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Hosea was using a method that the Jews of his day understood and appreciated. However, some Old Testament passages do make straightforward predictions. For example, Isaiah He will be exalted although he was considered insignificant. He will surprise the nations, and world leaders will be left speechless. Christians interpret this servant to be Jesus. Jews interpret this servant to be Israel.

In fact, the Apostle Philip used Isaiah Some of perhaps the strongest predictive passages in the Old Testament that apply to Jesus come from ancient history—before even the time of King David. Indeed, the prophecies start in the very beginning of the Bible. One well known but controversial example is Genesis 3: There, God proclaims that the descendants of the one tempted woman will be wounded by a descendant of the tempter in the form of a snake. Some have called this the first expression of the Good News later preached by Jesus. Centuries later, Peter addressed the Israelites after Jesus was killed by the Jewish and Roman leaders.

The prophecies continued during the life of King David. The expression of exaltation applied to Jesus in Matthew In Psalm , the psalmist praises God for his faithfulness and for rescuing him from death. The psalmist says he was once rejected like a misfit building stone, but now he has become the cornerstone—the foundation.

Jesus quoted this verse when he revealed to the Jewish authorities that they would have their role as spiritual leaders taken away from them.

Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament? Part 1

Perhaps the most significant future-tense Old Testament passage cited within the New Testament in relation to Jesus is Isaiah 9: Isaiah talks of a time when God will honor the nation of Galilee. To clarify matters further, Matthew then quotes Isaiah 9: He will usher in a time of unprecedented peace and all nations will honor him. In New Testament times, the Messiah was expected to come from the line of David.

Matthew provides a genealogy of Jesus, illustrating his connection to David. But Isaiah was not the only one to make predictions that were to be fulfilled by Jesus. Zechariah declared that if the shepherd is struck, the sheep would scatter. From birth to death, Jesus lived a life that paralleled an incredible number of Old Testament prophecies. Jesse Gentile added it Feb 06, Justin Gentry marked it as to-read Aug 10, Jonathan Bispo marked it as to-read Dec 06, Timothy Johnson marked it as to-read Feb 04, Jerry Davis marked it as to-read Nov 11, Adeola Adedoyin marked it as to-read Nov 16, Nicole added it Feb 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Books by James E. Trivia About What the Bible Te No trivia or quizzes yet. Other ordinary souls are judged and dispatched to the concerned upper worlds like heaven and hell as per the judicial inquiry of the file of the soul. When God comes to this world in human form, generally common public do not recognize Him, seeing the outer appearance of God. They treat God in human form or Human incarnation as an ordinary human being only.

What the Bible Teaches about the Promised Messiah by James E. Smith

The reason is that ego and jealosy towards other human beings. Generally people cannot digest another person who is greater than him. Therefore due to ego and jealosy when God also comes in human form they do not know that God has come to them in human form. Mock Him and deny Him. This is the reason why when God came as Jesus in that part of the world, He told to three types of people in 3 different way.

He told to common people that He is only a messenger of God, because common people are full of egoism and jealosy and they cannot accept God in human form if God in human form says to them that He is God Himself. To such group of people Jesus told that He is only a messenger of God who is better than a common man. To a group of people who are less prone to egoism and jealosy, Jesus declared that He is Son of God means He is very very close to God just like a close Son. To His dearest disciple who loved Him very much to such disciples He told that He and Father are one and the same.

Because if ordinary people come to know that Jesus was God in human form then they cannot digest such higher truth. In fact the news spread and then Jews and High priest could not digest this and they caught Jesus and mocked Him, beaten Him and finally crucified Him. They said that Jesus was possessed with Satan. That was their standard. To such cruel people Jesus preached divine knowledge. Jesus most of the time preached in parables, so that only interested people stayed back and asked the inner meaning of the parables.

In fact most of the people were behind Jesus to get cure, get some miracles to be done for them to solve their problems etc. To filter such undeserving people who have no interest on God or His divine knowledge but only had interest in God's power ; to such people Jesus told in parables so that they cannot understand anything because they have no interest in divine knowledge or God.

What the Bible Teaches about the Promised Messiah

To His disciple Jesus explained the inner meaning of parables, because they had left everything for Him for His mission of divine knowledge propagation. The same GOd or Jesus comes in every human generation to preach divine knowledge. He can be identified from His divine knowledge that He preaches you. Divine knowledge is the identify mark of God in human form. This is a catch question. Therefore, accusers would have claimed that Jesus made Himself the Son of God.

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Therefore, accusers claim that Jesus never said that He was who He claimed to be. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock i. And many did testify of Christ, even those who were with Him e. And perhaps hundreds of millions more tomorrow, and countless at the resurrection [11]. If numerous witnesses did testify—and continue to testify—of Christ, either in the Bible or thereafter; the question is not whether Christ self proclaimed Himself or not, the question is: Did Jesus Christ ever denied anyone from baring such testimony of Him?

We do not know.

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Perhaps we never can. It was common in the ancient world to fill in speeches even in supposedly objective histories with some degree of imagination, since absent ancient Roman tape recorders, there was no way to accurately record what, say, Julius Caesar said to his troops at the battle of so-and-so; the gospel writers must have done so as well, and with no intent to deceive, their beliefs about who Jesus was would naturally colour how they reconstructed what they think he may have said.

Thus, when considering what Jesus is likely to have actually said, we should first consider that even when he was accurately remembered and reported, it is not likely to be precise. Anything that relies on fine points of phrasing should be considered very suspect: We should also be more suspicious of things that support the Christian message than things that do not, as they are more likely to have been inserted later this is the criterion of dissimilarity, if you want to be technical.

It does seem fairly likely that Jesus called himself a messiah, in private if not in public. The Jewish idea of a messiah was not a dying martyr, but a mighty anointed one lit.

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Since being a messiah was often associated with kingship—the ancient Israelite kings like David and Solomons were all messiahs, anointed ones—it also fits fairly well with the alleged reason for his execution: Did he claim divine status and special exaltation, or merely go around as a prophet? I find the arguments for the latter position more persuasive.

After all, he was crucified a Roman punishment for sedition , not stoned a Jewish punishment for blasphemy. Christians sometimes conflate them, because they believe Jesus to meet all the criteria: I am white, male, and a computer programmer; but that does not mean that every male is white, every white person is male, or that every white male is a computer programmer and vice versa!

The Bible talks about lots of messiahs. In 1 Chronicles, God calls Solomon his Son. And then it talks about his God… Unless we radically read this as polytheism, the concepts and terms must be less than straightforward. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.