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Then, by learning to understand design elements and principles, use color, and make the most of artistic license, you'll gain the confidence you need to create light-filled watercolor landscapes. Finally, Joyce shows you how to add fine details to make the painting distinctly yours.

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Zbukvic guides artists through step-by-step demonstrations that clearly illustrate how to: With this book, artists can achieve a greater level of mastery with watercolor and deeper, richer painting. Enter the secret worlds of 41 master artists ".

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A brilliant follow-up to the first Sketchbook Confidential, this book grants you access to 38 of art's most creative minds via their sketchbooks. Whether created in studios, subways or the middle of a farmyard, these sketches represent art in its raw form. Up until now, this work has been tucked inside drawers or on studio bookshelves. Now the artists lay it out for all to see, along with intimate musings on the art of sketching and how it helps them commune with a subject, find their path to a finished piece, or discover even greater rewards in the journey itself.

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Create compelling paintings by mastering compositional techniques! While happy accidents may occasionally contribute to producing strong, eye-catching paintings, conscious painting is more important. According to author Frank Webb, "Composition is more important than fact, technique, or subject.

This book provides example-by-example demonstrations of how you can achieve this.

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The works of 24 professional artists included in this book give you an over-the-shoulder look at how to apply composition techniques. Armed with this information, you can paint a powerful picture and—just as importantly—analyze and improve a work that has gone wrong. Guptill's classic Rendering in Pen and Ink has long been regarded as the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject of ink drawing.

This is a book designed to motivate and instruct anyone who draws with pen and ink, from the professional artist to the amateur and hobbyist. It is of particular interest to illustrators as well as artists.

Contents include a review of materials and tools ; handling the pen and building tones; value studies; kinds of outline and their uses; drawing objects in light and shade; handling groups of objects; basic principles of composition; using photographs, study of the work of well-known artists; on-the-spot sketching; representing trees and other landscape features; drawing architectural details; methods of architectural rendering; examination of outstanding examples of architectural rendering; solving perspective and other rendering problems; handling interiors and their accessories; and finally, special methods of working with pen including its use in combination with other media.

The book is profusely illustrated with over drawings. Pen and wash is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build painting skills.

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Master painters commonly use it as a first step in more complex, complete paintings: In Work Small, Learn Big, an impressive list of artists from around the world illustrates the value and possibilities in pen and wash: Tony Couch on designing with pen and wash, Richard Plincke on building confidence, Keith Bowen on techniques to develop personal style, Judy Schroeder on experimenting with pen and wash, Don Getz on expanding picture-making ability with a travel journal.

Compressing the styles and methods of a broad array of artists into one volume, this book is full of ideas delivered in a beginner-friendly, illustration-heavy format.

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For anyone who loves loose, expressive pen and ink work this book is for you. Volume One focuses on Kley's ink drawings, and reprints for the first time a substantial selection of his illustration work for children's books and adult genre fiction, a side of Kley's career previously unexplored in other collections.

This volume also includes a wide sampling of Kley's cartoons and magazine work. After more than thirty years of research and teaching, artist Valerie Winslow has compiled her unique methods of drawing human anatomy into one groundbreaking volume: This long-awaited book provides simple, insightful approaches to the complex subject of human anatomy, using drawings, diagrams, and reader-friendly text.

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Three major sections—the skeletal form, the muscular form and action of the muscles, and movement—break the material down into easy-to-understand pieces. More than distinctive illustrations detail the movement and actions of the bones and muscles, and unique charts reveal the origins and insertions of the muscles.

Get your Kindle here. Enter the secret worlds of 41 master artists eBook: Pamela Wissman, Stefanie Laufersweiler: Kindle Store Sketchbook Confidential 2: Download eBook "Sketchbook Confidential 2: Enter the secret worlds of 38 master artists" ISBN: More Secrets from the private sketches of 38 master artists and the list of art books I've reviewed.

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  • Sketchbook Confidential 2 - Enter the. Enter the secret worlds of Enter the secret worlds of 38 master artists Sketchbook Confidential 2: More secrets from the private sketches of 38 master artists The idea may be derived from anything really—a flash of sunlight, the tilt of a head, a glass on the.