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But in the night before the wedding a terrible misunderstanding breaks them apart and for the next years they live worlds apart. Seven years later they work in the same building, in different magazines. And with that proximity, not old old feelings come back 4,5 Second Chance Stars. And with that proximity, not old old feelings come back to surface, but also the ghosts they taught being buried in the past.

And now they have to choices: Or decide that some things are better left in the past and move on, but this time apart for good. When I want to read a great love story, with some humor, steamy and not-very-high on angst, Lauren Layne is definitely the to-go author.

Her books are always great and this one in particular is probably one of my favorites because I just love second chance love stories, and this in specific was a nicely done one. To cut a long story short, if you need something light, funny and heartening, this book actually, this whole series is a great choice. First let me say they both frustrated me so much that for about half of the book I just wanted to shake some sense into them. But other than that, I really liked them both, they had a lot of chemistry and I just loved to see them together.

And believe me, I was waiting for that since the previous books. As ever, it was nice to see the rest of the gang. I really hope the next book will be about Lincoln. Seriously, are all journalists in NY hot as hell? View all 11 comments. Lauren Layne has become my go to author when I am looking for a sweet and sexy read that has just a little bit of angst and one that I know will give me that butterflies in my belly feeling.

But the characters in the other books are present in this one as they a 4. But the characters in the other books are present in this one as they are consecutively throughout the series. I really mean it this time. This one is my favorite!! What I loved was that it was a second chance romance.

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I'm a sucker for that!! As life would have it Emma is about to find herself in a bit of a conundrum, both professional and personally. How could it, when the one you love left you on the day you were supposed to be married. She was so relatable and I loved that she is that type of girl that just keeps on ticking even after life kicks you down. She was bold, funny, sexy and full of sass. But there was another side of her too. Emma had a bit of sadness about her.

On the outside she appeared full of life when on the inside she was lonely. There was just something about him. He was a little cocky at times but he had a softer side too. Of course he was handsome and sexy which was a bonus. I loved that Emma always called him Cassidy. What we know is that on the day they were to be married everything fell apart. There were reasons of course, mixed with misunderstandings and interference's. And all this has left them both bitter.

Cassidy's intentions are not the purest but seeing Emma and having her this close again drives him to do what he does. I loved that this story unfolded in tiny pieces. As we learn about their past you can understand their frustration and their sadness. And as they slowly begin their re-connection, I loved every minute of it. Their chemistry, their connection was sexy as all heck and pretty damn sweet! And when Mitchell, Jake and Sam put in their two cents in it was perfect. I loved them all. View all 44 comments. Feb 07, Jeanne rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the fourth book in Lauren Layne's Stiletto series.

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I really enjoyed it, even though I am new to the series. I'm actually planning to go back and read the whole series now, I'm especially curious about Julie's story. I love the friendship between these strong and sassy women and the New York City back drop. It has a little bit of a Sex and the city vibe. So, fans of the series know that the first three girls in the group have been coupled off, and now in this fourth edition, you 4.

So, fans of the series know that the first three girls in the group have been coupled off, and now in this fourth edition, you get the real story between Alex and Emma. Seven years ago, they were college sweethearts and were engaged to be married when a misunderstanding and break-up happened.

I love a good second chance romance, and this was a believable one. I loved that I could feel the chemistry and emotion between the couple, and L. I have read Ms. I think she has a very smart and engaging writing style. She reminds me a little of Julie James. I have to say, it's very refreshing to read a romance that isn't filled with all of that cheesy, stupid dialogue that fills so many new books in this genre. To be perfectly honest, I could name many authors who could take a writing work shop from her.

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Looking forward to reading Julie's story next, I guess I'm mixing it up, but better late than never. I do think anyone new to the series might want to start at the beginning, because you might be able to appreciate the story more if you know the other characters. View all 27 comments. It's live on AMZ- http: I haven't read the first three books in the series which I hope to amend ASAP , but this can be read as a standalone. Emma is a writer for a women's magazine Stiletto. She and her co-workers and friends write about everything women- makeup, sex, relationships Being left standing at the altar some seven years ago, Emma and Alex "Cassidy" have chosen to simply ignore each other As if they've written each other quite literally from each other's lives with zero closure to the happenings of that fateful day.

When Emma's editor hires "Cassidy" to fill in for her while she takes a sabbatical, their ability to ignore each other is suddenly impossible. He's now her boss. He also happens to be friends with her core group of besties and their spouses. How are they going to survive this 3 month stint of forced time together?

The women had a true Sex in the City feel to them. All professional women living in New York City, each with their little quirks. It was hilarious cannot wait to read Riley and Sam's book. Obviously this is book four and the three other books' couples are together but I wasn't lost to their stories. Emma and Cassidy have serious baggage and communication seems to be their biggest shortfall.

But I love a second chance romance trope! This one wasn't easy. Emma had built such walls of defense, it was nearly impossible to even breech the subject of their breakup to anyone. It was their best kept secret. Secrets that each the two of them didn't realize they'd be holding onto for seven long years.

Can working together in close quarters, Emma writing an article on the "12 Days of Exes," keep her heart safely tucked away? Or will those walls crumble when the events from seven years ago come into light? I'd highly recommend this series to readers who like a nice balance of humor, friendship, light angst, and some light steam. You can't help but fall in love with each and every member of the Stiletto and Oxford teams.

I see that the men of Oxford are getting a series? Oh please be the writer of all things sex, Lincoln??? And I totally agree, Grace But then those 3 words Alex said in response to her question turned the whole book around and I finally found my LL spark. From then on I was eager for them to put aside their problems and be a couple. Also I loved seeing all the characters from the previous books. View all 29 comments. Oct 20, Alba and Her Secrets.. I cannot believe I already finished this series. So, let's talk about this book.

I notice you—too much. Do you notice me? Or ditch whatever haunts you. But what if what she was looking for and what was haunting her were the exact same thing? I think this novel together with the first one is my favourite. The author has been teasing us about these two since the beginning and I am glad she didn't disappoint because this was an emotional journey!

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Emma and Alex seem to hate each other at the start, but as you continue reading you can clearly see that what they are is hurt. They have a past together, they have been seven years apart and now everything is coming back. I literally cried so much for these two! But they have to heal before all of that. And it's difficult but yet, not impossible. I loved knowing what actually happened so sad, guys! They are so cute, and sweet, and funny, and sexy together!!!

He stared at her. I am a little bit sad about it, because I wanted more! Still, so happy that I get to have little moments with them in the other series that Lauren has started the Oxford series. They are so sweet and so funny. I love you, Lauren Layne for giving us these amazing people! It does not have my especial 6 stars rating because of the epilogue, I really wanted one! But still, fantastic everything! You will love this as much as I do! View all 32 comments. Dec 14, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lauren Layne Fans, Romance. There is a sense you are in strong, capable hands when you start her books.

As I mentioned earlier, I did not know this book was coming so when I saw it in all its glory, I was primed and ready to learn of these characters' past and root for their future. These two characters, Emma and Alex, had a past together which could be bloody, for not the smooth control they both have on their be 4. These two characters, Emma and Alex, had a past together which could be bloody, for not the smooth control they both have on their behavior about it.

They both have made a silent agreement to never discuss it or share with all their mutual friends. The major factor in all of this is they all work in the same industry and one sly, caring and brilliant editor of Siletto has decided to take things into her own hands With fate having a nudge in the right direction, Emma is in the position of needing a place to stay temporarily Oh, and who encouraged him on the space Now Emma has to interact with Alex not only at work but possibly after work as well.

So, we have our editor placing Alex in charge of Stiletto while away which then puts him in the "boss" position for Emma. The temptation for him is too strong He knows he is playing dirty The dye is cast and Emma will interview all of her past lovers to learn why they left.

Both think they are in charge of this and will "show the other". Both are in for a big surprise. Because the biggest surprise of all is both never talked to each other after their massive past experience; both made assumptions causing pain and suffering which took a toll This book brought together people I liked Hot, steamy, flirty and sometimes emotional sexy times Some authors try to write it Layne makes it real.

All of the past characters are there from previous books. They are contributing not just making an appearance. I have to say this is one of the better flirty series of strong independent women out there. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I think you will too. We are getting another series with all of these characters and more It is the Oxford Series!!!! If you thought the character Emma had spice and smarts Lane for this book If you are one who loves second chances, miscommunication and rooting for all to come together in the end Then you, too, will love this little gem of Ms.

But to actually quote Kipling, "If you can wait and not be tired by waiting," Then you will be rewarded when this book is actually available March 3rd I will do a more complete review then For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 18 comments. Click Here To Purchase: Buddy read with my Frenchy Bug!

She lifted her chin slightly. Must have blocked that out. His hand pressed, pulling her closer until there was nothing between them but their stormy past. It was, in a few words, addicting, sexy, breathtaking, heart-stopping, giggle-inducing, unputdownable, and, most of all, heartwarming. It literally warmed my soul. Yes, light radiated from my chest the whole time I was reading this. How do you pick a favorite when they all exceed your expectations? There are some that tend to stick out, but the more I read from her, the more I start to say: No, this is my new favorite.

No, no, this one! But, for whatever reason, this one really and truly did speak to me. Emma had tried the happily-ever-after route, and knew that for every woman who rode off into the sunset on a white stallion, another one got kicked in the face by that very same horse.

I got this back in early December and, for whatever reason, didn't think I'd love it. I don't know if it's my aversion to second chance love stories or just a case of being nervous because I have such high standards with this author, but no matter the reasons, I was very scared to pick this one up. But sometimes it's all about the timing. I was sitting around on Saturday, trying with all my might to get into the book I had picked out, and I just couldn't do it. I was sad, for some reason, and I just couldn't get out of that funky mood. So, I sat there for a couple seconds and thought, you know what?

It's Lauren Layne time. I picked this up and I immediately started to feel my lips turn up and my spirits inexplicably lift. No other author has the ability to effect my mood like this, but this woman has my ticket. I don't know if it's the dialogue, the quirky inner thoughts and banter, or that ultimate HEA she loves to give us, but this is my go to author. She is 'the one' , so to speak. Cole leaned forward and reached out a hand. About the brands, and the way they should fit, and listen to this: If so, he's not going to mind that you had a little help to achieve that fantastic cleavage.

But if he's more tactile , you might want to consider skipping all that padding He wants to feel the real you. I like this girl. I liked her in the past books, too. I thought how she infiltrated into the Stiletto girls' group was awesome-who wouldn't want to be friends with Julie, Riley, and Grace? But a book about her, specifically? I didn't know how I'd feel about that. I liked my Julie and Riley just fine and didn't need their stories belittled by someone who was new to the scene.

Emma's story held up to theirs in a way I never expected Julie and Mitch take the cake, there's no doubt about that, but I'd say Emma and Alex pretty well sealed the deal at that number two spot, and this shocked me even more. She kind of beat Riley! How did this happen?

I'll tell you how-He is called by his last name and broke her heart 7 years ago But what you don't know is that his heart was broken, too. He was the bad guy. Because being cast as the villain was a hell of a lot better than everyone knowing that you'd spent you wedding day half-drunk, feeling like there was a crater where your heart should have been. Cassidy , if you will. I'm not going to lie-he made me weak in the knees.

So corny, but not altogether untrue. I can't remember my stomach being that tied up in knots for one of her stories since Mitchell and Julie in After the Kiss. I feel like I'm just merely speculating on each thing in each paragraph, but it's only because, agh, I don't know!! I just didn't expect him to have that perfect amount of confidence, hope, vulnerability, and spunk-I love spunk! It was adorable watching him oversee the Stiletto ladies while Camille was gone, especially when glittery eye shadow and sex were some of the stories he had to read about.

But, more than that, it was so so heart-wrenching to see him suffer. You can tell, even at the beginning with his icy and indifferent attitude, that he's still in love with the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. I loved being inside his head and seeing just how little he realized Emma was the missing puzzle piece and why he's so unhappy at times. I could go on and on and on about Cassidy, but the result stays the same: I loved Cassidy almost as much as any of LL's other guys.

His vulnerability touched me in a way I never would have imagined, and I will not forget him quickly.

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Alex clicked his pen and fought for calm. She was right, of course. He should be responding to her as editor-in-chief. Not as personal anything. But with every day that passed, Alex seemed to grow more aware of their history. More conscious of their unfinished business. More aware of Emma. These two bend each other until they are about to break, but they can't seem to stay away from one another. They push each other away only to fall back into each other's spell once again.

The cold indifference they have displayed for one another over the years is starting to thaw into a friendship, and with that friendship stems a longing they thought they had forgotten- but what happens when you finally give into that desire? What happens when only a little of the wall crumbles around their defenses and they try not to talk about what happened that fateful night?

She opened the door. He was wearing a suit. Always with the damned suits. This one was navy, paired with a white shirt and a navy tie that should have been boringly monochromatic but instead looked sexy as hell for it's simplicity. Cassidy always wore skinny ties, but not in a trendy, hipster kind of way, but in a way that showed off his trim build in modern perfection. By far one of Layne's best works, I found myself laughing and crying simultaneously in a matter of seconds.

It's rare you connect with everything to do with one certain story: But I find that connection with most of her works. This one just had a little extra dazzle to it, and it didn't escape my attention. Layne put a lot of heart into Emma and Cassidy's story, and it really spoke to me. I guess I'm just a sucker for vulnerability because I was a pile of heaping goo as they suffered through their heartache. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who asked, because there was very little not to like.

We even get to see loads of the other couples from the previous stories, and it helped to bring such a cute and fun dynamic to the whole story. Originality doesn't escape this dear author, and I hope that never changes. It's not new material, but it's done so beautifully and she finds a way to spin it so it seems completely new. These two people wormed their way deep into my heart, and I am so so happy I finally read this. And for those of you who, like me, adore all the banter from the whole group, I just can't resist: I totally forgot," Riley said, exchanging a glance with Mitchell.

Julie caught it and spun around to glare at her fiance. Then she turned her head toward Riley and spoke out of the corner of her mouth. When she'd told the girls that tonight would be her and Cassidy's "talk," there'd been much discussion about outfit. Riley had voted for a short, red "booby" dress, because "men couldn't get too mean with a boner. For more of my reviews, please visit: View all 21 comments. Feb 08, Samadrita rated it really liked it Shelves: Do not go by that generic cover and title.

As disappointed as I was with the last Layne title I read Made for You , this one more than made up for that. Alex and Emma's story was, perhaps, the most awaited one in the entire series and it did live up to the expectations. I loved how Layne did not succumb to the lure of cliches and focused on the emotional aspects of their relationship and their past. A fitting end to a good series. If you like your romance novels free of sexism, rape-y sex scene Do not go by that generic cover and title.

If you like your romance novels free of sexism, rape-y sex scenes, obnoxious stereotypes of 'alpha males' and what not, then Layne should be your go-to author. Her spunky, sassy heroines do not become all tongue-tied and silly in the presence of their dashing heroes and remain dignified, confident and headstrong till the end. Now can we have Lincoln and Cole's stories please, Lauren? The Trouble with Love is Emma and Alex's story we have had snippets from the previous books that these two have a past but we don't really know what happened between them as they do their best to ignore each other.

Emma has a day from hell she is temporarily homeless and Cassidy is going to be her temporary boss for 3 months and he give's her the worst article to write Twelve Exes of Christmas which he is one of her exes the one that left her standing at the alter on their wedding day alone. Alex The Trouble with Love is Emma and Alex's story we have had snippets from the previous books that these two have a past but we don't really know what happened between them as they do their best to ignore each other.

Alex Cassidy gets a new neighbor for 3 months Emma thanks to Camile's sneaky planning can they both survive living next door to each other and working together? They are both part of Julie and Mitchell wedding, what will happen when they hit the dance floor and the champagne has been flowing? What I love about this series is when we get all the couples together and we get all the funny banter and as always we get plenty of steamy moments some drama and a few tears and we found out what happened seven years ago between them.

View all 16 comments. The Trouble with Love is the kind of book that makes me want to smile all along. Seriously I love when I start a book and I know it's gonna be good. I'm new with books about second chances but I love them more and more. Even if this one was the 4th book in a series, you can read it as a stand-alone and you won't be lost. And you won't get to much information about the previous couple. Seven years ago, they were supposed to get married but it never happens for reasons you will have to discover when reading the book.

Just know that nobody is really at fault. Both of them have valuable reasons and both of them ignore something the other knows. For several years now, they've been trying to avoid each other and it worked pretty great but being in the same circles of friend is not easy and when Alex became Emma's boss for three months, it's impossible to avoid each other anymore.

Just let me tell you one thing, be prepare for some sexual frustration here! Because for sure these two want each other but they try to fight it so much! Their interactions are fun to read. The story is told from both pov and it's a pleasure to be in their head.

It's funny too because they seems to think the same way but they hid really well behind their facades. I was a little surprised to see that the first one to make a real move or the first one to show a little interest was Alex. In general, man tries to keep their emotions hidden at all cost but here it wasn't the case. Alex was willing to take risks and chances even without him knowing it. What Emma need is a little reassurance. She has been left at the altar and is hard to recover from such experience, especially when she has her ex around her most of the time and she feels there's still a connection.

Alex and Emma's friend are a great part of this book too. I enjoyed their time together. Because they are all playing matchmakers at some point. And the guys idea for Alex? I've seen there's a book planned for the Oxford series Alex is the executive chief of the Oxford Magazine and I hope we will have Cole story first but then I want Lincoln too For more reviews View all 26 comments.

Mar 09, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: Emma and Alex are the couple with a very sorted past and I was dying to know what happened that blew up their wedding and HEA plans. But he knew what she meant. I think that all the damn time. It was both heartbreaking and devastating and I just wanted them to find their way back to each other. But damn LL had her own plans and she tortured me with the sexual tension between them.

I yelled at Emma for being too strong and independent and not just putting herself out there to clear the air.

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I rooted for them because it was so clear that in their current lives they were just shadows of what they could be. This was probably the most angsty of the series because there was all the tension and ice already present between Emma and Alex. Instead of cute meeting or funny flirting there was a huge amount of tension. For a long time, we thought you and Cassidy avoided each other because of some horrific breakup that left you hating each other. I love it when these guys all start talking together. Seriously I was so excited to see that there is the spin off series with the men of Oxford magazine because I NEED more stories with these characters.

The ending scene with Alex's plan was cute but I wanted just a smidgen more to close out the book. Some cool things from this book. She could totally be my boss if it hooked me up with love like that. Cole more than Lincoln since he seems to be a little bit of a bad boy. Although I'm interested in how Lincoln is able to have every woman he meets, dates or seduces still love him. This is that kind of series. View all 8 comments. Jan 06, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: The Trouble with Love is one of my favorite Lauren Layne novels.

I'll admit, having read all of her works to date, I was losing steam with this author. While I remained blown away by her first few novels, I just haven't clicked with her more recent installments. The latest in the Stiletto series presents us with Alex and Emma, two ambitious individuals whose past ha The Trouble with Love is one of my favorite Lauren Layne novels. The latest in the Stiletto series presents us with Alex and Emma, two ambitious individuals whose past has torn them apart a few too many times. Alex, now the head of Oxford, a men's magazine which rivals Stiletto, the women's magazine Emma writes for, is put in charge of Stiletto for three months while their leader takes a sabbatical.

Alex and Emma have tacitly agreed to keep their past in the past--after all, no one wants to remember being left at the altar--but with Alex's new position as Emma's boss, this puts them in closer proximity than they've been in seven years. Although the two maintain a veneer of cold civility, indifference dripping purposefully from their every interaction, it hides a deep hurt--on both sides--and simmering sexual tension. Will Alex and Emma finally be able to give in to their chemistry and put the past behind them? Or can some grievances just never be forgotten? The Trouble with Love has been teased at ever since the second novel in Layne's quartet and the continued sexual tension that just builds over the course of this novel is both enticing and unbearable.

What I loved about the love story here, though, is how authentic it felt. For them to move on and forget their past will take a lot and Layne really maps out their growth and relationship in a believable manner. It's all in the baby steps. Commercially, while failing to match " Miss Independent " success on the charts in the United States, the song performed considerably better internationally, reaching number eleven and a gold status in Australia, while also reaching significant positions in other three countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

The song also served to promote the Christmas romantic comedy Love Actually , being featured in its accompanying soundtrack. The music video for the song was directed by Bryan Barber and released on November 7, It features scenes from the film, while Clarkson performs the track on a rooftop.

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Sturken was also responsible for drum programming and keyboards, while Rogers provided background vocals with Cindy Mizelle. The song was recorded at four different studios: Its strings were recorded at a different studio: The song features drums, violins, violas, cellos, keyboards and strings in its instrumentation. Following the release of " Low ", which maintained her strong-hold on stateside fans, "The Trouble with Love Is" was announced as the album's third and final single, though there were fans who pant for the ballad "Anytime" to be released. The song received positive reviews from most music critics.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic picked the song as one of the best tracks on the album, [11] while Heather Phares of the same publication praised the track for "manag[ing] to be romantic, sassy, and empowering all at once, with her vocals reflecting their urban ballad surroundings. It matched the same peak position of the previous single, " Low ", [15] and ultimately, the song was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association for selling over 35, copies. In Netherlands , the song peaked higher than her previous single, "Miss Independent", debuting at number eighty-one, on December 27, , and reaching number twenty-six, on January 24, As noted by MTV News ' Corey Moss, "along with the high-altitude shots, Barber also created several vignettes showing kids dealing with troubled relationships, which [were] interspersed with the performance footage.

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Larry Gold - strings arrangement, conductor. Steve Ferrera - drums Cindy Mizelle - background vocals. James Cooper, III - cellos. Jennie Lorenzo - cellos. Andrea Derby - production coordination Al Hemberger - engineering. Rich Balmer - engineering.