sending of the Holy Ghost, had to suffer martyrdom and go into the dirt, into the earth in the dark age, to bring forth again in the age of Luther, and come on out to the full stature of the Bride of Jesus Christ for this last day.

God has lotted His Word to each age, so much to each age, and we must notice that one age cannot carry over into another age. But I say this: Or what good would it done Martin Luther to continue on with the Catholic message? What good would it done Wesley to continue on with the Lutheran message? What good would it done Pentecostals to continue on with the Methodist message? Now, unless a corn of wheat falls in the earth, it abides alone. The trees let the sap down in the winter time, go into the roots, and come back in the spring.

Notice, He likened It to a grain of wheat, the Bride, the reason that God had to let that go like that. That fine, real, genuine Church that was established on the Day of Pentecost, had growed and growed since the Day of Pentecost, into a great church, it had to fall into the earth in that Dark Age and be buried like all seed does. It had to die so it could come forth in the reformation again. It come forth in the person of a reformation, Martin Luther.

And from there, just like a stalk of wheat coming up. Up come Martin Luther, and then Zwingli, and on down, Calvin, and as they moved on. The Word that fell on the Day of Pentecost will not work this day. That was for Pentecost. This is for the Bride, going Home of the Bride. We got something different. The Pentecostals represented that, again. Azusa Street pentecostals represented that again by having a baptism of the Spirit with the manifestations of gifts of 1 Cor Once again, he tells us it is the message of the 7th Angel that brings about the Bride Age.

Then we come to the third instance of Bro. Note once again his insistence that the wheat is at its last stage — the grain and that the Azusa movement had served as a shuck and was pushing out the grain which only happens at harvest time. Once again, Bride Age is being used used as compared to the full grain.

Here he says, this is not the pentecostal age for that was the shuck and it had already began to pull away revealing or exposing the grain. This is the Bride Age when Malachi 4 is to be fulfilled. And this one, Methodist, says this, the Baptist says this, the Pentecostal said this, the Oneness says this, the Twoness says this. And, oh, my, there you are. Branham is talking about the message, the Word that has come. He states that we are not living in either the Methodist or the Azusa Street Pentecostal age but rather the calling out of the Church Revelation 18 and getting it together for the Rapture.

Here is the Fifth time he refers to the Bride Age. For It foretells us, the Author has before done this, and we wait to see Him do it again. He promised to do it. Take notice of the context of his use of the Bride Age. Unlike prior ages, this time the true church Bride will not become another station or stopping place as every denomination before her has done because we have reached the seventh and final Age.

After Laodicea, there is not a church age to advance to. The Bride will leave from Laodicea to go into the Eternals by a rapture and to do this, it will take a prophet to prepare her for that grand event. The only place to go from Laodicea is the Eternals and that by a rapture. Note his further use of the word channel in the same sermon. He is emphatic, only through the channel of a prophet can the Word come through.

It was rejected in Jesus Christ, it was rejected in John, it was rejected by Jeremiah, it was rejected by Moses. But God moves right on in the way that He promised He would do it. Yes, sir, He never does fail to do it the same way. Now we come to the Sixth and final time Bro. Branham uses the term Bride Age. Note in not one instance does he say we have left the Seven Church Ages to go into the Bride Age, nor does he describe it as an Eternal Age. The Sardisean Age then gave way to the Philadelphian Age. Similarly, the Philadelphian age would have within it, eras of time or ages where the prevailing inspiration would bring about the Methodist and then the Nazarenes.

Finally the 7th and last age would come to bring about the Azusa Street Pentecostal era. Like the wheat plant, these were junctions or stages of its growth from the seed that was planted to the seed that is harvested. Within its context, Bro. Branham is once again typing the ages with the wheat plant. He defines the shuck as being so close to looking like the grain that it would fulfill Matthew He identifies the Azusa movement and pentecostal denominations as the shuck and not the grain. They were a part of the plant that will not be harvested. It is the calling out time, separating the grain from the shuck, Rev 18 and it calls us to the Eternal Promised Land because it is wheat grain time.

It is harvest time the time to take the grain into the barn i. Even as the life leaves the other parts of the plant to go into the grain, leaving the rest of the plant dead and dry without life , even so God is calling a Bride Church out of the churches. God is calling His elect from every stage of the plant whether they were Baptist, Methodist, or Pentecostal to be His Bride.

The last message will not be another stopping place or stage of the life cycle of the plant but rather it produces the grain a Bride who is destined for the Eternals by being raptured up to meet her Lord in the air. The Bride cannot be formed in the Pentecostal denomination, she must become separate from the shuck. Just like the life comes up through the… See? But, you see, when it become the stalk and it was finished, the organization, the Life went right on into Wesley; come right out, went in.

And once, each one of them. But when the little pollen comes, like the… on the—the shuck… or on the stalk, the pollen of the tassel, it looks a whole lot like the grain. Almost like the real thing, see. So, in the last days. As Moses called a nation out of a nation, Christ today is calling a Church out of a church, you see; the same thing in type, taking them to the glorious Eternal Promised Land. Branham thoroughly explains the cycle of the wheat plant and relates it to the Book of Life and it will be helpful to understand the Bride Age because he often relates the Bride Age to the final stage of the wheat, the grain.

Up until now we have been thinking in terms of the removal of the names of individuals. Now we want to consider, not the individuals, but the groups represented in the church. To do so we will liken the church through the ages to the wheat plant. A grain of wheat is planted to the end that a single grain of wheat will reproduce and multiply itself through a certain process during a certain period of time. That single seed will die, but in dying, the life that was in it will come up into a plant which in turn will be the bearer or carrier of that life which is to come back to originality in a multiplied form.

Jesus the great Royal Seed died. That matchless One Who is the life of the church stands in the midst of the church for all seven church ages giving His life to the church the carrier or bearer to the end that His very life will be reproduced in bodies like unto His in the resurrection. That was the resurrection where the redeemed who had been elected unto eternal life came in.

A section of the Book of Life. This is convincingly seen by examining the wheat plant. A bare seed is sown. Soon a blade is seen. But that is not the wheat yet. Then it grows into a stalk. This is not yet wheat. Life is there, but not the wheat. Then at the end of the stalk is a little spike that sends out a tassel. Still a wheat plant but no wheat yet. Then the plant is pollenized, and we see the chaff grow. This looks mighty like the wheat but it is not yet seed.

Then forms the wheat in the husk. It is now back to what it was originally. Now the ripened wheat is harvested. He gave His life. That life was to come back upon the church and bring many sons like unto Himself unto glory in the resurrection. But as the wheat seed had to have a carrier to bring forth multiplied wheat seed, even so there had to be a church which would be the carrier of the life of Christ. As the blade, stalk, tassel, and husks were the carriers for the seed but NOT the seed itself, so the church corporate through the ages has been the carrier of the true SEED though not the Seed itself.

Here is that original seed that was planted. It produced a blade. It produced a stalk. Here come husks in which the wheat is to form. Because it was created to that end. Branham in addition to Bride Age also uses the term Bride Time for four times. Note once again, he uses this term in reference the time of full restoration. We are in the Bride time, the selecting time, the time that the Bride they said we would have. The second time he refers to this Bride Time is in reference to the Evening Light. The dismal day caused by the clouds of denominational theology is giving way to the full sun of the Evening Light.

This of course is to ripen the grain and bring it to its full maturity. The world has recognized. The nations has recognized. And God has recognized that there is a people on earth that He predestinated to Life. He recognized this is the time to send His Message. The people has recognized It, the Bride time has realized the evening Light. Branham lets us know that Bride Time age is the Seed Time. Once again, he does not speak of an Eternal Age that we have somehow entered into but rather the Time of the Seed or Harvest Rapture Time, where the seed is separated from the rest of the plant and harvested.

There was three women. There is three women typed here, churches. The women always types churches. Means, three denominational ages, carriers, which also must die and dry up, just like the shuck and so forth does, to give room for the Seed. The Seed cannot get right, cannot get ripe, rather, until the shuck, stalk, and leaves, are all dry.

It saps every bit of the Life, in them, out; amen; all it was, is that, plus. The shucks are dead. The shucks are dried up. The virgin Word time, not touched. She is—she is commanded by God to come out of such. It will take the harvest rain of the 7th messenger to bring the Wheat plant back to grain again. If Moses taught the message of Noah, it would take no effect.

It must be the condition that grows it. Over and again, Bro. Branham states consistently throughout his sermons that we are living in the Seventh and last Church Age. He never changes from that thought. He never says as many have concluded the age goes on but we the Bride are called out of it, so we are not in it. Rather, he emphatically and repetitively says we are living in the Laodicean Age. I know it sounds like a rhetorical question but if the Bride is not still in Laodicea then how is it that the Bride under her messenger is The Final Voice to the Final Age as stated in the Church Age Book.

Using the type of Enoch, he states: How easy it would have been for Bro.

False Prophets, Teachers and Leaders In the Laodicean Age :: by Lynette Schaefer

Rather, it is others who keep going beyond the messenger to make this conclusion. Finally, let us allow Bro. Branham himself to clarify any misunderstanding about the church age of Laodicea. The Promised Ephesians But what about another Ephesians? What about the Eternal Church Age that Bro. We have just finished The Seven Church Ages.

Now we know that we have Seven Trumpets, Seven Plagues, Vials, and so forth, that we get into, as we go along. Branham tells of how he had just finished teaching about the Seven Church Ages and that he is expecting soon to preach The Seven Seals. He also looks forward to other subject such as the Seven Trumpets, Plagues and Vials. He explains that his subject that he was speaking on in this sermon of The Stature Of A Perfect Man was teaching of the man that is to be redeemed by the Blood and that will go to live in the Eternal Church Age — Eternity.

The Seals begin with the first Church Age with the white horse rider and finishes with the Seventh Seal, the breaking of the silence, revealing the mysteries which begin the process of winding up of all end time events. The Church Age ends with the rapture, but the Seventh Seal continues finalizing end time events until the Millennium is ushered in.

It puts out five stars. One of those stars explodes and blows out five stars from it; and then one of them stars explodes, blows out five stars from it See? It ends the time for this. It means the time for that. It ends the time… Everything just ended up on that Seventh Seal. But what about another Ephesians? Who will place the Bride in her promised land as Joshua did?

Branham taught us that the Book of Ephesians was a parallel to the Book of Joshua and that as Joshua placed Israel into her inheritance even so Paul placed the Church into her position in Christ into her inheritance. Who was it that heaven said that preached what Paul preached? It was the seventh angel messenger of Malachi 4 that placed and positioned the Bride into her inheritance and so brought another Ephesian Age or Bride Age. There she takes on his name and shares with him in his estate. Thus the Bride Age is the time of marriage. Do we dare still wonder if Bro.

It was also predicted that some Bible-believing Christians would be seduced by doctrines of demons and embrace man-made philosophies that are antichristian 2Tim. Another result is that so many people, because of rampant deception, are completely unprepared for the future and have no idea what the Bible really says about those who follow false systems and false doctrines.

Many people are scoffers about the return of Christ 2Pet. You would have a very hard time knowing who the real Christ is if you are involved in this type of church. Stay away from it as it is heretical and dishonors Christ by contradicting the Scriptures. I have made only minor corrections in spelling and have added two bolded phrases below:. The Scripture teaches that we are not to lean on our own understanding, but on the WORD of God and that our doctrines should come from the scripture.

Warren would assert that if you are good at and like art then your purpose in life must be to use art to serve God. When in reality the scriptures show that when God chooses to use man for HIS purpose, he often chooses a man that could not possibly do what God would have him do except that God made it possible.

Moses, who could not speak well, God used to speak to Pharaoh and to lead the people out of Egypt, is but one example. God does not seek men who will work for God, but men who will die to themselves and let God work through them. We are not here to find our purpose in this life…we are here to surrender to HIS purpose for our lives, which have become HIS life. The scripture also teaches that God is served not with the flesh, but with the mind and is worshipped not in deeds but in Spirit. Rick Warren teaches the forsaking of doctrine for the goal of ecumenism; the scripture teaches us to be separate from those who hold doctrine that is contrary to the scripture.

Rick Warren teaches that the spiritual success of a church is measured in the number of people that sit in its pews on any given Sunday. The Scripture teaches that the spiritual success of a church is measured in its faithful obedience to God and its demonstrating HIS will and exhibiting HIS fruit.

God measures success in terms of quality and not quantity.

The Bible teaches that the Levitical Priesthood to whom tithes were paid has been changed and Christ is of the priesthood of Melchizedek. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek out of his goods and the people that belonged to the King of Salem Jerusalem. The tithes that are due Christ from the church are tithes of souls and their goods brought out of the kingdom of the world and its darkness and into the body of Christ through the Gospel. Those are the things that come first and foremost to my mind in summary; maybe there is something helpful there.

The WOF movement is rooted in greed, emotionalism, humanistic psychology and fantasy. Their programs, which they claim are of the Holy Spirit, are often characterized by pandemonium and outrageous claims that are completely unbiblical. Instead of order and decency which is truly of the Holy Spirit , there is complete chaos and sometimes people are totally out of control.

It is often an emotionally charged, circus atmosphere. These churches are largely ecumenical, and new or marginal Christians end up duped and deceived by them both spiritually and economically. Those who preach and promote WOF are false teachers who secretly bring in destructive heresies. They are a predominantly ruthless, greedy, selfish, power-hungry hierarchy that rules these churches and the people in them!

Some of these leaders are also 33rd Degree Freemasons, which mark them as demonic. Contrast this with the humble servant spirit like Jesus who is not looking to exalt self through personal power and ambition, but is concerned with the health of the Body of Christ and the worship of God in spirit and truth through the exaltation of Jesus Christ.

This is a church that is far more healthy and desirable for a Christian to be a part of and one that is based on Biblical principles. There are several denominations that have become or have been liberal and apostate besides the ones already sited. They also have a distorted, watered-down view of who Jesus is and what the Atonement is. Most liberal churches view the Bible as an errant book that is not relevant for today. The liberal churches have to some extent replaced doctrine, the Bible, and hymns with entertainment that appeals to the flesh and the senses.

The church has become a social club that exalts self instead of an assembly where we come together to properly glorify and honour God. This can only lead to worldly Christians who lack discernment, because many in their leaderships seem to be lacking in a firm foundation in the Bible which is why they are making unbiblical and poor decisions in governing their respective churches and making false statements from the pulpit. It clearly does not pay to be ignorant of the Bible. We are instructed to rightly divide the word of truth 2Tim. Churches that are falling away and relaxing their adherence to Biblical doctrines are in serious trouble with apostasy, and God will certainly judge every one of them for their apostasy when they should have known better and guided their flocks.

This apostasy ultimately permeates and reaches down into the soul and spirit of each family and person, causing them all sorts of serious problems in their lives. We must endeavor to obey God and keep His commandments, for they are not grievous Ecc.


There is the broad way and the narrow way. Doctrine of the Mass denies the all-sufficiency of the sacrifice of Christ and His finished work on the Cross — the Atonement, which is totally opposite of what the Scriptures teach. I should think not! No more than He is literally a vine. But this is the confusion that is the result of Transubstantiation doctrine.

This is a huge defect, because 1Cor. The Eucharist as a ritual cannot possibly save. The other fatal flaw in Catholicism is the doctrine of Mariolatry. The whole church is set up so that Mary is the one people idolize for salvation instead of Christ. Mary is regarded as a perpetual virgin, wrong, she had other children subsequent to Christ, Matt. She is treated as a co-redemptrix, which is total blasphemy because only Jesus Himself has the power to save a sinner, not a sinner who needed saving herself! So the whole system of Catholicism is flawed from the inside out, and it is dangerous to follow these empty traditions.

The Catholic Church has a long history of immense wickedness, from extremely corrupt popes and priests to a whole system of superstition, intimidation and deception. It holds those who are devotees in bondage and it is an institution of tremendous wealth and extraordinary materialism. All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the rituals of this church are really empty, man-made traditions that are spiritually bankrupt and have little or no basis in the Living Word of God. He that abides in the doctrine of Christ, he has both the Father and the Son.

If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. For he that bids him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. Revelation 17 is really the history of the Catholic Church with all its many abominations. Therefore, no discerning Christian and Evangelical should have any part in supporting it in an ecumenical fashion. That is responding to them with love and with truth. The fact that this religion is an aggressive and violent group whose sole purpose is to annihilate Israel and persecute or murder anyone outside its own group should be quite enough to tell us it is very dangerous and of the devil.

Yet, there are some who would be so naive as to say it is a religion of peace and that we all worship the same God! Where on earth do people get this notion? Not only that, the Muslims deny Jesus as God and Saviour. This is what will lead the whole world into accepting the Antichrist and the New World Order. But imagine being caught in that kind of world of evil and wickedness!

We must follow the Lord in truth and know Him personally in order to be prepared for the future. All of the above are cultish in their own ways. In this section, we will discuss other kinds of cults that pervert the true Gospel and are deceptive in their practices; and there are many cults in existence today. But aside from that, the most common beliefs that many of them share are:. Charismatic leadership — the founder and leadership has a convincing, magnetic personality to attract followers. Deny deity of Christ — Jesus was just a man; a created being. Deny work and office of the Holy Spirit — the Spirit is simply an impersonal force and not the third Person of the Trinity.

Works salvation — baptismal regeneration, salvation by doing good works, penances, confessions, and no assurance. Belief in Satan may or may not be taken as mythical. Contempt for Orthodox Christianity. Gospel is added to or subtracted from in the core, essential doctrines of the Faith. Follow a system of beliefs set up by a founder, rather than a Person of the Bible. Univeralism, the belief that everyone who has ever lived will be saved in the end. There are probably other areas of beliefs that many of them share in common.

They may even use the Bible, preach a certain portion of the Gospel, and incorporate prayer into their religious activities; but underneath the veneer of truth is the huge trap of error through deceit. That is, either by deceiving others or being deceived themselves. Some of these followers of cults may be very sincere in their belief, but they are, unfortunately, very sincerely wrong because they distort the true message to fit their own a-priori.

I know from experience because I used to be in one. Like the Christadelphians and the Seventh Day Adventists, they emphasize eschatology very heavily; and yet, with all their study and talk of the end times, they only understand a fraction of the real message, making it null and void. Stay away from them! Their basic system of beliefs is based on unbiblical fantasies; they are pantheistic and other cults, like the Christadelphians, have borrowed many of these concepts to some degree although they will deny it. Really weird and twisted beliefs, one of which they teach that man has potential to become a god through some evolutionary process.

They use a lot of extra-biblical materials that have little or no resemblance to Biblical truth but instead, are full of their own imaginative concepts. Moon has proclaimed himself as the Messiah. And his wife is the Holy Spirit! He and his wife, called The True Parents where he is the True Father and his wife the True Mother, are the first couple to be able to bring forth children with no original sin. It is not a moral issue. The thieves on the cross represent political movements.

The thief on the right side of Jesus represents democracy. The thief on the left of Jesus is communism. Adam and Eve fell because of sexual sin. Eve had sexual relations with Satan. God has an external and internal aspect called the Universal Prime Energy. It creates, develops, and sustains the cosmos. People determine their own future place in the spirit world after death through what they do here on earth. Has over financial institutions all over the world including publishers, jewelers, and clothing stores.

Moon has spent time in a US prison for tax evasion.

The Laodicean Church Age (Series)

Moon claims to receive revelations from God. Divine Principles, a page work by Moon. It is considered divinely inspired and scripture. Moon uses an anti-communism stance, many legitimate businesses, and philanthropic endeavors all over the world to garner support and influence for his one world religious system. Through his political social outreaches he has deceived a great many people into believing his self-exalting and self-serving theology.

It is a dangerous group. There is an infamous New Evangelical preacher who has teamed up with the Moonies. Aside from his long history of joining hands with apostates and his ecumenical position, he and his wife have associated for many years with Moonie front groups and have lent their support rather than preach the Gospel to this blasphemous cult. Now, would I go so far as to declare him to be unsaved? Therefore, I have to weigh what he says very carefully against Biblical truth and not accept anything that is compromising or dishonoring to the Lord.

Please note that many of these leaders and preachers have probably started out well and were faithful to the Word; but slowly over time through compromise with false people and teaching, traded in the pure Gospel for something counterfeit. That is most unfortunate, but it is a sign of the end times we are living in. In summary, many of the various claims that the cults and false religions make are unsubstantiated and unproven based on Biblical, scholarly, peer-review support of the true message of God from the Word that goes all the way back to the earliest days of Jesus, the Disciples and the Apostles.

These various cult founders were and are all dilettante wannabe preachers with enormous egos and personal ambitions who deceive their followers into a web of false leading and teaching. Despite the fact that, in the current times we are living in, that there are unfortunately so few good churches in existence that follow Jesus wholeheartedly and adhere to Biblical principles, thankfully there are some still around. The compromise and abandonment of Jesus and the Word has spiraled downward, leading to more and more unbelief in the secular world, more cults being created, more immorality, unbiblical political agendas such as homosexuality, liberalism, and so forth.

They are getting falsely accused of all kinds of horrible things by the liberals and tares. People are flocking to these in droves and many accept the false claims. Bible-believing Christians, as you can tell, fully accept each and every word contained in the Bible as inspired and coming from God Himself to which nothing is added or taken away. On what basis should I make such a claim?

Well, for a number of reasons:. Prophecies that have been fulfilled. These prophecies were uttered over thousands of years by many different people from all walks of life. But they all had the same message. What ordinary book can make this claim? Archaeological finds have unearthed many places that have been referenced in the Bible, so the Biblical accounts can be substantiated.

There are many that have been discovered. The Bible is not simply a book of faith; it is also a book of science, even though evolutionists and skeptics would deny it. For example, the account of Noah and the Flood can be substantiated as being a global event that covered the whole earth, and that it happened four thousand years ago.

The Bible Speaks for Itself. Those who have truly trusted in God for the atonement of Jesus can go to His throne room and get their prayers answered. He responds to us by working in our life through trials, tribulations, victories, successes, etc. He shows Himself faithful and awesome when we are at our weakest. God is a wonderful Provider, and He always has been! Therefore, all the secular humanists, agnostics and atheists who would argue that the Bible is nothing but a bunch of made up fairy tales pushed on us by scam artists preachers who are called by God!

We, who are sinners, no less, who do not deserve anything but death! But what we need to do is to come to Him in faith so He can forgive us of our sins. There is more on that below. As Bible-believing Christians, this is the basic tenet of why we believe and follow Christ: This is a message of love, not hate. So when unbelievers come along and attack us with all kinds of mockery and false accusations, looking to smear our name as Christians and to blaspheme our LORD, it just saddens us to encounter such darkened hearts that are both spiritually and morally bankrupt.

That is a serious thing! The Lord never intended for man to take His pure Word and twist it into a garble of assorted dead theologies conjured up by man. His Word has always been the absolute truth and always will be. We need to respect that Word by adhering to it and its absolute truths for our lives instead of reducing it to what our own itching ears want to hear.

I want to state for the record that there are probably true, born-again Christians who continue to fellowship in some of these false churches and maybe some were even saved in them. However, I also wonder why they would choose to stay in them and not want to get out. Your social circle or family ties within these churches is a secondary issue and should not be the reason you continue to fellowship there if it is a false church.

The following is a graphic description of what will happen to those who preach as well as follow a false, watered-down gospel that cannot save a soul as well as those who would rather follow worldly philosophies and vain deceits. We have gotten so far removed from the concept of a Biblical hell which is a core, fundamental Christian doctrine that it has led too many people right down that very path. Well, whether a person chooses to believe in hell or not does not change the FACT of its existence and destination for all unbelievers at the end of their life.

No one slips into heaven without Christ; no one is annihilated, or goes to a place called Purgatory. None of those beliefs are Biblical but they all come from the traditions of men. A place of blackness forever. On the other hand, this is what awaits the true Christian, who is part of the blood-bought Church:.