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This section is not for new players who are still trying to figure out how to voice chat and why pressing J is bad. The qualities you must possess to accomplish this are: Humanity — Ark is a social game, be genuine and help out your neighbors and new players, you will have a favorable server reputation. Deception — Your image and how people perceive you on the server will determine if you get wiped early, or if you are left alone long enough to grind out all the explosive mats you will ever need.

Efficiency and security should be your biggest concerns. Sociopath — You must have this trait, but you must also control it. Fortitude — Not fortitude stats, fortitude in the face of adversity. Things will not go according to plan, and you have to be able to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure.

OK, so as the game stands while I write this guide, Flying and platform dinos are the key to success. Quetzals will win you the game. Quetzals with plant turrets and auto turrets. Do Not Tame Gigantosaurs. There are a lot of other dinos you will never need. Below is a list of dinos you will need, and some optional ones: Dodo — For egg kibble, personal food, stress relief punching. One of my personal favorite early-game dinos, tame asap. Argentavis bird — Hauling, travel, combat, eggs for trading. Pteranodon — Fast travel, light hauling, combat, eggs not as valuable eat, trade, kibble tame a turtle.

Doedicurus doed — Stone, this dino is almost optional in my book, a good ank can replace a doed, you can also hide items on a doed whiel you are still growing, raiders dont stick around to kill them. Long tame, maybe trade for one. Rex — Meat, eggs, some combat.

Quetzal — Your key to success. Base Location and Design: You need to be near a mountain with metal and a swamp, and a water source within a reasonable distance, being by the winter biome has its benefits. Try to find a location that you only have to defend from 3 or less sides and has a flat 10x10 space where you can put foundations. I suggest stacking them 2-high so that people flying in will have a harder time getting out.

Block entrances so that even you cant use them, so if an enemy wants to come in by ground, they have to go a certain way, or use more C4, focus your turrets around that area. Make a goal of only using 1 food trough to feed all of your dinos. Build in layers, make it very difficult and frustrating for anyone trying to get in. Turrets on every level, inside and out, underneath. Make your base AIDS to attackers. Check your blind spots to make sure your turrets reach everywhere.

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Do not build personal bases and structures. They are a waste.

Personal Stats This is just my personal opinion for PvP. The Ascent Hustle the resources, craft them, store securely. Build smart, lean, and conservatively. People who build all over the place get unwanted attention. Tame when you are over-prepared, have space to store the dino, and have a NEED for it. Learn the fine print of the game and the players on that server, know the base locations, know their steam names, their time zones they personally live in.

Be nice, appear to know less than you do. Never appear to be crafting weapons or preparing for war, trade, but grind all the mats for explosives yourself. Trade eggs, kibble, dinos, metal, etc. If the ruling tribe is kind of aggressive, offer to pay them in oil or something to leave you alone. They will think you are just here to play and have fun.

Keep your steam profile private, keep all screen shots personal, or show some cute ones of you standing next to the first frog you tamed. Even your building should be deceptive, on one server, we kept stone on the outside for a long time, but we had 2 layers of metal underneath that, plus an enclosed safe room inside that.

Rules of Survival Guide: The Basics of Staying Alive | Rules of Survival

When you start to tame rexes, have a high lvl one for good meat, but tame lots of low lvl females for eggs. They will know you have rexes, not a big deal, they still have 3 gigantos and quetzes. Compare yourself to other tribes, do they have rexes? Do they have quetzes? Make your move to tame quetzes. Tame all of them.

Raising one from an egg takes forever.

Rules & Patterns

Scout out their metal, estimate the of grenades and C4 you need to blow through it, and then double that. Have a plan of entrance, and then pick another one as well. Keep a couple of auto turrets up, its ok to show that you have achieved levels and can get the mats to craft defensive auto turrets next to your plant turrets.

But make sure you have many more in storage, with bullets per turret. Craft 1 generator for every 4 auto turrets, 2 relay boxes and 2 pieces of cable because you are likely to mess up the placement. To house the generators on your platform dinos, you need a 1x1 metal hut, possibly 2 walls high, or sloped roof, because the generator will protrude out and will easily be destroyed. For hand weapons, have a pike and a fab pistol with scope, and if you can afford it, a fab sniper with laser sight. Parachutes, sleeping bags, and storage bins.

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  4. Have metal safe huts ready to place around the base you will be attacking. The day before the attack, this is when you build the structures on your platform dinos and plant turrets. Hopefully you have a solid 4 — 6 people in your tribe that are going to be in the attack, and you are all on a private voice chat service.

    Thus far, I have written this guide assuming everyone plays fair.

    How to Escape Granny Horror House

    People will deny this to their dying breath, but they cheat. Even I turn up my gamma at night. The ruling tribes are there for a reason, one of those reasons is, they cheat. My first wipe on server 15 was when people were using the duplication cheat, and dropping grenades on everyone. The next was on server 25, and the ruling tribe that was using aim bots and had no problem defending with 2 people and long rifles against Headshots were no problem for them, nor was it hard for one guy on an argent to grab people off of any kind of mount, while at a suspicious range.

    This truth is reasonable justification for offline raiding them. Know their steam names, and they may have silent members as well, so know what steam names could be in their tribe as well. No matter how nice some people are, they are not your friends unless you know them well. Even as nice as the ruling tribe may be, they are all sociopaths.

    Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

    Let 0 represent a dead cell and 1 represent a live cell. For instance represents a cell that is currently dead but is flanked by two live neighbors. Then the next state of the cellular automata, given the current pattern, is determined by the following pattern: Generalization to 3D In a 3-dimensional Life, each cell has 26 neighbors as opposed to 2 and 8 for 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional Life respectively. Possible variations of 3D Life abound, but most yield patterns that either expand too quickly or shrink too rapidly. Loosely speaking, one may define a valid 3D Life as one that loosely speaking satisfies the following two properties: Supports a glider gun.

    Exhibits bounded growth First it is useful to introduce some terminologies.

    A Brief History

    Let w and x be the minimum and maximum number of adjacent cells that need to be alive to sustain a cell that is currently alive in the next stage, and y and z be the minimum and maximum number of adjacent cells that need to be alive to make a cell that is currently dead alive in the next stage respectively. Then, given any dimension k, we can represent the rules governing any variation of Life succinctly as wxyz.

    In a paper, the researcher Carter Bays found that the only 3D Life variants that can be said to valid are and Comparing the Game of Life to these two variants, Bays made many interesting findings. Take the following pattern in Life for example. Projecting it onto 2D forms a pattern that resembles the glider in the Game of Life: Practical Applications Cellular automata yield a surprisingly diverse range of practical applications.

    We focus here on one particular example of a real-life application of cellular automata — the design of a public-key cryptosystem. A public-key cryptosystem is a cryptographic protocol that relies on two keys — an enciphering key E, which is made public, and a deciphering key D, which is kept private. Such a system should contain two important properties: For attackers who have no access to the private key, the protocol should be so designed such that it would take a prohibitively large amount of time to recover the plain text from the cipher text.

    The receiver should be able to tell who the sender is. In other words, if person A, say Alice, wants to send a message, she should be able to sign her message in a way that nobody but she could. This source offers a brief overview of the game of Life including the rules, life patterns and background.

    This source includes the Origins of the Game of Life as well the rules and examples of possible patterns. This source is an overview of the rules, history, patterns, variations and implications of the Game of Life. There's plenty lying around for you to pick up, so it's okay to be a little discerning about what you do. As a pack rat and perpetual "but what if"-er myself, this was a particularly hard thing to learn.

    While gunning solo might be the most true-to-form Battle Royale style, the game offers the chance to play in duos and a team of four. If you choose these modes, stick to that strength! Having someone else to rely on vastly ups your odds. Of course, the opposite is also true. If all of you stay stuck to each other, you have a much higher chance of getting wiped out together too.