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By Chris Barker,Dariusz Galasinski This novel and demanding e-book brings jointly insights from cultural experiences and significant discourse research to envision the fruitful hyperlinks among the 2.

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Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis: Download e-book for iPad: Das 1x1 des Devisenhandels: Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: A long period of time the only official language was French, spoken by the upper class. But today there are still disputes and practical inequality if you look at the status of German.

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Although the German language in Belgium is accepted official language by law, in reality it is not threatened like one. In the last 20 years there was some progress to improve the status of the language:. These differences between school language and home language are not only based on migration background. In some states pupils speak at home a regional language or a dialect of the standard. And this is especially for Belgium and the Flemish community the case. Language policy in Belgium. Besides, there is throughout the country a multitude of languages in use next to the three official languages due to the many immigrant communities.

In an inter-governmental organisation, the Dutch Language Union representing the Netherlands and the Flemish Community was founded. It had been created in order to promote the Dutch language and literature interior and abroad as well as to standardise the Dutch language. According to French language policy, there is also a department in the French community in Belgium which protects the French language.

In Wallonia there are several languages which are supported by another language department. Intergovernmental organisations with Quebec, France and the French speaking community in Switzerland and the membership in the French-Speaking-Agency have influence on language policy. The main goal for the German Community is giving prominence to the German language and to protect of the German language in public field.

Another measure to give more prominence to the German language was to found German radio and television stations instituted by Act of 18 July Currently there is one television channel and two German speaking radio stations. Furthermore, the Council of the German community awards several prizes, e. In the 18th century the words from Germany were accepted as unwelcome and bad. These people were called Purists. Nowadays the Czech language is under a big influence of the English language. The Czech language has to accept English words because of many reasons, especially when Czech does not have any appropriate equivalents - for example in technology, computers, sports, etc.

The amount of English words in Czech is rising and especially the young generations overtakes them a lot.

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On the other hand, the older generation hates and criticises accepting new words from any languages especially English ones. They are afraid of degradation of the Czech language. Unfortunately, we can find many examples - and not only vocabulary ones - in current spoken language and mass media. However, there is also a small influence of other languages e.

To sum up, the Czech language criticism is especially afraid of making Czech easy according to English and replacing Czech words. Especially young people tend to use English words instead of Danish and lots of Danes are concerned that the development of the language leads to a destruction of it.

Moreover, the Danish government esp. Another topic language criticism is directed against is the loss of old language traditions such as different dialects. Nevertheless, some people also mentioned problems about understanding the different dialects esp. In addition to that, young people in Denmark are very bad at reading and writing the Danish language when they leave the 9th grade. The frequent use of abbreviations , which is the writing in SMS style just like u2, gtg or ltnc, may be a reason for the bad writing results.

Moreover some people criticized that foreign languages are always taught by Danish teachers instead of natives. Nowadays in Estonia the language criticism is generally directed against two languages: If they want to live here, be Estonian citizens and work here, they should learn Estonian and learn about Estonian culture. For so long, we have been under Russian influence, forced to learn Russian. It is important that we assert our national identity now in order for our culture and our language, to survive and develop.

The language criticism against Russian language in Estonia can be explained by the historical background. During the Soviet period Estonia was under the severe pressure of the Russification, which major areas were politics and culture. Moreover, in all countries of the Eastern Bloc lessons of the Russian language were obligatory for majority of pupils and students.

Wikipedia [3] , Estonica [4]. Since Estonian is the state language of Estonia. Both documents highlight the importance of the "survival" of the Estonian nation, culture and language but the integration programme also expressly states the role of education in this process to be, "the development of the young generation of non-Estonians into one actively speaking Estonian and loyal to Estonia yet as a part of society preserving its national culture". World Congress on Language Policies [8]. Taking into consideration the fact, that Estonia nowadays is making active steps for protection and development of the Estonian Language, the criticism against the invasion of American Global Culture and Language is rather strong.

The new means of communication made the inteaction between Estonian and Eglish closer.

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The influence of English languege on Estonian is rather strong; there are many branches, where the loan-words are used, for example, trade, commerce, music, mass media, etc. Nowadays criticism is also directed against the use and the orthography of English words in the Hungarian language. Irish is the mother tongue of about three percent of the population myself included but is also taught to children in school from the age of 4 to about As an irish speaker I am very critical about the way the irish language is taught in schools.

I also learned german and french in secondary school and found the methods of teaching quite boring. At the moment efforts are being made to improve these teaching methods and therefore improve the standard of various languages in schools. Recently due to the large influx of many polish and latvian immigrants there is more cultural diversity in Ireland, however, very few efforts are being made to integrate these languages into our society.

Despite that there has been various improvements in the past ten years, particularly in the development of irish as a language. For example there has been a massive growth in irish speaking schools gaelscoileanna and the language is no longer confined to the west of ireland but is now very popular among young people in Dublin.

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It is compulsary to learn Irish throughout both primary and secondary school so, for a minimum of 13 years and many people disagree with this. Arguments for this include, prevention of a loss of culture, while people who disagree with this argue that if we didn't need to learn Irish, we could learn a foreign language, such as French or German, which would be much more useful to us in life and in the course of our careers.

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The Irish language has not been spoken as the country's first language since the 19th century. After the famine people taught their children how to speak English as this was a sign of being educated, and was also going to benefit them greatly when they inevitably immigrated from Ireland to England, Scotland, America etc in search of work and a more promising future.

Family Guy - Neumodische Jugendsprache (Deutsch - Alle Szenen!)

An revival of the Irish language and culture occured around especially with the establishment of the GAA. However, this had limited sucess. Today Irish is remains the official first language of Ireland, however only a small precentage of people can speak it fluently, and an even smaller percentage speak it on an everyday basis in "Gaeltacht" areas, mainly in Galway and Donegal.

Also problematic is the fact that speaking Irish is tied to the republican political movement. We do not pronounce th's. People do not see Irish as useful to them which is a shame. It is safe to say the majority of young people hate learning Irish. We tend to enjoy our own Irish expressions which are often funny witty comments on life in Ireland.

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These expressions tend to develop as life in Ireland changes. This isn't a critiscism but I feel tourists must find it hard to understand us as our speech is full of expressions that only the Irish would understand. The use of too many English words Anglicism in the Italian language is being criticized, because on the one hand this development may lead to the loss of certain Italian words amd on the other hand it often causes confusion. For example Italian speakers sometimes pronounce the word glamour the English way, sometimes the Italian or even the French way.

Originally it is taken from French. However, many Italians consider it an English word and therefore pronounce it the English way.