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By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Description Captures the insights of leading academics and practitioners based on decades of research around the globe on factors of success and failures of private wealth, over time.

It presents a deep and broad approach to understanding why and how wealth is created, managed and preserved over generations. The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Illustrations note XVII, p. Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. This best wealth management book is all about how to build wealth in America, focusing on stories of ordinary people who went on to enter the elite Millionaire club with nothing much except for their hard work and perseverance to show.

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Everyone might acknowledge that hard work is a must for success but in the current context it acquires quite a different meaning, as the author shows with painstaking research how in most of the cases it is not inheritance, education or even intelligence which matters most, rather a persevering approach does. An excellent read for anyone who is willing to face the facts and adopt an approach to building wealth which has worked consistently for people.

A New York Times best-seller on how a bunch of average individuals went on to become millionaires solely based on their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He busts several myths along the way to demonstrate how even inheritance or intelligence may not be the most important factors in wealth creation.

Wise Wealth - Creating it, Managing it, Preserving it (Electronic book text)

Instead, this work brings the focus to consistent saving habits and how they might help build wealth in the most unexpected of ways. A unique work on growing rich which reaffirms the importance of keeping your feet on the ground all along the way. Horan Author , Thomas R. A definitive guide on modern wealth management techniques and what it takes to maximize the growth of clients assets while managing the element of risk efficiently.

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What sets apart this work is that it addresses the issue of managing multiple-client assets which are dealt with at length in most other works on portfolio and asset management. The author specifically deals with the problem of optimal asset allocation which holds a central place in the current approach to wealth management.

Part of the CFA Investment Series, this acclaimed work retains much of its original text from the edition along with a good amount of updated information on wealth management tools and techniques which have greater relevance today. On the whole, an excellent work on the novel approach to wealth management and how to achieve optimal asset allocation for multiple clients. An invaluable work on managing private wealth, especially dealing with multiple-client assets, working to protect and grow the wealth efficiently. Part of the CFA Investment Series, this work stands apart for its treatment of the subject and for providing insights on optimal asset allocation which goes beyond the average approach.

A complete guide on how to deal with the many challenges of private wealth management in the new economic era. An excellent book on wealth management for smart investing which brings out the power of simplicity by helping create an investment strategy which works without becoming dependent on complex tools and techniques. The author starts with the premise that stock market might be complex and the dynamics of market volatility might give the impression that a simple approach might never work well enough but in fact the exact opposite is true. He proposes that most of the complex strategies adopted for investing in stock market and wealth management are based on noise and short-term factors which have but little say in the long term view.

Instead, he suggests that its much better to have a long term view and plan and focus on select factors that truly matter to be able to make better and more informed decisions. If you also wish to learn and experiment with a well-defined and simple framework of investment and wealth management, this work could make a valuable addition to your collection. A novel look at what really makes an investment plan successful. The author argues that it is the simplicity of the plan which matters most, contrary to popular perception.

He builds his argument beautifully by pointing out how most of the complex factors often paraded as crucial any investment plan are market noiseor things which matter at their most in the short-term.

An interesting and highly useful work for investors to learn and grow their skills and capabilities to realize their true potential in the markets. A complete wealth management book for modern private wealth manager which details all the aspects of financial planning and provides a solid theoretical and practical foundation for professionals to work upon. This work addresses most of the critical issues including setting up of financial objectives and creation of a custom investment and wealth management strategy suitable for a particular client in terms of investing in equities and fixed-income securities along with income and retirement planning.

The current updated ninth edition of the work offers latest information on the tax legislations, a number of economic benefits and investment products along with several legislative changes in recent times. A complete treatise on private wealth management which lays down the groundwork for professionals and offers information on latest legislative reforms as well.

This best wealth management book for the private wealth manager discusses how to develop and implement personalized investment and wealth management strategy for any client. A prized possession for any practitioner to learn the nuances of managing private wealth efficiently.

This top wealth management book deals with alternative methods of wealth creation which do not rely on conventional options including stocks or mutual funds. The authors delve at length on how to explore the potential of real estate as a means of income generation which can rival the returns of any other traditional forms of investment.

Usually, real estate is seen as more of a passive investment which can yield only a relatively low income in the short term, but in this work, the author brings out little known techniques for utilizing turnkey real estate investment solutions. They also discuss alternative ways of building wealth, repayment of debts and tips to keep in mind while banking.

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This best book on wealth management represents a bold and original attempt to present real estate as an alternative to stocks and mutual funds as a viable source of income. However, the authors have put in considerable effort in this work to demonstrate how little-known solutions can be used for wealth generation from real estate. Apart from this, the work also offers a number of useful tips on banking, repayment of debts and other aspects of financial planning.

This is a unique wealth management book in the sense that it intends to empower the reader by helping him or her make wise financial decisions.

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The author provides ample amount of information for readers to be able to choose their own financial advisors and realize that ultimately they are themselves responsible for their finances. Investors can learn what questions to ask financial advisors before utilizing their services, and more importantly, discover what kind of investors they are. This would help them make a better choice of financial services they might need or adopt suitable investment strategies as a do-it-yourself investor.