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Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis | Time

In Kenya, domestic violence against men manifests itself in the form of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by women within the domestic setting. Data on the magnitude of domestic violence against men is largely unavailable because the concerned party is afraid to speak about it for fear of being mocked. Be that as it may, you should reach out for help, as keeping quiet will not do you any good. This has seen a lot of them become twice as adventurous and carefree as their female colleagues. On the other hand, women are more cautious when looking for a job and rarely will they engage in jobs that will put their lives at risk.

Real Sexism destroys lives.

The trend has seen a big number of men die while in the line of duty. Arm yourself with protective equipment when carrying out precarious tasks. Women are likely to seek help when things are not working for them while men prefer to die than confess that there is something bothering them. And even when they open up, they are likely not to get the help they needed and instead become more vulnerable. This may lead the individual to indulge in drugs, commit suicide or even kill their partners or other family members. If you find yourself harbouring suicidal or harmful thoughts, seek for mental health help.

In the traditional African setting, men are regarded as the breadwinners of the family. But we live in the 21st century where women have been empowered and are thus bringing their own share at the table.

Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis

Some women are even earning better salaries than their spouses or are more successful than their husbands. This may be quite intimidating especially to a man who suffers from esteem issues. Appreciate your wife and cheer her on, as her success is also your success. If you find yourself unemployed, look for alternative ways of earning a living such as starting a business or doing casual work. Both men and women can experience infertility but its impact is felt more by men than women as sometimes such men are mocked by the society.

Most of the times, men suffering from infertility pull out from friends hence leading a lonely life. This affects their esteem. Seek medical help and avoid negative people. CBD matatu ban to start on Monday.

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So what would you expect to see if you looked at graduation rates across the country? A level playing field? Studies show a vast gender gap opening up in education; but not in the way your sexist great-grandpa would have supposed. In pretty much all measures of attainment, we men are trailing women by an embarrassing margin. While this is great for the sisterhood, it leads to some shocking social consequences.

Well, you can put that down to our good old masculine expectations again. According to the LA Times, only about half of all boys expect to work in well-paid professional jobs when they grow up, compared to nearly three quarters of girls. Currently, women earn on average only eighty percent of what men do, so it can be tempting to cheer when you hear the trend is reversing.

Until you realize what that actually means. By analyzing the pay of workers in of the biggest US cities, researchers discovered that unmarried, childless women under 30 are now making eight percent more their male equivalents. In Atlanta and Memphis, they were making a staggering twenty percent more; with New York women not far behind with an extra seventeen percent.

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The main reason for this is the education gap we just talked about — women as a group are more qualified, so are therefore entitled to earn more. Since life is horrible, this often translates to marriages where one partner physically or emotionally abuses the other.

Thankfully, decades of effort has made women more aware of their existence and removed the stigma of seeking help. The Guardian recently revealed that forty percent of all UK domestic violence victims are male. In America, the numbers are almost as bad.

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In the UK, for example, there are 33 beds available in the whole country, compared with 4, for women. Worst of all, male police officers are often unsympathetic to abuse victims, leading to a frighteningly-low conviction rate, even by domestic violence standards. For a whole host of stupid reasons, our culture continues to see men who are abused by women as pathetic, unmanly and even undeserving of sympathy.