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  1. Life is a Marathon Not a Sprint?
  2. Destiny For Three.
  3. Quote by Phillip C. McGraw: “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.”.

You hit the nail on the head. Life is a great adventure or it is nothing. The last thing on earth I want to be is normal. Normality is so bloody boring. I bet the most normal person on earth who paces himself and neither expresses nor impresses is the most cardboard-like boring individual. Madness is definitely more interesting and may I add much more authentic. Live for the moment after seizing it and follow your heart no matter where it may lead you. A sprint is short and juicy. A marathon is long and dry.

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I would go after the first with a fire-like desire. For it reeks of death and skeletons which is what most marathoners resemble. Do not sprint every day. Take a breath and make sure you figure out what are the steps you should take and take them.

Life is Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon…

Running a marathon requires perseverance. It takes an awful lot of practise.

Life is Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon…

Even if you train every day. So take your time. And remember — do not sprint every single day, because you will not make it to the finish line. You might hurt yourself, but you should give it some rest and get back up. You might hurt yourself — in many ways.

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Identify what went wrong and take responsibility for it, so you avoid another injury in the future. And get back up. Surround yourself with the right people. You need to surround yourself with the right people to make it to the end. Surround yourself with people that are motivated as you to get there. And make sure you have the best people on the side to support you.

Do not compare yourself to others.

  1. Life is a Sprint, not a Marathon!
  2. “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.”!
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This is the last post of a 31 day series on how to manage your time and organize your day so that you have time to pursue your passion and make an income at home while homeschooling. Perform a Time Audit.


Night Owl Or Morning Bird? Where are Your Largest Windows? Making the Most of Small Windows. Daily To Do Lists.

Life is a Marathon Not a Sprint – The Ascent

Maximizing The To Do List. Eliminate Poor Yes Choices.

Making Effective Use of Waiting Time. Making Use of Travel Time. Take a Rest Day. Hold A Family Work Bee.

Time Management Tip 31: Treat Life Like a Marathon Not a Sprint

Saving Time in The Kitchen. The Self Cleaning Home. Streamlining Your Homeschooling day.