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Then Ellysetta Ellie accepts him back, she therefore is an asshat. So two asshats are meant for each other.

Lady of Light and Shadows (Tairen Soul): C. L. Wilson: Books

Everyone except her guard betray her, and this disloyalty includes her own mother. Yes Ellie is adopted and this adopted mom is among the worse as she truly loved her daughter but hated magic and fey more. Blah Blah Blah hells road is paved with good intentions. The book is full of grey areas; as the world of Elron is full of grey. This is the second book in the Tairen Soul series and yes it continues to be amazing! We learn more about Ellysetta's birth and she really starts to discover the power she holds.

Power more than any of the Fey have ever seen. I really love how Ellysetta has grown from book 1. She is more fierce and confident in her abilities. We also discover more of the plans of the High Mage and the intentions he has for Ellysetta. We get betrayal and deception that ends with a battle of the Fey against the Mage. This is storytelling at its best!

You will get lost in this magical world. I could not put this book down. Of course we get more of Rain and Ellie together and see more of the threads of their true mate bonds forming. I loved reading the scenes where Rain took her away to 'court' her, of course with her flying a back his Tairen form. These scenes were absolutely beautiful, sweet and romantic. You cannot help but smile when Rain showers Ellie with his adoration and absolute, unquestionable devotion. This series has already made my favorites shelf and I am of course going to read book 3.

This is hands down one of the best fantasy romance books. One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. My recommendation is that you have to treat book 1 and book 2 like volume 1 and volume 2, as if they should have been printed together in a single book but were cut in half, since by combining the two books you get that proper, complete feeling that a book should have when its in a series so buy the first two books, at least, together and read them one after the other.

I actually feel content enough, like the story stopped in a good place for resting, that I don't need to get started on book 3 right now to resolve a terrible cliffhanger or anything. I can safely say I liked this book a lot; now that we have a lot of the world-building and set-up out of the way, the focus was really able to get to the story and its various plots.

The author has done a great job of keeping track of all the stuff she's created while world-building and character creating and it just comes across as a very well executed fantasy that a reader can dive into and be immersed in. I'm a sucker for complex, beautiful world building, for writing that takes all these different elements and seamlessly braids them together with continuity and foreshadowing and making the details mean something and remain consistent. The romance was also good still full of consent and communication and I like how Ellie and Rain have their moments but they're not the perfect couple yet, so they have issues to work through and it feels more genuine than "insta-love forever because we're soulmates" plot-lines that like to cut away the courtship and the stumbling and the messy parts of relationships to get straight into blind love and devotion--those are just so boring to read about and feel like really cheap cop-outs to writing the development of a believable relationship that readers can connect with and cheer for.

I also think the side-characters are well done, and I like the ways the author has expanded in this book, bringing in new faces and raising more questions and thoughts for what's to come. Overall, a satisfying sequel. I'm glad I bought it and I'll be continuing with the series! I polished this off in about eight hours in a single sitting and was engaged and interested the whole way.

I was actually gripped for a good chunk of the book, reading so fast I missed stuff and had to go back because I wanted to find out what happened. I'm curious about book 3 and will likely be picking it up sometime very soon. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 4 days ago.

Lady of Light and Shadows

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Lady of Light and Shadows Tairen Soul. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. The main girl is always doubting herself, literally with tears in her eyes every other page if not just all the time, and the plot setting up with her being the kid of some long lost powerful main mythical beast is just too predictable. I usually like a build up before any romancing starts, but the main couple are already all devot Normally I'm ok with these types of books, over the top romance, angst, and unbelievable magic, but after about 5 chapters, I just didn't see any reason to finish it.

I usually like a build up before any romancing starts, but the main couple are already all devoted to each other already because of their soul bond so there's just not that much room to grow beyond all the predictable outside events playing havoc. Most of the time I found myself going, oh for hecks sake girl, buck up and get over it. Sigh, the first book started with some promise and deteriorated near the end and this immediate follow up only confirmed that the plot was only going to end up one way but was taking a super slow, emotionally extreme, and laborious ride there. This was worth negative stars.

I really wanted to give this book two stars but I just couldn't find a reason to. This is the worst book in the series no doubt, I could hardly bring myself to finish it. The characters in my opinion did not develop in this book. In fact they remained where they were in the first book and I believe it is because this book and the events in the first book combined all happen within less than 3 Weeks! If I get started on the characters I might not stop, they irritated me so much.

I understand that I really wanted to give this book two stars but I just couldn't find a reason to. I understand that the mages sowed seeds of discord and non-trust but they weaved so light and not directly on her mother so I don't understand how her mother would turn on her in the name of love instead of just letting her go. I had to pause while reading this book so many times because I was just so frustrated with this book. I don't want to ruin this book for anyone but because most of these reviews are five stars I feel like I should let readers know what they are getting into.

The second book was as crazy as the first! Everytime he did I thought in my head "Thunder cats howl!!!!! The crazy super duper involved magic.

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Anywho if she can get published why can't I? My books are twice as bazonkers! Jan 17, L. Couldn't get into this book. I have page rule, which I extended to pages and finally put the thing down and said forget it. It made my head hurt trying to keep everything straight.

Nice New Songs #3

Since I bought it I'd give it another try. But as of today I kept hoping that the author would stop with all the smut, but then I realized: Oh my gosh, this is a trashy romance novel. And it just kept getting worse. Liesel rated it did not like it Aug 10, Lindsay rated it did not like it Sep 22, There exist two separate and distinct mating bonds: E'tanitsa is a bond that can be chosen between two Fey who love one another. Shei'tanitsa, the truemate bond, is a rare and singular joining of perfectly matched souls.

It forms only between two people of equal magical strength, and only where deep and abiding love can form. Shei'tanitsa bonds ensure fertility, and truemates are the only Fey couples capable of bearing female children. Fey magic is composed of four elementals and two mystics, although all Fey are prohibited from wielding Azrahn, one of the two mystics. Azreisenahn, more commonly called Azrahn. Azrahn is the soul magic, the unmaker, the magic that can control and manipulate souls of the living and the dead, including demons.

Azrahn appears as shadowy black threads when woven, and the eyes of a person wielding Azrahn appear as black pits sparkling with red lights. Fey are forbidden, upon pain of banishment, to wield this dark, dangerous magic, and very little is known about its uses or limitations. The Eld Mages, however, wield it freely.

Through Azrahn, the Mages can claim souls and force them to do their bidding as well as summon and control demons. All Fey wield one or more of the four Elemental magics of the World and the mystic Spirit, though with varying degrees of mastery.

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Magic is spun as threads which are woven into a pattern. Multiple branches of magic can be interwoven to great effect. Fivefold weaves, which combine all four elementals and the one mystic controlled by the Fey, are extremely powerful, and the only defense against demons. The Elves closely resemble the Fey in appearance except for their tapered ears and golden-brown skin. The Elves are woodsmen, hunters and bowmen of great renown. They are led by their prince, Galad Hawksheart, Lord of Valorian, whose home lies in the heart of Deepwood, and by his twin sister, Illona Brighthand, who lives in the cloudforests of the Silvermist mountains.

The Elves follow an ancient and complex prophecy called The Dance, through which it is said all the secrets of the World can be revealed. The groves and marshes of Danael serve as home to an elusive race of beings called the Danae. Although the Danae came to the aid of the Fey and Elves during the Mage Wars, they prefer to remain isolated from the rest of the world. Mortal lore is full of caution about Danae tree and water spirits who delight in luring intruders to their doom.

The Eld are a race of long-lived mortal beings ruled by powerful sorcerous Mages who devote their lives to mastering the darkest magics of the world.

Lady of Light and Shadows (Tairen Soul #2)

Unlike the Fey, who will live many thousands of years barring a mortal blow or the death of a bonded mate, Eld do eventually age and die, but the Mages have learned how to extend their already naturally long lives through magic. Instead of the normal Eld lifespan of two hundred years, Mages can live nearly a thousand years in each of up to six incarnations.

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