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Double Life for solo clarinet by Eric P. Cirrus Music, , 9 pages. This piece was written in honor of clarinetist and composer William O. The first movement is for B-flat and A clarinets played simultaneously. Instructions are provided for inserting corks in the upper joint of the A clarinet.

The second movement used a PVC pipe extension provided which is inserted between the lower joint and the bell of the B-flat clarinet. The first and second movements use multiphonics very limited in the first movement while the third movement has fractional tones. Double Life , II. Deep Thoughts , and III. Click on each of the movement names to watch Robert Spring discuss and perform them. Please select Priority which is about the same cost as the parcel rate we would have to use otherwise.

Etude for Barney for solo B-flat clarinet by Eric P. Cirrus Music, , 2 pages. This piece was written to honor Barney Childs The primary feature of this piece is the fractional tones fingerings given. Folk Songs for solo B-flat clarinet by Eric P. Cirrus Music, , 17 pages. A piece by contemporary clarinetist and composer Eric Mandat which uses fractional tones, multiphonics fingerings provided , and other extended techniques. Five movements, not actual folk songs but each has a distinct folk-like character from Appalachian fiddling to Japanese shakuhachi music to "star songs.

This is the most current version. The Jungle for solo B-flat clarinet by Eric P. Cirrus Music, , 13 pages plus two pages of instructions and a key to the symbols. An advanced three movement piece using fractional tones, multiphonics, and other extended techniques. The composer writes, " Call to Arms - Juxtaposition of static machine-like rhythms and quirky micro-tonal outbursts. Lament - Perfect interval multiphonics gradually pulled out of tune. Apotheosis - Reconciliation between the static rhythms and microtones, or is it surrender?

One reviewer thought the multiphonics in this piece sounded challenging but there have been a number of performances both by the composer and by other clarinetists. All Aboard, and 6. The Moon in My Window. The fingerings for multiphonics are give and the composer has provided some notes. Here are audio recordings of this piece we believe this is the version. Preludes, book I for solo B-flat clarinet by Eric P. Five short lyrical pieces exploring a variety of multiphonic and microtonal techniques. Cirrus Music, , 4 pages plus a page of notes. Composed in , Rrowzer!

Using quarter tones and multiphonics, the piece portrays an old grouchy dog snarling at passers-by. Some of the quartertone fingerings even end up produce multiphonics between first and third partials, creating a growling noise. The composer wrote about this three movement work, " Portent - Multiphonic trills and melodic fragments signaling movements 2 and 3. Sway - A drunken quarter tone wobble. Bop - A jazz-inspired frenzy of notes.

The composer has updated this work He has adjusted articulations, added fingerings and courtesy accidentals, changed a few markings to reflect performance practices and fixed a few errors. Four movements, all without bar lines: Preludio Moderatamente cantabile , II. Entrata Allegro con fuoco , III. Intermezzo Andante cantabile , and IV. A contemporary solo composition without any extended techniques. Parabel for Clarinet Solo by Tigran Mansurian. Belaieff, , SS, 5 pages.

This is a sectional piece with 5 brief sections: Vivace giocosamente; Andante, poco libero; Poco piu mosso and Vivace giocosamente. Almost all of our duduk players also play the clarinet. In some villages, they call it gralnet and they call the player gralnetist. In Parable I have tried to combine the clarinet and gralnet with their individual intonation and their characteristic uniqueness in rhythm and color.

You can listen to this piece here. Click on the cover to view the first page of the music. This piece uses contemporary notation. While extended techniques are not called for, the opening section demands good articulation skills as it is marked presto possibile and molto marcato sempre. The Little Symphony was written for the birthday of composer Barney Childs in It is one rather densely packed manuscript page with a number of repeats which extend the performance duration. It uses pitches derived from his name: Three Roman Miniatures for solo clarinet by David Matthews.

Faber Music, , SS, 5 pages. David Matthews is an English composer of mainly orchestral, chamber, vocal and piano works. The three pieces are 1. Animula Con fantasia , 2. Lacrimae rerum Lento e mesto , and 3. College level although the middle piece at a slower tempo is easier with a duration of 5 minutes. Complete program notes are here on the publisher's website. Lengnick, , SS, 5 pages. John Mayer was an Indian musician violin , composer and music educator who won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in and spent the rest of his life in Britain.

He was known for fusing Indian and Western music and this was reportedly his first composition in that genre. There are nine short ragas which we understand should be played freely in an improvisatory style: Megha Rainy Season , 3. Vibhasa Sunrise , 4. Gunakali Morning , 5. Shri Afternoon , 6. Pilu Evening , 7. Puravi End of Day , 8. Kanada In the deep of Night , and 9. College level with a duration of about 9 minutes. Bug for solo clarinet in B-flat by Bruno Mantovani.

Henry Lemoine, , SS, 3 pages. Advanced contemporary work for solo clarinet. Includes a few fractional tones, but no mulitphonics. Here is a performance on YouTube. There is a statement in the YouTube comments that Mantovani wrote this as a representation of a computer breakdown. A Set for Clarinet by Donald Martino. Professor Norman Heim wrote that this work may be the best, most played, and most difficult unaccompanied work in the clarinet repertoire.

It demonstrates an extension of all technical capabilities with extensive use of altissimo register and yet is very musical. This piece is reserved for the most advanced player as a challenge and is a wonderful show piece. Rhapsodie for Solo Clarinet by Giacomo Miluccio. Alphonse Leduc, , 4 pages. Upper college level with a duration of about 5: Jorge Montilla , a Venezuelan clarinetist and composer, was the founder of the Caracas Clarinet Quartet. This piece was premiered by the composer at the ClarinetFest in Atlanta. It was inspired by the Pajarillo dance which is the most refined of all fast Venezuelan dances derived from the Joropo.

This is a solo showpiece for the E-flat clarinet. After a Moderato opening section, the balance of the piece is Allegro. College level with a duration of 3: International Music Diffusion, , SS, 8 pages. Piotr Moss is a Polish-French composer who studied in Poland and France with Boulanger where he took up permanent residence in He has written orchestral and chamber music and for TV and films. Meditation is Andante while Danse begins Allegro but has many tempo changes. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the Danse.

International Music Diffusion, , 6 pages. This set of three pieces was originally written for E-flat clarinet but can be played on any member of the clarinet family. The three studies are I. Perpetuum Mobile which has no tempo markings but is black with 32nd notes. Based on the Japanese folk song music Min-yo. The pieces are titled Lullaby and Cow Caravans' Melody. Sonate for Clarinet in B-flat by Tiberiu Olah. Salabert, , SS, 5 pages. Tiberiu Olah is a Rumanian composer of Hungarian descent. After studying in Cluj and Moscow he taught at the Conservatory in Bucharest.

His compositional output is primarily chamber, orchestral, and film music. This is a contemporary work for solo clarinet. The only extended techniques required are for articulation slap and flutter tonguing etc. Carl Fischer, , 2 pages. This piece was written in and is dedicated to Richard Stoltzman. It is marked Adagio freely and has a cadenza near the end.

Most of this piece is relatively easy because of the slow tempo, however the cadenza is marked rapido, is noted in 32nd notes and ends on an altissimo A. Rhapsody for Clarinet by Willson Osborne. An excellent one movement solo clarinet work for beginning college level. While originally written for the bassoon, the clarinet version was published at the same time. Zimmermann, , SS, 6 pages.

This is probably the most famous Paganini caprice. Theme and 11 Variations followed by the Finale. This arrangement has numerous ossia which are sometimes easier, other times more difficult and in some cases both are present. This piece which was written in may have been intended as a series of etudes for study the title can be translated as "Everyday Monologues".

There are seven monologues with a total duration of 9: Schott, , SS, 2 pages. A short solo work written in and dedicated to Paul Patterson. It starts Lento sostenuto and builds in tempo and volume to climax on a high altissimo C then returns to the original tempo and decrescendos for a quiet ending. There are no bar lines. Alry Publications, , SS, 4 pages. This piece incorporates many Peruvian themes and rhythms. It is a fertile valley containing fields of corn, artichokes, carrots and potatoes, alongside which flows the Mantaro River.

College level with a duration of 5 minutes. Click on the cover image to view a short sample from near the end of the piece. Parable for Solo Clarinet by Vincent Persichetti. Elkan-Vogel, , 3 pages. Vincent Persichetti was an American composer, teacher, and pianist who is well known to many in the United States for his popular compositions for the concert band. These works are typically in one movement and are written in an improvisatory manner.

This is an advanced work but does not require extended technique other than one note that is flutter tongued. Robert Lienau, , SS, 7 pages. Hubert Pfeiffer was a German composer. This piece has three movements: Praeludium Grave , 2. Scherzo Molto vivace , and 3. Early college level with an overall duration of 10 minutes.

Top Clarinet Sheet Music

Here is a recording of the first movement. Edition Eulenburg, , SS, 13 pages. Hugo Pfister was a Swiss composer. This piece has 6 movements: This college level piece has quite a bit of mixed meter. One of a Kind was written for a farewell performance by clarinetist David Lewis on the occasion of his retirement from Ohio University. One of a Kind attempts to blur the boundaries between "serious" music and various popular styles.

One of a Kind opens with an introspective cadenza which leads directly into movement one. This movement, with its relentless stream of eighth notes, is a virtual perpetual motion machine. It also exploits the clarinet's wide range and agility, as well as its sophisticated fingering system which provides for many alternate fingerings, each with its own distinct tone color and subtle intonation inflection.

As the melodic line becomes more and more disjunct it seems to fragment into two or more contrapuntal lines — at least some of which may seem influenced by jazz and blues. The introverted second movement is very slow and mostly soft. By exploiting the clarinet's dark, somber tone color and its astonishing dynamic range especially its ability to play soft tones throughout its various registers , this movement manages to be both expressive and austere.

The final movement is a Klezmer inspired whirlwind, which comes unwound in the middle to allow space for a bit of "schmaltz," giving way in turn to a short cadenza before gradually gathering speed again as it heads for a raucous ending. The scorching heat of southern Spain makes the brain of the northerner melt down and gives him visions of dancing gypsy-girls with mysterious dark eyes. Includes fingered vibrato and tremolos, glissando, tongue bends, odd meter, foot taps, and high altissimo. Click on the cover image to view three pages of the music. Microsuite for Solo Clarinet by William Pottebaum.

Shall-u-mo Publications, , 10 pages. An intriguing musical composition for solo clarinet which utilizes quarter- and eighth-tones. All microtonal fingerings are clearly presented in the score. Also included is a formal analysis by the composer. Excellent for the study of this technique. Here is an audio sample from the first movement. This piece was written for David Campbell. Powers's music is characterized by strong architectonic frameworks that support a language of poetic intensity and magical sonorities.

His music often takes its inspiration from the tension between different states, be they physical properties, landscapes, seasons or emotions and in this case between sea and air.

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This is an advanced work featuring complex meters, high altissimo and occasional flutter tonguing. Monolog by Alfred Prinz. Klug writes, "This relatively short and very accessible work was written in one afternoon while on holiday in Bloomington in Nicely constructed to emphasize both the lyrical and technical capacities of the instrument by a master performer. Monologue for Clarinet in A by Shulamit Ran.

Solo Music for Clarinet by Thomas Read. Edition Peters, , SB, 13 pages. Read is an America composer, violinist, and music professor. This is an advanced, contemporary work written for Steve Klimowski and premiered in It has three movements: It includes quarter tones and a few multiphonics with fingerings given and some contemporary notation. It has a duration of 16 minutes. Click on the cover image to view the second page page of the clarinet part. Diskurs for Clarinet Solo by Johannes Reiche.

Johannes Reiche is a German composer, conductor, teacher and clarinetist and a proponent of New Music. This is an advanced solo piece. It includes some flutter tonguing, a few multiphonics, and many changes in tempo and dynamic level. The title, "discourse" in English, suggests the work represents a monolog if not a conversation. Hofmeister, , SS, 5 pages. This is a modern piece for solo clarinet. It is marked "senza misura, in modo declamatio. There are instructions for a drone tone that can be sounded by a synthesizer, cello or double bass through the first and last third on the piece.

Emerson Edition, , SS, 1 page. Alan Ridout was a British composer and music educator. This piece was written in in memory of Michael Strang who died at the age of While not at all difficult it will probably require at least early high school skills to perform successfully. Southern Music, , SS, 7 pages. Russell Riepe is an American composer who holds a Ph. This work was first performed in by David Pino who has written some performance notes.

It is a contemporary piece in three movements: Upper college level with a duration of about 8: You can find performances of this work on YouTube. Canzona for Solo Clarinet by Dennis Riley. Edition Peters, , SS, 3 pages. Dennis Riley was an American composer. This piece was written in and has a duration of 4: It is a college level contemporary work. Edition Peters, , SS, 7 pages. This piece was written in and has a duration of 6: The meter changes in nearly every measure. This unaccompanied arrangement of the famous Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov classic strives to maintain the integrity of the original, with an eye towards phrasing that is achievable for the US grade 5 musician.

Idiomatic for the clarinet, this is a great piece to showcase the players dexterity. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the music. International Music Diffusion, , SS, 5 pages. Denise Roger was a French composer and pianist was known for disregarding the trends of contemporary music and keeping her independence, composing in a linear and chromatic style.

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  6. The middle section is agitato followed by a Calmato conclusion. Wordsworth Miniatures solo clarinet in B-flat by Edwin Roxburgh.

    New Clarinet Sheet Music

    UnitedMusic, , SS, 6 pages. Commissioned by Linda Merrick. Edwin Roxburgh is an English composer, conductor, and oboist. Calm is the fragrant air, 2. Waters on a starry night, 3. Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears, and 4. The cataracts blow their trumpet. College level with a duration of about 7: Sonata for Clarinet Solo Op. Broude Brothers, , SS, 15 pages. Dedicated to the Marchesa Madeda Mina di Sospiro. This work is somewhat similar to the Sonatina. Allegro con spirito, Andante semplice, Rondo Finale Allegro capriccioso , two lively outer ones surrounding the beautiful second movement.

    Some jazz influences may be detected in the final movement. The work is quite long Larry Combs gave the premier performance and made the premier recording. Sonatina for Clarinet Solo Op. Rongwen Music, , SS, 11 pages. Dedicated to Bronislau Kaper. Tema con variazioni and Vivo e giocoso. Heim wrote, "There are romantic moments when lyrical but, in general, the music is neo-classic, similar to music prevalent between the two world wars. Rhythm is usually conservative except in variation six of the first movement.

    The use of the clarinet is simple, but there are moments with great flourish and bravura. An advanced college level student will find this work challenging. We have been unable to find any information about the composer of this piece which was written in Paris in It is an advanced contemporary piece using extended techniques such as flutter tonguing, glissando, and multiphonics fingerings given.

    The title can be translated as "I dreamed of you. Ixor for Solo Clarinet by Giacinto Scelsi. Giacinto Scelsi was a self-taught Italian composer who had a reputation for being eccentric and avant garde. This work which was written in , has been described as "a tiny gestural invocation that bounces out of a few repeated notes" and "stark, poignant and concentrated.

    Episodes for Solo Clarinet by Gunther Schuller. Associated Music Publishers, , 4 pages. An advanced contemporary piece with numerous multiphonics fingerings given and some high altissimo. First performed by dedicatee William O. Smith Bill Smith who has apparently provided the fingerings. Includes notes by the composer and Smith.

    Duration is 7 minutes. Ricordi, , SB, 3 double size pages. Salvatore Sciarrino is an Italian composer of contemporary classical music. This piece features multiphonics and multiphonic tremolos. Fingerings and explanations of the notation are given. Two quite different performances from YouTube: Heinz-Peter Linshalm and Curt Miller. Its Romanian born, Jerusalem based composer has woven a story about a search for a superior being into an attractive, and successful, programmatic presentation. Includes notes on the composers and the composer's notes on the piece.

    About 10 minutes in length. Subito Music, , SS, 10 pages. The composer often used jumps from from the low to the high register to create what he calls a polyphonic mirage. Five obviously colorful sketches bocetos: Preludio Prelude starts the set with the exciting rhythms of salsa while 3. Interludio nocturno Nocturnal Interlude glances at the beautiful and ephemeral images of the tropical nights. Rustic songs inspire 2. The cycle closes with 5. Final con pajaros Finale with birds that quotes and old Catalonian folk tune titled Song of the Birds.

    All pieces are without bar lines. Ritmorroto for Solo Clarinet by Roberto Sierra. Subito Music, , SS, 5 pages. The three pieces of Ritmorroto are studies in new rhythmic idea and the simulation of polyphony. In the first piece the rhythmic cells and melodic motives act independently of each other. The second study explores contrapuntal ideas. The last piece is really two different pieces that happen simultaneously; one starts in the low register with loud dynamics and aggressive rhythms and the other starts gently in the high register.

    Gradually they travel in opposite directions ending in the reverse positions from which they began. Duration about 6 minutes. Universal Edition, , SS, 8 pages. A short suite in varying dance like rhythms. The melodic lines are atonal and are frequently characterized by extremely wide interval leaps.

    This five movement solo work, composed in , contains three movements which are traditionally notated and played in swing style. One movement contains multiphonics while another other features humming while playing. While this piece was written more than 30 years ago, the MXR Analog Delay a guitar effects box shown here is readily available in both its original version and more recent copies.

    I suggest that, if possible, you borrow one from an electric guitar playing friend. This piece has five movements which include in addition to the delay effects, key clicks, slap tongue, flutter tongue, humming, speaking and sections with the clarinet in parts with the mouthpiece in the lower part. Click on the cover image to view the main instructions and the first page of the clarinet part. Kunzelmann, , 14 pages. This book has four pieces which are theme and variations 7 in each one. These are showpieces for solo clarinet. A translation of the title is Cheerful Variations.

    Here is a video of the final one, Der Dudler. Kunzelmann, , 9 pages. Three caprices for solo clarinet which incorporate popular songs of the day some of which are recognizable such as "du lieber Augustin" in the first caprice, and a bit from The Magic Flute and God Save the King in the second. A showpiece of its time. Advanced high school or early college level.

    Revised Edition, , edited by Nicholas Hare. Chester Music, , SS, 7 pages. This edition contains notes on the most significant differences between the manuscript and the first published edition from One of the most popular 20th century unaccompanied pieces for clarinet. The first two movements call for an A clarinet and the last a B-flat clarinet. Kalmus, SS, 3 pages. This is the original edition of this work.

    Schott, , SS, 5 pages. A virtuosic piece featuring changing meters, chromaticism, and some rhythmic complexity. Sonata for Clarinet by William Sydeman. Peters, , SS, 11 pages. The rhythms can be complex, with quick changes of rhythmic groupings and meters. While the range is conservative, the complexity of this music demands an advanced performer. Sonata for Clarinet Solo by Germaine Tailleferre. Rongwen Music, , SS, 4 pages. Germaine Tailleferre was French composer who studied at the Paris Conservatory and later with Ravel. She was the only female member of Les Six.

    Allegro tranquillo, Andantino Espressivo and Allegro brioso. This music is constructed simply, with lyrical grace and French impressionistic devices and includes a short traditional-style cadenza in the third movement. This work has charm and is good repertoire for college level clarinetists. D i agon als for solo clarinet by Augusta Read Thomas. Schirmer, , 3 pages. This new piece was commissioned by the friends, family, and students of Russell Dagon and was premiered by J.

    Lawrie Bloom in May It is called D i agon als both to honor the dedicatee and because the composer had used what she calls implied diagonals in the phrases of the piece. There are sub-phrases in imbedded in a phrase and also an imbedded counterpoint with two or three lines going on at once. Marked "Passionate and rubato" it should sound free, spontaneous, jazzy, playful, as if improvised, and alive. For the advanced performer. Alphonse Leduc, , SS, 4 pages. The first and third parts are without bar lines. Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, , SS, 4 pages.

    He is know for fusing Asian and Western influences in his music. This piece which was written in employs contemporary notation and extended techniques such as fractional tones, flutter tonguing, and multiphonics fingerings given. It has English translations of the French instructions. The duration is about 11 minutes. Associated Music Publishers, , 7 pages. A challenging contemporary work for clarinet. This work does not include extended techniques.

    Schott, , SS, 3 pages. British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage is one of the most admired and widely performed composers of his generation. Early college level with an overall duration of 5 minutes. Lightshadow-Trembling for solo clarinet by Gergely Vajda. Edito Musica Budapest, , SS, 5 pages. Gergely Vajda is a Hungarian clarinetist, composer and conductor. Gergely Vajda composed Lightshadow-trembling at the age of 20 in Being a clarinetist, he was interested in the possibilities of both traditional and modern ways of playing.

    Noise elements and sometimes imitations of the sound of folk instruments bagpipe, reed-pipe appear in this spectacular concert piece. This description is from the publisher's website. An advanced work with a duration of 5: Two short pieces for unaccompanied clarinet. Eva Wasserman-Margolis is an American-born clarinetist, composer and conductor who lives in Israel. This piece is dedicated to the 22 victims of the bombing of the No. High school or early college level. There are several student performances on the internet. Ode to Odessa for solo clarinet by Eva Wasserman-Margolis.

    This piece is dedicated to Prof. Kalio Muelber and was inspired by the great Russian composers. Here is a performance by a student. Hofmeister, , SS, 4 pages. Graham Waterhouse is a British cellist and composer and the son of bassoon legend William Waterhouse who has lived Germany in recent years. This piece was originally written for contrabassoon in and was transcribed for clarinet the same year. It is in a theme and variations format, with a Prelude, six Episodes and a Postlude. It uses a bit of contemporary notation, slap and flutter tonguing, and has a few notes with over-blown harmonics.

    College level with a duration of about 10 minutes. Suite for Clarinet Solo Op. Egon Wellesz was an Austrian composer, teacher and musicologist, a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and an eminent scholar of Byzantine music.

    Clarinet Music - Solo (Unaccompanied)

    He immigrated to Britain in remained there the rest of his life. The Suite is in four movements: Rhapsody Tempo rubato , II. Serenade Molto tranquillo , III. Scherzo Vivace , and IV. Impressionen by Eberhard Werdin. These brief, unaccompanied pieces should sound like little fantasies. The three dances are I. This piece uses an extensive array of extended techniques including fractional tones, articulation techniques, and a few multiphonics. Includes detailed notes on performance. An advanced work with a duration of 10 minutes.

    Schott, , SS, 8 pages. An interesting contemporary solo piece using some extended techniques and with some jazz sounds. One multiphonic note is repeated several times throughout the piece. It also includes glissados, high altissimo, and key noises. Duration about 8 minutes. There is a performance on YouTube.

    Estudio de clarinete Clarinet Solo by Miguel Wirtz. Bassus Ediciones Musicales, , SS, 4 pages. This Study for Clarinet was found in the library of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid and has been dated to about Nothing is known about the composer except that he wrote some additional music. This edition includes the image of the original composition.

    Monólogo (Clarinet Part) - Clarinet Sheet Music by Dimitri Cervo

    Clarinet Solitude by Joji Yuasa. Schott Japan, , SS, 6 pages. Joji Yuasa is a Japanese composer of contemporary classical music who has lived and taught in the United States since You Can Play - Bb Instrument. Early to Bed - Bb Instrument.

    Clarinet Music - Solo (Unaccompanied)

    This Is Amazing Grace. I Wonder as I Wander. Clarinet Part and Piano Accompaniment. Havana - Bb Instrument. Take Five - Bb Instrument. The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Bohemian Rhapsody - Bb Instrument. Fly Me to the Moon - Bb Instrument. Flag of the Free - Bb Instrument. A Million Dreams - Bb Instrument. Perfect - Bb Instrument. A Thousand Years - Bb Instrument.

    My Way - Bb Instrument. Hallelujah - Bb Instrument. This Is Me - Bb Instrument. Look no further for the best selection available of top clarinet sheet music online. Purchase, download, and print them from our website, or use free mobile apps available for Android, PC, Mac and iOS devices.