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The management of money revolves around taxation so policies adopted here have profound effects on all aspects of life within a nation. Modern thinking is moving away from taxing income, which inhibits spending, seeking instead to tax assets, which discourages all forms of hoarding. A group drawn by lot on the other hand would have no such inhibitions when presented with all we have learned in years of the ever changing backdrop of our economies. The actual management of government departments must of course remain in the hands of those best suited to the job. In Donald Trump we have a mind blowing example of the result of poor selection from the ballot box.

Democracy, that is government of the people by the people, ought to be better served by the majority vote than it is but, term limits, media manipulation, and money, all distort the process. Government can then continue, much as it does now, by well informed civil servants, overseen by an executive best suited for the job, doing the daily work but in a manner dictated by policy determined by intelligent diversity. Meira III has become long overdue due, in part, to distractions in world events but more so to the increasingly obvious need for radical change to the capitalist democracies predominate in first world nations.

Why should that effect a work fiction? Because Meira is our paragon of common sense unhindered by preconceptions and conformity.

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From the time Christopher Jordan first realised that the Ancients had good working knowledge of solar energy he knew established historians would never accept his conclusions. Rather than combat the existing order he decided to by-pass it with credible fiction which we centred around an heroine with exceptional powers — Meira. Unlike the unbelievable sock, bam, pow, of the American superheroes Meira is a work in progress — she grows in skills and wisdom as her adventures carry her ever nearer to her destiny.

She returns to Mesopotamia, this time to Damascus, becomes entangled in the war raging there and is whisked away to southern Iran where a hidden city has been revealed by a commercial mining group. It is a staggering find of far greater value than of the city she visited in the Karakorum Mountains in Book I, and harnessing more power than the Sea Horse of Book II.

With her old friends, Ben and Peter, to help her, and her old enemy Commander Conway to protect them, she studies the architecture of the living city and the recorded texts only she can understand. Only murder works for crime novels and only fear works for sales. The reason purveyors of Snake Oil, Cure All Nostrums, and Insurance Policies have been around for such a long time is because they rely on fear to carry their sales pitches.

A worse example must be the warmongers. These are the folks who buy into the armament business and then goad us into war, or the threat of war, to ensure the products of their investments are in demand. The warmongers are bad all right but the worst of the worst it turns out are the sophists vying for high office. Here we see fear mongering at a new level — at a cynically false level of high promise that can never be realized. How can those stump pumpers leaning on the lecterns of the presidential candidates debate defeat the radical Muslim Jihadists?

Just as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism. We also know, we who hold back the reptilian cortex long enough to think, know that defeating an idea requires another idea — a better idea. Most of the folks on those debate stages this month would claim Christianity, or Judaism, as their ideas and can, by virtue of the wonders their god can be deemed to perform, see that guns and bombs are the answer — which is astounding given the centuries of persecution of the Jews because they are still with us.

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Not that Christians have always enjoyed lives of milk and honey. European history literally drips in the blood of Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans , Protestants. Not one has been defeated by pike or sword, bayonet or bullet, nuclear bombs or gas ovens. If they are all still here why are these reptilian fear mongers cluttering up the debate stages still banging the same drum?

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I will teach them about ideas and ideals and wisdom and the power of truth. I will unlock their minds so they might have lives so much better than yours. The point though is the elimination of thought. They are ready-made conclusions right in line with the American education system and they work. They work as the Bible and the Koran work — ready-made easy to understand guides to the entry to heaven. They fall down though when the recipient learns to read — a good reason for not teaching it?

A sharp reader quickly sees conflict and controversy in those tomes and is in immediate danger of being lost to the cause — worse, he might spread the word.

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It was always better to take off his head than risk danger to the system. We saw plenty of that in medieval Europe and see it now in the modern Middle East.

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There is one exception out there amid the nomination hopefuls in the form of Bernie Sanders. He talks of ideas and, heresy of heresies, education. Can you imagine anyone seriously attempting national candidature talking of education? They learned back then that private schools were a bad idea. People came to understand the importance of a genuine broad education and in some parts of the world the the lessons are retained but not in the US.

In the US an education has to be bought by the parent who understands exactly what the child is to be taught and the results are clear. War is big business. The same applies to the religions where the child is taken into the fold early to establish a belief template in its formative years. We saw it in Northern Ireland when sixteen year old Protestants debated with their Catholic contemporaries.

The polarization in ones so young was horrible to witness.

Although the problem still exists in Ireland it has much less traction in those now more informed societies. The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man. A Journey from the Arctic to New Mexico. Somewheres East of Suez. Back in 6 Years. A Journey from Bali to Skye. Angel in a Thorn Bush.

Book III Meira and the Gilgamesh Syndrome de Philip Newman en Gandhi

The Depths of Deception. Around the World on the QE2: The Last of the Great Ocean Liners. Tales of scrapes and narrow escapes. Slow Boats to China. Dominica, the Dark Island. Tales from the Torrid Zone. A Tale of Two Ships: The Inside Passage Then and Now. The Bird Man and the Lap Dancer. The Memory of Water. A Lifetime of Diving Adventures.

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