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It is not surprising therefore, that reviews on Amazon. She promotes South African Airways, Castle Beer and such uniquely South African delicacies as biltong, koeksusters, braaivleis, vetkoek and beskuit; weaving them so skilfully into her tales, that is not unusual for readers to write for more information, ask for recipes and express surprise upon learning that the blooms they love in North America are called Barberton daisies in South Africa, for good reason.

Her obvious love—for the Orange Free State, the Basotho people of her youth, as well as her affection for Kempton Park, where she founded a private school , Parys where everyone now wants to go fishing —shines through in every chapter of every novel she pens. In 'When you know that you know, that you know! From there her readers are transported to the other end of the African content, in the swashbuckling adventure: Marie Warder's book 'The Yardstick'—volume three of the much-loved Beauclaire series—takes us to a unique part of South Africa, the Kalahari Desert, in the country's largest province, which is also the one with the smallest population density.

The book is set in three different places. To begin with there is the remote farm, 'Blouspruit' which, to quote the book's narrator, was 'invariably referred to as 'Verlate Vlakte' which means something like 'forsaken', or 'deserted plain' rather than by its real name, which one could translate as 'Blue Stream. Those red, red dunes However readers may also look forward to being re-united with Benjamin Ashton and his family on 'Beauclaire', the now familiar citrus farm near Nelspruit.

South Africans who have long had to resort to online purchase of our books, or flock to book stores while on visits to Canada, will be pleased to learn that all the novels in the Dromedaris 'Stories from South Africa' series, as well as the non-fiction book, 'The Bronze Killer', are now obtainable in South Africa. Details on our 'Buy a Book' Page. In order to claim their share of the estate left by their grandmother, a Portuguese marquise, Julieta and Carlos have to be able to prove that they are capable, and worthy of taking their places within in the strict, conservative family circle.

For this reason the young Carlos, a student in England, and Julieta, who is in her late teens and happens to be living in South Africa at the time, are summoned to Portugal by the Marquis Ricardo de Monsaraz. At the insistence of Julieta's friends, Erin March, who is the secretary to Julieta's lawyer, Richard Monroe, accompanies the recently bereaved and complex Portuguese girl to Portugal, to keep an eye on her.

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There, amid the luxurious surroundings of Ricardo da Monsaraz' estate, where one electrifying incident follows another, even the cool, sedate Ellen begins to thaw! Whether it is the unusual setting for this story, the manner in which Marie Warder succeeds in creating suspenseful situations, or whether both elements contribute, there is that touch of difference in this book that elevates it above the level of ordinary recreational reading material. Another novel in the Stories from South Africa series by the author of 'When you know that you know, that you know: A great part of the story is played out among the dunes of the Kalahari Desert in 'The Yardstick', volume three of the enthralling Beauclaire Saga, in the Stories from South Africa series, but we also briefly revisit New York, Louisiana, Nelspruit, Johannesburg and Bethlehem, as the history of the Ashton family and their Nelspruit citrus farm continues.

Now we find a disillusioned Benjamin Ashton—about to become a grandfather—forced to consider relocating the South African members of his family, which could well bring to an end what has been for them a blessedly happy era on their Lowveld citrus farm.

At the same time, the integrity of Ben's altruistic son, a physician, is severely tested as Jordan is unwillingly drawn into the sordid affairs of Tristan Connaught, the womanizing partner in their upscale practice near Johannesburg. Unfortunately Tristan is none other than the son of Father Clifford Connaught of Bethlehem in the Free State, who played such a important role in the lives of both Ben Ashton and his brother, Jamie; and, together with them, we are re-introduced to many of the well-loved characters from 'When you know that you know, that you know!

Handsome, brilliant and charming, young Doctor Connaught is much sought after, chiefly by bored, hypochondriac, society women! Having grown up in Louisiana—among homeless children, in a shelter financed by Amy-Lee Ashton, and of which his parents are the directors—Tristan is proud, upon his return to the country of his birth, to count the rich and famous among his patients.

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When, during a visit to his great-uncle, Doctor Hugo Connaught, in a remote and arid village situated in the Kalahari Desert, he persuades Doctor Hugo to allow him to respond to a call from an eccentric, hermit professor who has chosen to live in isolation with his two, reputedly beautiful young daughters, he soon finds himself in a unique situation which is both intriguing and challenging. The Yardstick certainly promises to provide absorbing insights into human behaviour, in addition to a riveting plot of the calibre that her readers have learned to expect from this writer.

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  4. The fact that Tristan's kind-hearted partner turns out to be none other than Jordan Ashton, the younger son of Benjamin and Amy-Lee Ashton, affectionately remembered as the main players in the 'Beauclaire saga', can only be a further enticement to read this book. Editor I thank God for this book! Ritchie Edwards Publisher's office Wow! What a roller coaster ride! This writer is known for plots and situations that seem impossible to resolve—but somehow she always does!

    I was hooked from beginning to end, and I would implore all who read 'The Yardstick' to keep the conclusion to themselves! Reader's review Now I know that is possible for a romantic novel to fall into the 'Suspense' category—I could not put it down! Reader's review The Yardstick is another fascinating book by Marie Warder and I hate to think that this may be the last in the Ashton Saga, as I feel it is her best yet.

    As always, one really does not know until close to the end of the book, how on earth she is going to sort out all the characters and their predicaments. What comes to me so strongly though, is the author's great love for, and desire to help, the Bushmen; also, her continuing desire to have the world at large understand what it was like for boys of 16 to be conscripted from school to go off to the Angolan War, and the resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which many suffer from even now.

    It seemed such a futile war.

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    There is also sadness that there is very little future for many young people, who are leaving South Africa for countries where their talents are appreciated. Her passion for the Kalahari is shared by those who spend any time there.

    Kidnapped in South Africa

    It all makes for a very good read. Mary Otto The author has yet again produced a remarkable story, continuing the saga of the Ashton family. This time, the dilemma of the white man in South Africa is evident as the family makes the transition towards accepting that their beloved country is changing.

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    Their deep faith continues to carry them through changing times, and family difficulties. This is a story about love, acceptance, doing the right thing, and above all, God's grace. The Beauclaire saga continues In the stockade of an outlaw band in the Sahara desert, Doctor Dominic Verwey is introduced to the Bedouin chief as 'Sahbena el-Hakim'—my friend, the doctor.

    But he would very shortly thereafter earn a second name: His main purpose is to settle a score with the unprincipled Arab, Abdel Sharia, who incarcerates innocent men in his labour camps and enslaves beautiful women in his harem In the foreword to this book, readers who loved the people whose stories they followed in When you know that you know that you know! Even those who meet the very convincingly real characters from the previous book, for the first time, will find this absorbing novel well worth reading.

    The unusual theme concerns the desert adventures, of a doctor, who, besides being skilled with the scalpel, is also a dashing figure of the Robin Hood type. Publisher's review Marie Warder is an amazingly detail-oriented historian, and a wonderful teacher! Her book of fiction is so good, that she has actually been asked if it was based on a real situation. Dominic Verwey—Samaritan of the Sahara is a labour of love, written about love, and is permeated by the unwavering truth of God's love.

    This continuing story, begun with Ben Ashton's struggles in When You Know That You Know That You Know, moves some 20 years ahead, weaving memories, a tale of selfless caring, and the victory of good over evil, into an swashbuckling read that was hard to put down.

    I look forward to Marie Warder's next blockbuster! Susan Rivers My favourite elements, when choosing a novel to curl up with, are adventure, romance, and spirituality.

    To find all three so admirably worked into one book, as is the case in this, Marie Warder's latest release, is rare and rewarding. An added bonus was to be able to renew the acquaintance of endearing people who became so real to me in 'When you know In without regret… the reader is taken to the strategic island of Malta through the interval among the historical siege and the tip of global warfare 2, and then - end result of the extraordinary braveness of the folks - the total island used to be rewarded with the George Cross by the King of britain, George V1.

    We fl y with the boys of Coastal Command and their Ventura plane, meet a number of the civilians who're stuck up within the turmoil and, eventually, the Venturians — the band of 27 Squadron SAAF who — even in the course of struggle - make song anyplace they go. Through the Rain Katie Sanders, a senior paralegal and performing Human assets supervisor on the Weaver legislation enterprise is thrust into the high-powered global of intercourse, medicinal drugs, and coercion whilst she investigates a sequence of sexual attacks on the legislation company.

    In The Gallery - download pdf or read online Artwork proves to be a becoming significant other for Gretchen because the mental scars of an abusive courting linger. The Ocean View A love tale the place the distinctiveness of the couple quickly unravels. Dromedaris Stories of South Africa. Download e-book for kindle: Complete works of Lyof N. My Name is Death: Judge Death - download pdf or read online.