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Sometimes raisins or currants are added, too. Traditionally, the top of the pie is made from an attractive lattice of pastry strips, so you can see the filling through it. Enjoy it served with whipped cream met slagroom and a cup of coffee koffie. Back in the 17th century, the Netherlands was an important colonial power ruling the world's spice trade.

The jewel in its crown was Indonesia, and when the Dutch East India Company went bust in the 19th century, Indonesia became a Dutch colony. Today, Indonesian food is almost synonymous with some of the top Dutch foods. You'll find Indonesian restaurants everywhere.

Top Dutch foods you have to try

Nearly all of them will have bami goreng on the menu: Other Indonesian specialties to look out for include rendang meat in coconut and spices , rijsttafel rice with lots of small dishes of spiced meat and vegetables and a spiced layer cake called spekkoek. Bitterballen are made from a mixture of chopped beef or chicken, veal or mushrooms for a veggie option , which is cooked in broth, flour, butter and herbs.

After chilling the mixture to firm it, it's then rolled into small balls, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried until crisp and golden. They are delicious dipped in grainy or spiced mustard and a firm favourite of Dutch top foods.. During the cold season and at the top Dutch festivals and fairs , you can buy them from food stalls and eat them with a little fork in the street. They're usually cooked in special poffertjes pans, which have lots of shallow indentations in them — but if you're making them at home you can drop small spoonfuls of the batter onto a drying pan or skillet and carefully turn them over to cook the other side.

These are the Dutch version of doughnuts. They are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve but you'll find them sold on street stalls throughout the cold winter months.

Dutch recipes and Dutch food

Eat them hot, straight from the food stall, or cold, with a cup of coffee koffie. This soused herring, served with chopped raw onions and sometimes with bread, can be only called Hollandse nieuwe haring if caught between the months of May and July, when the fish has fattened up by the ideal amount. collaborates with:

Strictly speaking, that means a minimum of 16 percent fat. Every year, fishing boats are decorated with flags on Flag Day Vlaggetjesdag , when the first fish of the year are brought in among much celebration. To eat haring the Dutch way, hold the fish by the tail, throw your head back, open your mouth and let the fish slide in. Or you can eat it in a sandwich called a broodje haring. This may not be the most sophisticated top Dutch food you'll ever eat but it's a satisfying, nutritious and delicious meal that really warms you on a cold winter's night.

It's simply mashed potato mixed together with different also mashed vegetables and usually served with a smoked sausage and some gravy.

Top 10 Dutch foods – with recipes

There are lots of different versions of stamppot: Sate is an Indonesian food that has become an integral part of Dutch cuisine. The tompoes is a traditional Dutch pastry that is often served with afternoon coffee or at celebratory events like birthdays. The Dutch love soup in all flavors, shapes and sizes. Erwtensoep might just be the all-time favorite.

This traditional soup with vegetables and small meatballs warms your belly and heart. Poffertjes are an integral part of national holidays, summer festivals and fun celebrations. Recipe appelflappen apple turnovers. The apple is one of the most versatile and used fruits in the Dutch kitchen.

Discover the Dutch beer culture with many big brands and countless breweries of specialty beers. Snacking the Dutch way. Holland has many special snacks. Holland, country of fish. Hutspot Try our hutspot: Recipe boerenkool kale The weather, besides being a traditional topic of discussion for the Dutch, also seems to trigger certain food choices. A decadent Dutch cake that's super easy to stir up and a perfect complement to a cup of tea or coffee.

Croquettes - Recipe from Holland - Homemade croquette - Kroket

It's actually more like a soft cookie than a cake but definitely delicious nonetheless. My husband's family is Dutch and this is a recipe from the Netherlands that is a great tasting pastry using almond paste. This yummy Dutch snack is sure to please! Seasoned veal dumplings are breaded and then fried.

Replace ground veal with lean beef, chicken, or stuff with spiced Gouda! Dutch Potato Salad Huzaren Salade. This hearty potato salad, full of shredded corned beef, diced apple, gherkins, cocktail onions, and shredded carrots, is terrific at parties or for lunch.

Dutch Traditional Food Recipes » goDutch

This recipe has become a cherished family favorite, and it all began in with my older brother's 2nd grade teacher sharing it with our mother. At holiday time, add festive sprinkles on top while chocolate is still soft. Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel. A spiced, sugared and delicious apple filling is spooned into a frozen crust, topped with aluminum foil and baked. Mid-way through baking, a streusel top is sprinkled on and the pie continues to bake until the apples are tender and the streusel is golden brown.

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Baked in a brown paper bag, this Dutch apple pie is so easy and so delicious. Jan Hagel cookies are a Dutch Christmas tradition and are made with nuts, egg, sugar, and butter. These cookies are delightful all year round.