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They have lots of funny bits in. And Henry always gets into trouble!

Because it's funny "My two boys love this book and I have actually had tears running down my face and had to stop reading because of laughing so hard. My oldest son is rereading all the books in this series on his own now and he still loves them. Kids get to be harmlessly rebellious "Henry is a beguiling hero who has entranced millions of reluctant readers Henry's naughtiness is a yardstick against which children can get a sense of their own moral goodness and social justice "What is brilliant about the books is that Henry never does anything that is subversive.

She creates an aura of supreme naughtiness of which children are in awe but points out that he operates within a safe and secure world. Reaches the most important age group - children who are learning to read "I have tried out the Horrid Henry books with groups of children as a parent, as a babysitter, and as a teacher.

Children love to either hear them read aloud or to read them themselves. The books are spot on for the age range and are fun for the adults who share them too. The structure provides new readers with a real sense of accomplishment "My son is 7 years old and a big Horrid Henry fan. This book lived up to his expectations! Horrid Henry is like most boys: It was amusing, and he could not put it down.

Can't wait for the next. He read it cover to cover by himself in 2 days! That for me sells a book! He can't wait for the next one to be published. He has recommended it to all his friends. Reaches both boys and girls equally "Wonderfully appealing to girls and boys alike, a precious rarity at this age. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Horrid Henry's Underpants Book 4: Book 11 Francesca Simon 4.

The angle here is spot-on, and reluctant readers will especially find lots to love about this early chapter book series. Treat young readers to a book talk or read-aloud and watch Henry go flying off the shelf. Ross's illustrations bring "Horrid Henry"'s mischievous side to life with his devilish looks and slanted eyebrows. Simon's hilariously dead-pan text is wonderfully complemented by Tony Ross's illustrations, which comically capture the consequences of Henry's horridness.

Not since "Nate the Great" has an early reader series created such a buzz. Do your kids like silly books? For ten years she worked as a freelance journalist. She now writes fulltime and has had many books published including the bestselling Horrid Henry series and several picture books. The book could have been published anytime up until the late s.

It's possible that these are memories of multiple books that I've condensed in my memory, but I doubt it. Any information would be appreciated. A boy named George is pretending to have space adventures. He gets caught in the rain and takes shelter in an abandonned house.

A ghost named Fred is haunting the house to protect hhis gold coins, but he has forgotten where he hid them. I'm pretty sure he has a bat for company and that's where that line comes in. It is an easy reader book, not scary. I'm trying to find the name of a book that I loved as a child. The name has something to do with a star. In the book about a little girl her mum had a baby on her birthday but then the baby died. I remember the babies name was something like Tanya.

The book I am trying to find I read as child, probably 59 years ago. It was an old, used book - a collection of stories which often addressed the reader as I believe the stories were intended to teach a lesson.

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The only story I remember from it was about a boy who had a kitten that he adored. His father threatened to give it away to a family of cruel boys if the boy didn't take care of it properly. One day the boy had forgotten to care for the kitten and he was so terrified that the kitten would live a life of abuse with the family of boys, that he took the kitten to the shore and drowned it, in order to spare it a terrible existence.

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When the father learned what had happened he was devastated , as he had never really meant to give the kitten away. A terribly sad story, first story I read that made me cry. Can anyone help me? My girlfriend was born in and her father used to read her a poem every night from a book of poems.

Sorry to say all she remembers is it was a green book. Her dad sadly passed away when she was 12 years old and her mother doesn't recall either. As a child my mother used to read to me out of a green book of poems.

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So I figured I would share in case its the same book. It was called Famous Poems. The poem read to me was called The Duel about a gingham dog and a calico cat. I know this is a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a very specific book. It's a collection of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.

There is a mermaid on it, I've had noooo luck! All I keep finding is the dark blue version with a small mermaid. The bottom of the book has seaweed stemming upwards! I read a book as a child that must have been written in the 60s or 70s, about an English boy and an African one. They used to communicate over a wall? The African boy taught him some words in Swahili. I am not sure but the English boy may have had a physical disability?

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I would really like to find out the title and the book again. She is then with her parents out running errands and goes into a hardware store and a clothing store. It had a store front on the cover like a brick store front but thats all I can remember and I know it had to be from the late 80's since I was born in 86 and I had it from when I was a baby on up. I cant remember anything else about the book other then it was made in the early 90's since I got it as a gift around age 6 or 7.

I am trying to locate a book I read back in 5th grade, will be older than This is a hardcover book, and a mother and daughter have fallen from the graces have disgraced the royal court in France, maybe between They are being sent away to New World, either Canada or Louisiana. Mother and daughter may be seamstresses and make their own clothes. Book may be written late s- early s, not sure about date. He couldn't draw dragons well and then he got a dragon to draw from. He did have a dog but I can't remember if the dog turned into the dragon or maybe he traded it for the dragon, though I strongly suspect the former.

Then one day his dog got turned into a dragon that ate lots of coal in bags and the artist painted so many new things that people bought from him.

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Paintings and sketches of the dragon in so many different poses, breathing fire, flying, etc. Anyone know what this book is? I had this book in the 90's about a little girl who wanted to care for the planet. She got upset when people were carving the trees and leaving rubbish in the lakes. She happened to be able to talk to nature and she made all the birds fly away and the grass to stop growing and the lakes to dry out. She wanted to to prove how important nature was and how people had to look after it.

Eventually, everyone realised and started to change their behaviour. It was such a charming book I want to read and see it again because I feel like I have dreamt it! It had lovely crayon type drawings and I remember the little girls name started with a Z and she had red hair. It's all I remember and it's so frustrating! All I can remember was a boy who was in the forest at night and he witnessed ogres and possibly other types of monsters dancing or having a party? I believe that they captured him. The artwork was big, bold and memorable!

Are you thinking of 'Where the Wild things are'? It's such a famous book so I'm sure you must know it, so it's probably another book you're looking for, but there is a forest, a small boy, ogre types, and very bold illustrations! You don't suppose this was Where the Wild Things Are? Take a look at the pictures on Google Images. They are certainly memorable!

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I should have recognized quite a few! By now there are about entries on this page and I can't do much more than screen out the false comments. When you answer a query, would you be kind enough to include a reference to the book title or subject in your Subject line?

I like to read your ID's but my search works only on all comments, lots of scrolling and moving to next page. An expert children's librarian can ID faster than any computer search!

Try your public library, if you are fortunate enough to have a library with a strong children's program. I thought since each query had a reply button that it would refer to the stumper. I will keep that in mind in the future. Thanks for posting other people's stumpers. Memory can be such a funny thing, especially things we remember as a child. You'd think I'd have remembered it since my family called me Jenny! She visits all the lodgers one by one, and they tell her stories. One lodger is an old sailor.

Another lodger makes the girl ginger tea when she has a cold. Another lodger used to run a shop. My grandma had a storybook that had a whole bunch of short stories maybe Richard scarry? Anybody remember a story about two dentists, one up and one down, and one would give the kids candy and one wouldn't? Would love to pass this down to my son! I remember my grandmas book was hardcover, and I think the cover was blue.

I have been looking for this book for years. It was such an odd story it's stuck with me for 30 years. It had a blue cloth or hard back cover. I believe it was written in the late 's early 's or that was the time it was based in. I remember it has ink drawings in it no color just black. It's about 2 sisters who leave their family house by train, because the older sister is going to be a companion for other family. They move it into an Boarding house that they are serve clams for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hi all, I am trying to trace a story I read as a child, I was about 7 so it would be early 80s. A child was brought up in a kind of dystopian world, his parents refused to answer any of his questions, i. Perhaps "Examination Day" by Henry Slesar? It was also turned into a Twilight Zone episode. That's definitely a story that sticks with you I'm looking for a book about a lazy mouse that was always sleeping late and being late to school One day he the mouse got lost going to school and ended up at a pond with a frog.

He becames friends with the frog, but soon started missing his family, and went home. He started getting up early and going to school on time. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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