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Performance, Identity, and Community in the United States.

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Negotiating Difference in French Louisiana Music: Categories, Stereotypes, and Identifications. Talking New Orleans Music: Join us on Facebook. This is the third of three blogs posts in which we share their responses. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. For a full list of. American Made Music Series Explorations of music history, origins, development, and players. Stories from the Drink House The Beat!: Go-Go Music from Washington, D. Singing to the Gods The Melody Man: Lyrics and History The Norumbega Harmony: The Last Minstrel Roosevelt's Blues: An Illustrated History Showman: The Life and Music of Wilbur C.

During the 80's her purchase as an sellable sure bet was pretty high, with her debut Diamond Life still the best selling debut by a British artist.


Since that period there has been a number of hiatuses and a avoidance of publicity that stands her apart from many of her younger rivals. Try as they might no one does quietly effecting vocals quite like Sade. Yolanda Adams is classed as a gospel singer, but there's no doubt her music is inflected with soul. It's a very particular kind of soul though - the highly polished kind; the acceptable kind.

Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman is up there with the many a great singer songwriter, but unlike many of those she infuses her music with a hard won world weary soulfulness. Her self titled debut album has sold 20 million copies worldwide, and remains her best work. It's an incongruous mix of love songs and politically charged tracks like 'Talkin' Bout a Revoluion' and 'Across the Lines', which illustrates Chapman's multifarious talents.

More recently she has concentrated on acting, making her Broadway debut in Chicago this year.

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  7. She did announce that she will release an EP later in Toni Braxton will forever be remembered for that inescapable behemoth of a single, 'Un-break My Heart'. If you were alive in '96 it's is literally impossible to have escaped Braxton's dramaticly huge delivery of R n' B brokenhearted-ness. Faith Evans talents are often sidelined by her marriage to The Notorious B.

    To witness those said talents, rather ironically, you're best bet is the tribute to her late husband, 'I'll Be Missing You'.

    Ladies of Soul

    Aaliyah is another tragic case of a major talent lost too soon. She died in in a plane crash at the desperately young age of It's impossible to say what Aaliyah would have gone on to achieve, but if 'Try Again' is anything to go by it would have been quite something. Erykah Badu has been credited as being a key player in the rise of 'neo soul' and has had the great honour of being likened to Billy Holiday. Hyperbole aside, she is without doubt one of the most exciting soul artist of recent years. For Monica, like many American soul singers, she began in a gospel choir. She's has continued to have a successful career after her smash hit duet with Brandy, 'The Boy I Mine' and is set to release a new album on September 18, The later part of Lauryn Hill's career has been erratic to say the least.

    Much of the last few years have been spent upsetting fans plus a bout of incarceration for tax evasion. Despite failing to endear herself for much of the time, her output with the Fugee's and her solo record, The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, have meant that fans are willing to have their patience stretch a little further than they might ordinarily in the hope of new material.

    Her unique voice and delivery made for a refreshing tack on soul music, which at this point was in danger of becoming a bland middle of the road genre. Queen Latifah is by turns is a singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, TV producer, record producer, and comedienne. She's a busy lady. Despite her endless multi-tasking it's her records that are likely to be her defining legacy.

    However you feel about Mariah Carey, you can't argue with the figures. Basically commercially she's a winner, and vocally her range is reportedly a full five octaves. Whether her music has added anything valuable to either R n' B or soul is a matter of opinion. Gabrielle released the massively successful 'Dreams' in She hasn't released a studio album since , but there are reports one is in the pipeline. Over a career spanning more than 20 years Mary J Blige has established herself as a highly respected soul and R n' B singer. She's often bridged the gap between hip hop and R n' B with many notable collaborations with artists like Method Man and Nas.

    American Made Music Series

    Jill Scott is another proponent of the neo soul movement. She takes a refreshing approach to soul - check out 'A Long Walk'. Amy Winehouse is an artist that comes around so rarely: Her masterpiece Back to Black is a work of such authentic soul and quality that we are unlikely to hear anything of it's kind for many years.

    The inimitable Adele is back in the picture with her forthcoming album 25, and It's been a long wait for hungry fans. Named by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world at the tender age of 27 is suggestive that she's a keeper.

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    In Duffy announced she would be taking a hiatus from music. Considering her debut only came out into you've gotta wonder about the girls stamina. Since then the Welsh singer has made a foray into acting, and the only tunes we've had are a few tracks she contributed to the crime thriller Legend. Ciara started a promising career with two successful albums, 's Goodies and 's Ciara: Sadly the evolution seemed to stop there. Subsequent albums failed to build on the success of their predecessors.

    Ciara has since concentrated on her acting career.

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    Jeniffer Hudson took the opposite approach to many of the names on this list and started as an actress before venturing into the music world. She released her self titled debut in and it contained the hit single spotlight. The most exceptional thing about Leona Lewis is that she has managed an eight year career on the back of her time on X Factor.

    She's sold over 20 million records Although just a slip of a thing at the time, she displayed a voice of someone beyond her years, and was ably backed by a group of seasoned musicians. Multi tasking Alesha Dixon got dropped by Polydor after poor sales of fired up.