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Received advanced copy off Netgalley for honest review. I really enjoyed this book. I read the first in the series with Cohen and Ella, when I saw the invite to read this one that was about Cohen's broody but sexy brother Joey and the Feisty Kennedy I jumped.. I loved this series to date.. Kennedy has to come home for a couple months.. Joey is on leave from his job while investigations are going on.. So when Joey and Cohen go to the local hardware store for supplies he is taken back by the feisty but guarded Kennedy.

Both have secrets, both have got trust issues. Thank you for allowing me to read this book.. I really enjoyed it. Oct 30, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: Kennedy is the kind of girl who is hard on herself, who really judges herself on what others think of her. She thinks this means she's a failure, so even though she loves her home town, she's determined to get back to Boston as soon as possible.

She's filling in at her parents hardware store when Joey Deluca comes in. You may remember him from thanks to netgalley and Moriah Dietz for a copy for review. You may remember him from Curveball- that book was about joey's brother Coen. He's arrogant and a bit rude and they dont hit it off very well- at first. I loved that Kennedy was so independent, and that both Kennedy and Joey showed just how important family is.

The small town was so easy to picture, it was almost a character itself. Violet was also a great character, and i hope she gets her own story. Jan 24, Romance Rehab rated it liked it. All reviews originally posted on the blog: I thought it was well-written, well-paced, and overall, I really loved the characters.

I wish I could say the same for Exception. Then I wanted the heroine to knee the jerk in the nuts. She was OK for the most part. I expected there to be some big reason why Kennedy felt she needed to get out of her small town to begin with and go into teaching when all she really wanted to do was open a bakery. I guess I just wanted This is also a slow, slow, slow did I mention slow burn type of romance, with very little in the way of sexy times.

I normally really enjoy a good slow burn, but this one was a little too slow, even for me. I also think the cover is super cool. This author likes to take chances with her covers and not go the traditional happy-couple-holding-hands-and-smiling-at-each-other or half-naked-hot-dude cover route. I totally dig her sense of style and adventurous spirit. And they go swimming a lot. Dec 22, MJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Exception is another wonderfully executed slow burn romance from Mariah Dietz.

An unexpected kind of love between Kennedy Wallace and Joey Deluca that took them both by surprise but could very well be the best thing to happen for them both. Each in the small town of Haven Point, Virginia, fully expecting to go back to their city lives in Boston and D.

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Kennedy as the small town girl back home with her tail between her legs because she can't seem to find a good job in Bo Exception is another wonderfully executed slow burn romance from Mariah Dietz. Kennedy as the small town girl back home with her tail between her legs because she can't seem to find a good job in Boston and Joey as the jaded but always loyal older brother to Coen his story was told in Curveball who is on a required break from his position as a Detective in D.

Together they are uncomfortable at their current lot in life and seem to bring out the worst in each other. Neither will back down whether it's at her parents's store or at the pond she so fondly loves and the sparks are flying whether they want to admit it or not. I loved that these two took their time and managed to figure out that perhaps staying in a loving small town and grasping the truth that they not only are attracted to each other but bring out the very best even when they feel otherwise, may just be the perfect ending for them both.

Joey is one tough dude but the affection he has for his family warmed my heart. And Kennedy is a fighter and I felt for her as she doesn't know how to help her sister Grace when she is plagued so often with confusion. But there is a true love between the sisters and their parents just want what's best for both of them. The addition of some crazy country characters who can't help but call their beloved Kennedy, Jellybean, rounded out a great story.

Violet makes the perfect best friend to Kennedy and I'm glad she doesn't want to leave her bestie's side. I do hope there is more since I have some unanswered questions wrt Grace and Ethan and wouldn't mind a love interest for Violet in Jackson. Another wonderful read from an author I'm just getting to know, loving all of her words immensely. Dec 31, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: A moving story of two people who can't seem to find their home until they find each other. These are two of the most stubborn characters I've read in quite some time.

Joey is the gruff detective on administrative leave dealing with a case he got too close to and made unwise decisions. Kennedy is the push-over who left her home town searching for herself only to be knocked down by the dream she had and has come back home to regroup. Joey and Kennedy do not start off on good ground and fight each o A moving story of two people who can't seem to find their home until they find each other. Joey and Kennedy do not start off on good ground and fight each other from the minute they meet. Kennedy was already on the defensive having to move back to her home-town and Joey was on the defensive because of his job situation.

Once their enemy situation turns up the fire-works enough to cause an epic explosion of lust, they start on a journey of finding themselves, each other and where their home really is. Although there was some back and forth between these two characters, it was just enough to show their vulnerabilities and not enough to be annoying for the reader. Joey and Kennedy both had a good home life and siblings they loved. That's honestly why both of them were in Haven Point, supporting their siblings and trying to find themselves again.

You'll hopefully remember Coen and Ella from Curve Ball since this is the town they both moved to as well and why Joey is in town. This story also touches a bit on a few darker issues, but deals with them in a more gentle way and is not overly descriptive except to explain the situation, which is so very heartbreaking. You'll find yourself rooting for all these characters in the end. There are so many other characters that have a story to tell in Haven Point.

I sure hope the author follows-up with stories for the other characters we've met in Exception. Jan 01, Tabatha Chaotic Clarity rated it liked it Shelves: Have you ever read a book where things touched you - but at the same time; things bugged you? This book was both fantastic and frustrating at the same time. I don't know if it was just because I thought things were going to go a certain way; but there were parts of this novel that touched my heart, rocked my socks and made me want to punt someone all at the same time.

I loved every single thing okay, almost about Kennedy. I mean even her name! She is head strong, she knows where she w You guys. She is head strong, she knows where she wants to end up in life - she has just hit a patch trying to get there. She seems to have spent a good part of her life settling just because she thought where she was is where she was meant to be.

She is insanely loyal - which leads to most of the issues that seem to arise in her life. She has gotten herself into a situation she cannot seem to see any way out of and ultimately ends up back in her home town.. The thing is, everyone there is happy to see her and asking her how long she plans to stay. The town has grown, the people have expanded and life has gone on in the little town she thought would never change.

While hate is a strong bit of a word, I seriously disliked Deluca. There is a fine line between arrogant and alpha - and he crossed it just about every change he got. Over and over he showed us just why Kennedy shouldn't fall for him. While yes, he had his moments - to me they were not big enough to outshine all the insanity that seems to be just the person he is. He is rude, very arrogant, un-trusting and has the bad habit of blaming every single annoying habit of his on his job as a detective.

The story itself was a cute read and had some awesome parts. I loved the ends and out of the novel.

The Exception

I loved getting to know the characters and reading about how it all comes together. To me there just wasn't enough. I felt like some of the lines were overplayed, some of the issues were underplayed and some things just seemed to have been thrown in there to cause a little extra drama, but it just got slightly overwhelming with all the players in this novel. The secondary characters were up there in my rating there. Joey's brother Coen, his fiancee and her little boy were awesome characters. I actually like Coen more than Joey. Kennedy's sister and parents were a big part of the novel as well, but I am still up in the air on her sister.

That whole story lined bothered me just a little. I had such high hopes going into this novel and some if it just didn't do it for me. While this one might not have worked, I am very open to trying other novels from this author! Like I said - this is just my opinion so I def would want everyone to read it for themselves!

Jan 09, Nicole Reads rated it it was amazing. And how could I be? If the words written in the pages grab you from the moment you start reading and don't let go because of how good and flawless they are. The storyline is so interesting and keeps you at the edge of your sit trying to figure out how it will all fall in the right place or if it will. And of course you are so focused on other details of the plot that you don't even notice the curveballs heading your way, and when they hit you, you are blown away about how impressive the whole thing is.

Joey and Kennedy met on the most regular circumstances but a couple of their next encounters weren't so normal. They are both trying to understand what's happening bewteen then because there is a constant pull that brings them together without them being conscious about it. It's like they gravitate towards each other with the need to know more of the other, and it's in those moments that the connection between them leaves you breathless wainting for more.

Because it's not just atraccion, or just a friendship. Their chemistry is so much more and far beyond that and it makes an appearance even when they are not together because of their minds being occupied by the other. They are so good together, they help each other, are supportive of the other one and bring the best of each other too.

They make an unexpected impact on each other's live, while being on a journey of self discovery, forgiveness and trying to understand what they want for their future and how the decisions they make will change everything. Full of meaning, sweet and perfect. Jan 09, Misty rated it really liked it. I did some beta reading on this book and I have to say when picking up the final copy I was pleasantly surprised the changes the author made in this book!!

They made a huge difference in not only character development but in the flow of the story. And in the best way!! Haven Point is quickly becoming a favorite place of mine. And not just because of the DeLuca boys. Maybe it's because I live that life everyday and these stories give me hope but they have a p I did some beta reading on this book and I have to say when picking up the final copy I was pleasantly surprised the changes the author made in this book!! Maybe it's because I live that life everyday and these stories give me hope but they have a place in my heart nothing will ever replace.

Although I didn't quite enjoy this book as much as Curveball I still enjoyed this one. Kennedy is the perfect balance of carefree and smart, sassy but respectful, loving but cautious. Her love for her family and friends, especially her sister and best friend pours out of the pages of this book. The parts with her sister about broke me and I applaud Mariah for taking on not one but two very tough subjects with the grace she did. I don't know what to say about him really.

His job has made trusting people extremely difficult for understandable reasons but at times I wanted to smack him upside the head, kind of like his mama would have done. But boy did he make me smile. Under that untrusting layer is a good-hearted man that just wants to keep everyone safe from the horrors of this world.

If you're looking for a great book about family, friendship and love then Exception is for you. Because if life teaches us anything, there is exceptions to everything and sometimes those can make your life better. I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This Havens Point book follows Kennedy and Joey through their dance to become a couple.

Joey is the brother of Coen who you met or will meet in Curveball. Joey is a police detective who's on vacation helping his brother move to a new town for his new Fire Chief position. Small towns are not Joey's thing. There's not a whole lot to do and everyone's in your business. Of course a detective is always suspicious of everyone. So when he meets K I received a copy of this book from the publisher. So when he meets Kennedy in her family's hardware store they two didn't hit it off to say the least.

You could say they both had snarky moments. Intrigued by this woman named Kennedy. Joey still fights with his urge to flee the small town in order to get to know her better. Meanwhile, Kennedy is fighting her own demons. She's moved home to save money to move back to Boston.

She's sure everyone's talking about her as small towns often do, and she's not welcoming the thought. Not to mention there's this annoying guy in town that intrigues but also puts her hackles up every time they're in the same place together. These two don't have a long road to hoe but they do have quite a few obstacles to overcome. Not everything is as it seems. You know what happens when you assume, right? Yeah, well that definitely rings true with Kennedy and Joey. I think you'll enjoy their love story.

There's some social issues mentioned in this book. There's trials they both have to over come. It's all worth it in the end, however. That's the sweetest spot. Jan 06, Courtney Brown rated it really liked it. Sometimes you have to go back to the place you spent your life trying to escape to find your way. Kennedy Wallace is in love with Boston but Boston has not been so nice to her. She finds her self at a crossroads that puts her back at home with her parents.

Haven Point is a small town that everyone knows everyone and Kennedy said goodbye to a long time ago. While Kennedy has known everyone in Haven Point her whole life there are a few new faces in town. Joey is in town helping his brother on his house while on suspension from his detective position in DC. There is no way that Joey and Kennedy could ever work right? Exception is a story of finding yourself in the place you least expect. Facing your demons and finding your truth. And definitely want to see where the future takes the DeLucas. Joey and Coen are fantastic bbf.

I did receive a free Arc from the publisher via net galley but this is my unbiased opinion. Dec 31, Strider28 rated it really liked it Shelves: Exception is a beautiful story that takes place in the small town of Haven Point, Virginia. Joey is on administrative leave from his job as a dectective in Washington D. Neither Kennedy nor Joey like small towns nor do they like each other after their first disastrous meeting.

But there are a couple of hidden secrets. This is a character driven story with well developed characters. She takes her time to build the relationship between Joey and Kennedy. She also writes the love scenes PG rated and very well done. But I love the ending and you definitely get your HEA! I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.

Jan 05, Terry rated it really liked it. Kennedy has been in Boston for years, but is failing at everything So she decides to move back home to Haven Point to save some money so she can move back to Boston and get her life back on track. But she didn't plan on meeting Joey DeLuca But you know that old saying "there's a fine line between love and hate".

Joey is a detective with the DC police department and his job is under review Kennedy has been in Boston for years, but is failing at everything Joey is a detective with the DC police department and his job is under review for getting too involved in a case , so he is helping his brother Coen from book 1 renovate is newly purchased home in the small town of Haven Point. He has no time for women He can't get her off his mind, but he doesn't even remember how to flirt and he comes across as angry.

But the sparks fly between them and neither can resist. This is a sweet romance that will have you laughing one minute and swooning the next. I liked that they took a little bit of time to get to know one another before jumping into bed. And it was a pleasant change that Joey wasn't a womanizer Jan 01, Diane plourde rated it really liked it. This 4 star story was not only a romantic story but one about family dynamics and friendships.

It was about making choices and taking a chance. Kennedy tired to make it work in Boston. After a few years away from Haven Point, Virginia she must return unwillingly. Joey finds himself in that town helping his brother out. A friendship will be born that will flourish into love. Now they both have choices to make. It This 4 star story was not only a romantic story but one about family dynamics and friendships. It was a great story, although it was slow easing into the story but once in it was hard to let go. Her sister Grace is going through some rather difficult times.

Kennedy is not quite sure how to help her. A story that has been told numerous times over with a storyline that was not unique. It was still entertaining and a fun read. The bantering from Joey and Kennedy was funny at times. I recommend this story. Jan 05, Crissy rated it really liked it. Exception was a good read. To be honest, it did take a while to get into the story because of the slow pace and it also took a while for me to connect with the characters. However, once I did I actually started to enjoy this story so much more. I did not read "Curveball" so even though the characters cross over into this book, this story can be read as a standalone because this story gives readers Kennedy and Joey's story, but I do wish I had read "Curveball" first.

I would have love 3. I would have loved to have known Ella and Coen's history, but you definitely feel the love they have for each other in this book.

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The chemistry between Kennedy and Joey was undeniable and I loved the "slow burn" feel to their relationship. This is one story that gives you the dynamics of families, friendships, love and a sweet ending. It had a bit of a "rushed" feeling to the ending but, it was sweet none the less. I enjoyed the banter between the brothers, the love Kennedy had for her sister and her friendship with Violet.

I would recommend readers giving this book a try and I look forward to reading more books from this author in the near future, starting with Curveball. Dec 17, Kimberly Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: Another amazing novel by Mariah Dietz! I received a free advanced copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. Mariah has masterfully weaved another fantastic story. This story has the perfect blend of emotions, humor, sexiness, and realistic characters with real-life issues.

To some, Mariah's novels may start off slow, but to me, the timing couldn't be better. Her writing carries an authenticness which is missing in many romance novels. I love how Another amazing novel by Mariah Dietz! I love how we get to meet and know her characters first.

You end up rooting for them because they could be your best friend, sister, brother, daughter or son. You will fall in love with Kennedy's easy-going attitude and Joey's brashness, not to mention all the supporting characters that make up the small town of Haven Point. They may not openly admit to liking one another right way, but when they do it is messy and beautiful.

Thank you for the advance copy, a Mariah Dietz novel never disappoints. Kennedy Wallace is buried in debt and can't find a job so she sublets her apartment in Boston to move back home with her parents in Haven Point for a couple of months. Kennedy thinks that she's in for a long boring summer working at her parents' hardware store but that was before she met the handsome Joey.

Police Detective Joey DeLuca is put on leave after the case he was investigating got too personal so he sticks around to help his brother Coen renovate his house. Although Joey likes to tease Kennedy Wallace is buried in debt and can't find a job so she sublets her apartment in Boston to move back home with her parents in Haven Point for a couple of months. Although Joey likes to tease Coen about living in the boondocks, he actually likes it, especially after meeting the beautiful Kennedy. After a rocky start, Kennedy and Joey start hanging out and things are going great until Joey finds out that Kennedy is going back to Boston for a job interview.

Then Joey gets a call asking him to come back to work in DC. Is this the end for Kennedy and Joey? Mariah Dietz delivers a fun, sweet and steamy story that will have leave you with the warm fuzzies I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. The first book really surprised me in a very positive way so there was no question whether to read this one either.

I enjoyed it quite well, true a tad bit less than the first book but it was still phenomenal. The best way I could describe it how I think about this story is something that you snuggle up with in a cold night in front of the fireplace and a big cup of tea. Even thou it has a couple of really serious topi I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

Even thou it has a couple of really serious topics detailed in it for some reason my focus was on the warm and fuzzy. I felt it could have been more beneficial to the story if it concentrated more on Kennedy and the things happening directly to her and not her sister story. She is a woman, just like the rest of us ladies. Texts for no reason. I want things I have never had.

He lives by rules he created to protect himself. He was lonely and liked it that way. He never wanted anyone to matter…. She wanted to stay away…. Get ready, because when Cane Alexander is in the room, on your kindle, iPad, or phone your entire body will be on alert. When Cane is in the room, all attention is on him.

She wanted something, especially the things she never had in the past relationship. He wanted nothing, especially the things he got in the past relationship. I am so happy I got introduced to this wonderful and talented author. Secondly, Adriana Locke surprised me with a very enjoyable debut. And when he finally decides he wants Jada, he lets nothing stand in his way. Oh - how the mighty fall! There are many roadblocks to get over and even more hot sizzling chemistry.

With the help of really entertaining and lovable secondary characters, both Cane and Jada get lots of help in knocking down those roadblocks and zoom into a wild and romantic relationship. A little bit of overdone back and forth drama overplayed by Jada and a major stumble by Cane could cause some negative feelings by readers. But the witty and sassy banter and one delightful baking session make up for what might otherwise be a negative. All in all, a solid contemporary romance with a teeny bit of suspense rolls into a well-done first release.

I received a beta copy of The Exception from Adriana and I am so excited for you all to read this book, it is flirty, creative, hot and frustrating I connected with the primary characters immediately and they held my attention the whole way through. Hard to put down! I will post a full review upon release! This is a fabulous book and I highly recommend reading this one.

Great debut novel and I can promise this book will not disappoint. Full review to follow. I judge a book not only from the feelings it gives me while reading it but also how it stays with me after I have to stop reading to go back to real life. I will do chores and the whole time my head is still in the book. What is he going to do next? What sweet or asshole word is going to come out of his mouth? How is she going to react? When is she going to give in or stand up to the prick? Sweeth I judge a book not only from the feelings it gives me while reading it but also how it stays with me after I have to stop reading to go back to real life.

Well I have another to add to my list- Cane Alexander. He is the guy that Adriana Locke is allowing us to meet soon. The more I read the more I fall in love with him and hate that I have to put the kindle down to rejoin the world. At first he is the cocky asshole that causes me to drool but then he develops into a sweet heart that I love. I can not wait till you guys get to meet him in The Exception on Sept 18th. Applauds to Adriana for her first novel the writing was outstanding and Cane well he was just sexyy!!!

I just need to take a minute and say this lady can write, she writes so beautifully everything just flows and I really loved that, everything is at a nice pace and nothing is rushed. It just fits how it's meant to. I still love her though, and I'm glad she got her HEA because she did go through some crazy shit. Honesty I'm really excited, there is something about him.

I'm glad I finally got around to reading it, I really enjoyed it. OMG Love this story The book was so well written and delivered everything you want in a good Romance book.. I literally got sucked into this book. I started reading it and could not put it down.. I was up till 4 am reading because I could not put it down. I wanted every detail. Once if finished this book I gifted 5 ebook to friends because I want them to fall in love wit Wow All my friends have and we are all hoping to get more from Adriana Locke. Jada's getting out of a bad marriage and wanting to start over.

She is wanting something better for her life. Cane is the hot looking guy that is all MAN In the beginning of the story he is so full of himself and so sure of himself. Cane has had a hard life starting at a young age. He has rules he lives by and when he meets Jada all that changes. I don't want to spoil the book The is a standalone book but I am really hoping Adriana Locke will give us more. You did a awesome job. I love the visuals she has for Cane..

Fantastic debut from author Adriana Locke!!! This book is sexy, fast paced, warm and witty. I really enjoyed this book and read it almost in one sitting. The characters are very well written, very down to earth, and Cane Alexander is totally HOT and incredibly swoon-worthy!

Jada is trying for a fresh start after leaving a bad marriage. Swearing off "players", she is determined to be meaningful to someone and be cherished. Jada and Cane meet through her sister and they instantly connect. That sou Fantastic debut from author Adriana Locke!!! That sounds like the same old story but it's not.

This is a very sexy, very relatable book with a healthy dose of suspense and action thrown in! Cane is a self-confessed "player" and tells Jada right from the start that he doesn't do relationships. But something about her has him re-thinking his "bad boy" status. I also loved Cane's best friend Max and Jada's sister Kari, and of course hope that they will get their own story, too. Grab this one if you love a sexy Alpha male who is not afraid to go after what he wants and who will do anything he can to protect the ones he loves! The Exception, a Contemporary Romance by Adriana Locke that I could not put down Cane Alexander, a hot, successful, cocky alpha bad boy that is used to living by his own rules, until he meets Jada Stanley, a woman who turns his life upside down and makes him realize he is capable of love and how alone he has been for most of his life.

Jada Stanley, a woman who is broken from a past marriage, who is starting her life over in another state close to her family. A woman who vows never to fall for th The Exception, a Contemporary Romance by Adriana Locke that I could not put down Cane Alexander, a hot, successful, cocky alpha bad boy that is used to living by his own rules, until he meets Jada Stanley, a woman who turns his life upside down and makes him realize he is capable of love and how alone he has been for most of his life. A woman who vows never to fall for the bad boy again, until she meets Cane.

The chemistry is electric and their story is one that everyone should read.

Almost Heaven by Kimberly Gardner - FictionDB

I guarantee you will fall in love with both of them. I highly recommend this book. Adriana Locke is a new author who hit the ground running with her first novel and is sure to be a very successful author. I cannot wait for her next book. I had been told by many of my book girls that I just had to read this book.

As soon as I got a chance, I jumped right in, and I am so glad that I did. This book grabbed me from the very beginning. I fell in love with Cane and Jada right away. I also adore Kari and Max and hope they get their own book soon! Every character was so relatable and felt real. I loved all the elements to this story. It wasn't just a love story There was so much more to I had been told by many of my book girls that I just had to read this book.

There was so much more to it. I read it within 24 hours because I couldn't put it down! It is extremely hard to believe that this is Adriana's debut novel I look forward to what you come out with next! When the book first starts you will say OMG that man is such an azz but in no time at all I love it when you read a story with an alpha male who is such a pain your butt until he meets that "one" who will make him fall to his knees and do anything in his power to make her happy. I was so hooked from page one it was hard to put this book down until the very end!!

Be prepared for your emotions to be all over the pla Cane Alexander Be prepared for your emotions to be all over the place but trust me, you will love every second of it!! Perfect story line, the hot and steamy sex scenes and the suspense of what is going to happen next will have you hooked from the start. Cane is a player and the one thing he doesn't do is relationships, no way no how One look at her and he knows he is ready to make her his exception.

Jada has just gotten out of a marriage that was not what she wanted or expected. The moment she lays eyes on Cane she is definitely attracted to him but once she hears he is "The Chief" at the playing field she knows she needs to stay far far away but Cane won't give up!!

Will he be able to break down Jada's wall's and make her his beautiful girl? After reading be prepared for Cane to make you want to bake some chocolate chip cookies!! I loved Jada's sister Kari and Cane's best friend Max!! I am crossing my fingers that those two will soon get a book of their own!! Max was super sweet and protective of the girls and is totally swoon worthy his self. I'm also interested in Heather and Brian so I'll cross my fingers that Adriana may explore them some in the future as well!! I'm a sucker for hot band members so Amazing job Adriana Locke!! I can't wait to see what you come up with next and I will now add you to my stalker list!!

I love this book!! It's hard to believe that it is debut book from Adriana Locke. It's captivating and magnetic. You will not be able to put it down. On the occasions, I was forced to stop reading it, it stayed on my mind and called to me. Adriana has a gift of writing memorable and believable characters. I fell head over heels with the four main characters, Jada, Cane, Kari and Max. I honestly love them all. They all brought this book to life and are equally important. There is a subplot I did I love this book!! There is a subplot I did not see coming.

See a Problem?

That involves some suspense, action and a villain. That only added to the book. Dueling POV's which I love. Adriana knows how to write the male POV. This is a story about letting go of the past and starting over. Jada Stanley has gone through a bad divorce and has moved in with her sister Kari. All she wants to do is get her life back. Just as she's settling in, she meets Cane Alexander.

He's Kari's man Max's best friend. Well let's just say Cane is everything Jada does not want or need. He's a true hedonist and playboy.

Secret Rulebook of Cheating

He comes off like he's God's gift to woman. He thinks, he has it all figured out. He has rules he lives by Pretty much sex with no strings attached. But before you judge a book by its cover, underneath all his bull, Cane has a huge heart. This is not your typical cat and mouse story. These characters have layers and depth. Jada is a fantastic leading lady and an inspiration. Not only is she strong but she puts her self first. Refusing to make the same mistake. Ought she does not make it easy for Cane and good for her!!! But sometimes in life, everything you don't think you want is everything you need.

There's an exception to every rule!! Don't even get me started on Cane. I love this man. He slowly worked his way into my heart. By transforming into the man he's supposed to be. He is all sorts of yummy and every girls fantasy. One of my favorite things about this book was hearing their thoughts in between their dialog. Their relationship and this book are like a drug, addictive!

It also has more then one prominent relationship It has one of the best bromances I have ever read. Cane and Max stole my heart. They had me cracking up! Beside the easy banter, I found their friendship so endearing. Always having each other's back. Then there is the blooming relationship between Max and Kari. These two are so funny and sweet! They need their own book!! I don't want to give too much away.

I could go on and on but I will stop now. As you can see, I can not rave enough about this book. There isn't one thing I would change. Go get it now!! Fantastic debut book for author Adriana Locke! I am blown away by this debut novel by Adriana Locke. I forsee a very bright writing career for her. She managed to put everything I look for in a story. A broken man who needs love, a broken woman who fights back and needs that one man to wake her up. This book had angst, it had very well written characters, and some very delicious men who will grace many book lovers book boyfriend lists.

Max and Cane couldn' 5 'I want to be Cane's Exception' stars! Max and Cane couldn't be any better than she wrote them. The mystery aspect keeps you on your toes wondering what will happen next, and heart pounding with anticipation. Cane is so yummy! My hats off to you Adriana for writing a suburb book!

Now do we get a Max book?! I highly recommend this book to my romance lovers out there. You won't be disappointed! On contrary it was good, actually very very good. Until the bastard hero betrayed the heroine with another woman. They were all four of them in a pub Jade, Cane, Alex and Kari. Alex came to pick up Kari and Jade home and Cane came with him. Jade is pissed at Cane's hot and cold behaviour another big problem for me. Nobody's kind of hero. Two days after that, the stupid, weak, without-any-kind-of-backbone heroine took him back after some sweet words from him. Oh where do I even start Cane Alexander will stay with me nestled deep in my heart.

He is the perfect combination of cocky, sweet, frustrating, sexy and so irresistible. All of the characters are very likable and funny. I can't leave out Max. His sweet southern self gave Cane a run for his money. I am completely floored that this is Adriana's first book. It was well written from start to finish. It made me laugh, a little frustrated and oh so happy. I will absolutely read anything she release Oh where do I even start I will absolutely read anything she releases in the future.

On a personal note when an author is approachable and interacts with their readers it goes a long way with me. I have been lucky enough to find a few of them. Thank you for trusting me with Cane prior to his release ;. You Adriana are an exception!! What a fabulous debut from author Adriana Locke!!! Fast paced, sexy, suspenseful. A page turner through and through. The story grabbed me and held me prisoner till the very end. I found myself laughing out loud and blushing at the same time. Her characters were relatable and real!

Their banter witty and true to life. I enjoyed this story immensely and loved the suspense intermingled throughout the story. Locke deliv What a fabulous debut from author Adriana Locke!!! Locke delivered another blow. I am excited to read more from this wonderful author! I'm not a massive fan of stand alone books to be honest as I find that they move too unrealistically quick!

Rule #1: You're The Exception, Until It Shakes Your Hand Hello

I don't want to even hint as it will give too much away but this is a must read! You will love Cane immediately Love love love it!! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Has sex with another woman after having sex with h. Gets mad that she looked in someone else's direction and takes a woman outside to have sex in his car, while the h watched him leave with her knowing what he's gonna do.

He goes through with it and she doesn't even mind that he did it. This book was hard for me to read. This was a train wreck and absolutely not for me. Well what can I say? First, the absolutely beautiful cover drew me to this book. An amazing start for this debut author earns her 5 Stars with a story of hurt, love, loss. All good things wrapped into one amazing book!

One hot swoonworthy sexy Alpha Male that I promise you will love.