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A few of these terminals were located on the ranches of well known members of the community, such as: Planes landing at these terminals ranged from, DC-4s to Cessnas. Once, Angelo actually purchased from General Noriega himself, a Convair paid in cash. Fifty thousand dollars that found its way into Noriaga s cache. Angelo was doing a fine job of supporting his family. Surprisingly he forbade violence. Once a buyer owed him a hundred thousand dollars. When asked by an associate what he was going to do about it , Angelo, said, nothing.

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He didn t want a scared enemy around who would eventually run to the cops and blow his whole operation. Instead he stole a Convair from this potential rat, had his boys pick up a load in South America and brought back 15 thousand pounds of pot. He figured that covered the hundred thousand dollar loss. Once, two of Angelo s pilots were fished out of the Atlantic ocean after dropping a load of drugs and dumping the plane in the water. As a matter of fact, it was the Convair stolen by Angelo.

During interrogation one of the pilots wouldn t talk, the other wouldn t shut up. The one who wouldn t shut up actually had nothing to say. He was in the dark. He didn t know where he took off from, didn t know where he landed to pick up the load, and didn t even know where it was unloaded. Two baffled customs agents were overheard, one saying to the other, who are these guys? Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: June 28, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Tampa's Mafia Underground Airline: A True Historical Account. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Nikolai is bent over her, his face just inches from her skin. She takes a slow, deep breath as the metal instrument makes contact. Nikolai is deliberate, steady. He slides the scalpel down about an inch and a half. A thin, red line emerges in the wake. Nikolai turns to the other people in the room and shows them the blade. It has a shiny red globule dangling from the sharp tip.

He gives his friends a subtle grin, turns the blade on its side, opens his mouth, and slowly wipes the blood onto his tongue. He seals his lips and closes his eyes sensually, swallowing like a wine aficionado appreciating a fine Merlot. Azrael remembers vividly the moment 16 years ago that he realized he was a vampire. He was 20 and serving in the military. I just didn't know it at the time. Azrael's favorite pastime in those days was picking fights in bars.

You can feel his energy leaving, and you can feel yourself getting stronger as the fight goes on. He was in a relationship with a girl who was involved in goth and vampire communities, but he stayed out of it. Then one night, he was in a particularly violent brawl. But he got some good shots in too.

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Instead of nursing his wounds, she held his head very still and licked the blood from his eyes. And then I was tasting it, and everything was so heightened. He says it was life-changing.

When I woke up, I felt absolutely no pain. Azrael wasn't the first person to have that response. The oldest images of vampirism, most scholars agree, date back about 3, years, to the ancient Indian goddess Kali, who was depicted with fangs and a necklace of skulls. Stories of vampire-like creatures appear in ancient Greek, Roman, and Old Russian.

Legend has it that Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary bathed in the blood of murdered women. Prince Vlad Dracula of Romania supposedly dined amid the bodies of his staked enemies. The most famous vampire story in history is Bram Stoker's Dracula , published in The novel inspired a series of blood-consuming cults focused in Eastern Europe. Vampires feed off blood and flesh literally.

It's kind of the demonic, diabolic side of Christianity. Perhaps the first scientific examination of vampires in America came in an article titled Sexual Vampirism , written by Otto Burma in the October issue of Sexology magazine. It refers to vampirism as a rare hereditary trait, akin to a child born with a tail. He chronicles a "beautiful woman who preferred aspirating of blood, particularly from the cavity of the collarbone, to normal sexual intercourse. Some psychologists in the s argued that there might be a clinical condition of vampirism.

Noted psychologist and professor Dr. The symptoms include a compulsion to drink blood, an association between drinking blood and sex, and a feeling that blood produces well-being. The American Psychiatric Association, though, does not recognize vampirism as a mental disorder. With striking pale-blue eyes colored by contacts , a broad chest, extended fingernails, and a thin goatee around his fanged mouth, Christopher looks like he just stepped out of an Anne Rice novel.

South Florida's underground vampires lust for more than your heart | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

At 39, he is a fangsmith and an elder, often called "father" by the other vampires in his coven. We're here to offer advice and to tell these kids, 'You are not alone. As vampires become pop-culture icons, he says, it's important for the public to understand the truth about this large, mostly unknown segment of society. There are a lot of Christian vampires. There are Jewish vampires, Buddhist vampires, vampires of every religion. It's just about a philosophy on energy. Everybody has a day side and a night side, he explains. The goal is to find a state of "twilight," a balance in life.

We try to teach new vampires that they must have control. Christopher warns young people about the dangers associated with vampirism. There are "crazy bastards who think they're hearing the voice of God" and like to hunt vampires, he says. He also likes to remind people about Rod Ferrell, a year-old who led a clan of vampires in the late '90s until he murdered one of his follower's parents in Eustis, Florida, and ended up with a life term in prison.

Representatives from the Florida Attorney General's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said they could not cite any cases — aside from the Ferrell case — that specifically involved vampires or blood drinking, though both organizations said tracking such a thing would be very difficult. It's just a way to maintain more control over your life. Azrael says most of his feeding is done psychically these days, though there's just no substitute for blood. Evan Christopher says he used to feed on blood, "but I don't dabble in that anymore.

We're living in the age of AIDS. There are better, safer ways to take of that.

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It promotes discretion, safety, and respect for elders. In that time, you can get to know the person you're dealing with.

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Between gatherings like Fetish Factory's in Fort Lauderdale, Electrolust Hollywood, and Vamps South Beach, fang bearers and fang bangers can all don their darkest robes, show off their customized teeth and contact lenses, and dance to electronic tributes to Depeche Mode almost any night of the week.

There is plenty of hedonism and "psychic feeding" at these parties, says Joseph Bonilla, organizer of Vamps South Beach and a former New Times ad salesman.

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Rarely is there "blood play" or discussion in public. The more people know, the less they talk, and the more they talk, the less they know. Most vampires and black swans connect through online meet-up groups, small covens, or through quiet networks of friends willing to share feeding partners. It's a bonding procedure, similar to a white filling, he says. He doesn't know of any of his patients drinking blood, and Hernandez would have fangs himself, he says, "but people are already scared enough when they go see the dentist. Nikolai and his friends spend plenty of time in the clubs, but the act of consuming blood, at least for him, is "what being a vampire is really all about.

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With Nikolai's mouth on her leg, sucking gently, Violetta quivers. There is no blood visible as Nikolai's cheeks pull tighter against the bones in his face. Legally speaking, what's going on right now is assault — even though it's completely consensual. Many vampires argue that the desire to consume blood is intrinsic — when a child gets a cut, they say, the first impulse is to put the finger in his mouth. A representative from the Centers for Disease Control says they don't have information on the possible dangers of human blood consumption.

However, "orally consuming blood is less likely to result in transmission than unprotected sex. If you have an open sore in your mouth or gums — which is completely likely — you're going to risk blood-to-blood contact. Otherwise, your gastric fluids usually take care of those things. After a minute or so, Nikolai's done, and he signals for his girlfriend, who's wearing a red dress like Violetta's. He stands up, looking like he just woke up from the most refreshing nap of his life. His girlfriend carefully imitates Nikolai's suction procedure, though for a shorter time.

When she's done, there's only a thin smear of blood left on the thigh. For Violetta's boyfriend's turn, Nikolai cuts a small slit on the inside of the girl's ankle. That makes a good place for a cut. On a male, the best place to cut is right here," he says, pointing to his own collarbone. When the three vampires finish feeding, they seem more energized. All three bob their heads to the loud music still pumping from the living-room speakers.

They're also smiling, though just barely. Violetta moves to the couch, where she's perfectly still, her eyes closed. She looks unconscious in the candlelit living room. Even just a little bit, it makes such a difference. Before he got into the vampire scene four years ago, Nikolai says, he felt sick.