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Michael Paperback ePub. Eine politische Autopsie ePub. Poesie am Rande der Philosophie Download. Zur rechtstheoretischen Einordnung des modernen Terrorismus Download. Zur Deutschlandpolitik der Liberalen Download. Inschriften Theorie und Forschung. VersicherungsForum Band 29 Download. Vom Powernapping bis zum Sabbatical ePub. Modul 4 - 7. T, Band 3 Download. PDF Friedrich von Schiller: PDF Gegen das Vergessen: Geschichten, die das Leben schrieb Download. New and revised in: Selection of Works The Work of Vladimir Bonacic. New Tendencies and Bit International, Essays on the Culture of Software.

A Means of Mutation. New revised and expanded in: An Archeology of Forms, A Manner of Speaking. An Interview with Gary Hill. Afterimage, Visual Studies Workshop.

History of Computer Art

Steina und Woody Vasulka. What is Generative Art? Complexity Theory as a Context for Art Theory. How the Body shapes the Mind. Essays on Algorithmic Culture. Elephants in the Attic. The Aesthetics of Net Literature. Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media.

The First Video Game? A Brief History of RainDance The Retro Life Sim Elektronische Malerei und ihre Programmierung. Go for it undated. Cathode Ray-Tube Amusement Device. Patented Dec 14, Continuous Shading of Curve Surfaces. The Origin of Spacewar. Little Computer People From Illusion to Immersion t.

Virtuelle Kunst in Geschichte und Gegenwart. New in English in: Art and Global Media. Towards a Phenomenology of Responsive Architecture. Mathematics and Games Strukturelle Parallelen von Kunst und Mathematik. Maur, Karin von ed. Magie der Zahl in der Kunst des Staatsgalerie Stuttgart , p. Das Raumbild des Computerspiels.

Raum, Karte und Weg im Computerspiel. Von der Zeit zum Raum. Zur Synthese von Texten mit Hilfe programmgesteuerter Ziffernrechenanlagen. Where Wizards Stay Up Late. The Origins of the Internet. Medien- und Kommunikationstheoretische Elemente einer Interface-Theorie. Halliday, Michael Alexander Kirkwood: Explorations in the Functions of Language. Interfaces with Digital Media. Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. Autorschaft im Zeitalter des Internets. Vom Buch zum Internet? Mannheimer Studien zur Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft. New Horizons for the Literary.

Art and Virtual Environments.

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Literatur im elektronischen Raum. The Progress of Science and Useful Arts. A Public Policy Report Second edition, The Free Expression Policy Project. Museums, Media, and Cultural Theory. Mods, Pods and Designs. Designing Tools and Systems.

IX. Bibliography

Bristol and Chicago Performing Video in its First Decade, Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U. School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Computing Science Technical Report. Spielwelt, Methode und System in der Kunst des Ludwigshafen am Rhein The Pioneer of Real Artificial Life. Browser, Buffer, and bitslag. Documenta X Internetprojekte Theorien der interaktiven Medienkunst. Slots of Fun, Slots of Trouble. An Archeology of Arcade Gaming.

Handbook of Computer Game Studies. Approaches, Applications, and Implications. The Evolution of the Web 2. New with modifications in: Without place of publication Forty Is a Dangerous Age. A Memoir of Edward Ihnatowicz. Die Welt als Museum. Writing Abstract Reality Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, The Bell System Technical Journal. Foundations of Cyclopean Perception. Telepresence and Bio Art. Networking Humans, Rabbits, and Robots. Neue Strategien der Inszenierung von Informationsstrukturen.

The Ultimate History of Video Games. Zur Bildstrategie im Internet.

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Entdecker der durch Zufallspunkte generierten Stereogramme. Die Geburt der Kartei aus dem Geiste der Bibliothek. Sculpture in the Expanded Field. Zur Philosophie des technischen Bildes ausgehend von der Fotografie. Computer Controlled Responsive Environments. The University of Wisconsin.

Proceedings of the National Computer Conference Dallas Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art. Berkeley und Los Angeles , p. Virtual Worlds and Their Discontents: Precarious Sovereignty, Governmentality, and the Ideology of Play. Ein nicht-lineares Medium zwischen Buch und Wissensbank. Berlin and Heidelberg The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. How two guys created an empire and transformed pop culture. Text submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy DPhil. Is this Hypertext any Good? Evaluating Quality in Hypermedia.

A New Approach to Design. Der Prix Ars Electronica. Landscape and Narrative in Virtual Environments. Vor 35 Jahren begann die Laufbahn des Ego-Shooters Computer Film as Film Art. Internationales Compendium Prix Ars Electronica. Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. In Memoriam of J. Palo Alto , p. The Computer as Communication Device. Die Dispositive des Computerspiels. There Must Be an Angel. On the Beginnings of the Arithmetics of Rays. The Bulletin of the Computer Conservation Society Playing with Urban Life. How SimCity influences Planning Culture.

The Art Com Electronic Network. Telecomputing und die digitale Kultur. Art and Artists in the Age of Electronic Media. Das Verschwinden der Gegenwart und die Konstruktion von Erinnerung. Art as a Social System t. Die Kunst der Gesellschaft. Lund, Cornelia und Holger ed.

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Art, Emergence and the Computational Sublime. Victoria, Australia, December Centre for Electronic Media Art. An Introduction to Game Studies. The History of The Video Game. From Narrabase to Hyperfiction: New and modificated in: Women, Art, and Technology. Digital Aesthetics and Communication. After Effects, or the Velvet Revolution. After Effects, of Velvet Revolution. Information and Form The Language of New Media.

The Mapping of Space. Perspective, Radar, and 3-D Computer Graphics. Software Takes Command Programme Notes for the National Film Theater. A Computer in the Art Room. The Origins of British Computer Arts The Computer Graphics Essential Reference From Agit-Prop to Free Space. The Architecture of Cedric Price. Frankfurt am Main and Vienna A History of Video Art. The Grammar of Electronic Image Processing. Notes on Development Experimental Television Center Ltd. Two Texts Concerning Portable Video Information und Redundanz Video and Audio-Visual Review.

Becoming a Computer Animator. Embodiment in Information Aesthetics.

Television and Video Preservation Report of the Librarian of Congress. Bombs, Barbarians, and Backstories. Bombe, barbari e antefatti. Progettazione e semantica in Civilization di Sid Meier. The Nature of Computer Games. Januar - Februar , p. The Medium is the Medium: Master of Science in Comparative Media Studies. Proceedings of the International Symposium Computer Graphics Department of Computer Science. Wie man sie verstehen kann.

Kunsthalle Bremen , unpaginated.

Variationen von Figuren in der statistischen Grafik. Grundlagenstudien aus Kybernetik und Geisteswissenschaft. Toward A More Human Environment. Narrativity in Computer Games. Point of View and Point of Action. Eine Perspektive auf die Perspektive in Computerspielen. Das Spiel mit dem Medium. Zur Teilhabe an den Medien von Kunst bis Computerspiel. An Exhibition That Borrows Brazenly. Association for Computing Machinery. Proceedings of the 20th National Conference , p. Excerpts from chapter 2 in: Crucial ideas, useful examples, present purposes, and modern study. Quatieri provides the field's so much extensive, up to date educational and reference on discrete-time speech sign processing.

Online-Dienste, sixteen Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Handbook of Image and Video Processing Communications, - download pdf or read online. This instruction manual is meant to function the elemental reference aspect on snapshot and video processing, within the box, within the study laboratory, and within the school room. Plans and Situated Actions by Lucy Suchman This e-book considers how organisations are at present figured on the human-machine interface, and the way they may be imaginatively and materially reconfigured.