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It is a measure of how far our secular, sceptical society has gone in declaring faith as irrelevant that they should feel the point needs to be driven home over so many pages. He takes his stand against the reductive modern tendency to treat religion itself as a subsection of psychology and sociology. Instead, he broadens out the core idea he explored there — that a religious past defines who we are now, regardless of our own attachment or not to faith institutions — to apply it to the present and future of a world scarred by conflicts that have religion at their heart.

His method, though, remains the same — to make his argument through examining, with expert help, objects and rituals from the great faiths from the ice age to now. He ends this cultural, religious and human sweep with the thangka, a Tibetan painting on textile, made to hang in a temple. Attentive throughout the book to bring the past into the present, he notes that it is the same size as a very big home TV screen and has the same high-definition intensity of colour and detail. Shaped like a wheel, the thangka tells of how individuals and societies fit into an infinite pattern of which we are all fleetingly a part.

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The world turns like a wheel and, as it does, if we are to prosper, we must change to adapt to a religiously inspired narrative that is bigger than ourselves and our rejection of God and gods. There is so much time on useless plot exposition in this story, how about showing that there is real heat between these two characters.

I suppose when all is said and done, I just didn't like this book, and I didn't believe the heat between the two main characters. So with that, I give the book two stars. This is the fourth book that I have read from his author, and I just looked over the prior reviews the other reviews are 2 stars, 1. Nov 12, Anne rated it it was amazing. Sweet and touching all the way. I like that Duncan cares so much and isn't afraid to try to get closer to sweet Ruben.

And Ruben, oh my, he is so strong and fighting his way back up to the light. But I won't say if or if not they will fight this battle together and will have their HEA, see yourself. It's soooooo worth it, really recommended!

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Aug 10, Adri G. I dont mean to sound insensitive, but this was totally chicks-with-dicks. Not my cup of tea. The great cover was totally misleading Aug 09, Maiko-chan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Those looking for a cute story. And to be the cause of it, well, that was even better. Everything about this story was incredibly cute and so so sweet and absolutely endearing. The characters were great, the side characters made me smile, the writing flowed beautifully, the setting was lovely especially with my personal love of all things publishing , and I really just have no faults with it at all.

Laine is definitely an author I will be checking out in the future and her story Haunted Heart in particular is one I highly recommend. Jan 08, Marbea E. Logan rated it it was amazing. I love the way the author captures the innocence and sensualities of the characters. I'm not disappointed in not knowing how far the relationship goes, or the slow progress of it. The journey is beautiful. The characters capture your interest in every way sort of nerve wracking but worth the anxiety lol!!

The author writes better with full length novels, I don't get invested in the novellas I don't get a connection. Apr 15, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: This was a little too neat for me, with Ruben overcoming his issues and Duncan being so very understanding.

It ends on a hopeful note, and I liked that, but the intense connection these two men form in a very short time period was a little unbelievable. Full review will be on Booklikes and the blog. Mar 17, Alina rated it it was amazing. My heart broke for poor Ruben and I adored Duncan for his endless patience and how slowly he coaxed Ruben out of his lonely shell. The story isn't long, just the way I like, but the ending was very thorough and satisfying. Apr 16, Sally halliday rated it really liked it.

Haunted Heart

Jul 04, Susy rated it it was amazing. Amazingly sweet and awesome. I just wish the author had kept writing about these two: Didn't want if to end. Apr 17, Merrik rated it liked it Shelves: So much wasted potential.

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It could've been really great read, but as it is it's only average. Apr 12, Caroline Brand rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel like I have read a beautiful story. I absolutely fell in love with Ruben. It just felt a little rushed, perhaps a little contrived in places and we were left with a lot of loose ends. Ruben lives his life in fear, sometimes paralysing, after a trauma suffered as a teenager. Five years on and his agoraphobia rules his life and he never leaves his house. The artwork he produces is stunning and probably one of the things that keeps him sane.

After submitting a piece to an erotic romance publisher for use as a book cover he is left in panic. Yes, they want to use it but they also want to meet with him face to face. The sheer thought of having anyone in his home is enough to induce a panic attack but he invites the man for coffee anyway. Duncan heads up the art department at Enamoured Press and is floored when he first sees Rubens work. When he heads to Rubens home for a chat about a contract he is left on the doorstep with only a glimpse of a pale, shaking and obviously panicked young man.

The door is very firmly shut in Duncans face. Following weeks of emails between the two men Ruben finally agrees to try and meet Duncan again. There is a lot of talking and touch in this book which is guided totally by Ruben and the parameters he sets. Duncan is totally taken by the young man and after learning about his past begins to feel protective and vows to help.

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There is no quick fix for Ruben and the writer does a great job at making you feel his pain and panic in life. Ruben is a complete novice at so many things after dropping out of society for five years that it will leave you heartbroken but Duncan slowly helps him where he will allow. I would have like to know a little more about his previous lifestyle and had more resolution at the end. Discuss this as a group: God chooses not to hold our sins against us and instead loves us through them. Talk about practical ways you expect guilt, expose it instead of hiding it, and use it to lead you to Jesus.

In what areas of your life do you expect to feel the tension of hopelessness? When you expect that feeling of hopelessness, what can you do to expose it as an opportunity to grow your faith? Talk about ways you can pre-decide to use even the smallest offenses as opportunities to show forgiveness to those around us. Share with the group. Speaking of that same sorrow, what strength has God brought from it?

Challenge your eGroup to share one Bible verse with the group each day until you meet again.