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Happily ever afters are so sweet and this one is remarkably so because of how the trilogy started off. It works so well and I can't help thinking how wonderful the world will be now that Krinar and human can work together. The only off putting thing about the end was the decision of the Krinar Elders to allow humanity to have access to their immortality. Hopefully there's a vetting process in place before they hand such stuff out to anyone who wants it because I can think of a lot of negative outcomes for this technology if it falls into the wrong hands.

Or bodies, such as it were. Anyway, a very enjoyable book and perhaps sometime in the future there might be a continuation of these characters' lives. I truly love it and hate to see it come to an end. That's all I can say This series was amazing!!! I really hope this is not the end of the Krinar world.

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I want to continue to see this new world unfold. I have been captivated with Mia and Korum's story from the beginning. From her useless spying to his dark, dominant obsession with her Their love borders on madness A madness I willingly devour into the early morning hours. I know I will revisit this story over and over again because it's just that good. Zaires has given us a literary gem. Her writing is witty, snarky and deliciously erotic. Thankfully, her writing is so thorough it has no grammatical errors that seems to riddle most books these days I am a bit picky with syntax and semantics, but I'm always relieved to pick up an Anna Zaires book because I know that I can relax and enjoy her stories without being distracted by all the editorial issues.

This author has quickly become one of my favorites. I never hesitate to "one-click" her books. Zaires for you dedication to your craft! This wasn't a sit on the edge of your seat, stay up all night page turner. It was OK, good writing, effective concept which allowed you to use your imagination, and a natural progression. Korum, remained an alpha, anyone who is married or with one knows that they tend to be extremely sensitive with those they love, along with overbearing and at times passive aggressive just so they can get their way.

So Korum being gentler wasn't that strange nor was the perception that Mia was at times in charge. I liked the brain drained Mia much better than the original version. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess and I wished Saret had erased her memories in the first book. Found every other character in the books more likeable than Mia. The sex, every other page just felt filler. Why bother if its so boring. They have so called amazing sex in a tent in public but he bites her so you never know what goes on during the drug fueled sessions. What's the point of mentioning it you never give details.

The craziest thing he does is put her on all fours on the floor. Also, what's up with multiple sessions a day lasting just a few minutes, seems like aliens should have a fix for that. And is his semen like acid or something, have sex shower, have sex shower, if your in bed for the night do you really need to keep getting up for a shower? I'm probably over thinking this. I'm so sad the trilogy is over, I so enjoyed reading the Krinar series. I think Close Remembrance is the best one yet, I found it so moving it brought me to tears.

I think Anna Zaires is such a talented author and i have highly enjoyed reading her trilogy. I am so in love with Korum and Mia and all that they had to go through to find their happily ever after. This series took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I am truly grateful that I found these books. They have been one of the most intriguing and love inspiring books I have read ever. I highly recommend anyone who wants to read a series that has it all, action, adventure, intrige and a powerful love story to read this, you won't be disappointed.

I can't wait to read more books by Anna Zaires and I hope she writes more books set in the Krinar World soon. Nothing was left to chance.. You see and feel the growth from the first to the third book. I won't say last The deceit against Korum was heartbreaking and sad.. The love between Mia and Korum was sheer unbridled raw passion whew.

There were some laugh out loud moments as well.. Korum POV was sometimes 'hilarious'. I was fantasizing about the K technology. One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 month ago. Published 4 months ago. Published 5 months ago. Published 6 months ago.

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Sono due opposti che si attraggono in un'armoniosa danza interstellare. Romanzo finale di una serie piacevole ed intrigante. La passione descritta in questo romanzo accende ogni tipo di libido spenta ed assopita. Ti trasforma in fuoco vivo e bisognoso di provare almeno una volta questo amore folle ed immenso. Consiglio questo romanzo a chiunque desideri viaggiare tra galassie in compagnia di alieni tanto belli quanto spietati. Picking up right where the second book ended, this book has both a softer side, as well as a tougher, more brutal side.

While Korum and Mia must get reacquainted following her memory loss, the more primal Krinar need for violence and domination also takes center stage as Korum must defend himself in an arena challenge. Truths are revealed at last, with Korum's enemy finally caught and held accountable for his crim 'Close Remembrance' is the third, and final, book in the Krinar Chronicles trilogy. Truths are revealed at last, with Korum's enemy finally caught and held accountable for his crimes. At last, their is peace for Korum and Mia. They are finally able to focus on their relationship and building a future together.

Korum has big plans for Mia and her family, culminating with their own nuptials. Overall, it was an engaging, entertaining read. It held my attention all the way through. A softer side of Korum is exposed and I enjoyed watching him win Mia back over again. I give it 4 stars! This is my face right now I love this book.

The story is so passionate. The world is amazing. I need more Krinar please. I would love more Mia and Korum too. While organizing my lovely kindle I felt the urge to tackle one of my freebies since that list only seems to grow much faster than I seem to be able to read them. It just so happens that this story was on that list. I really enjoyed the sci-fi aspects in the first book and they are pretty solid all throughout. But the sequels pretty much removed all intrigue for me so the story fell very flat. Oh, things happened, but I was really ticked at the third book where Mia suffers memory loss and the plot ended up repeating the same developments as the second book.

We remember, I promise! Talk about a prime example of wrapping everything up in a neat little bow to the point of it feeling unfulfilling and completely forced. You can believe there were eye-rolls galore. And so begins my spoilerific rant: Okay I'll let that go. Who knows why, but whatever. But for his race which has people over a million years old, they've never been able to procreate with humans before, ever. So now suddenly at the end of the book they've figured it out! And her being his mate gives her near immortality like him, but of course her family is only human so they should live a normal human lifespan.

WHY would they make an exception when he hasn't even known these people for one fucking year! They have no extraordinary abilities to contribute to society. And then of course Mia and Korum get married, even though that's not his custom. It's really only to appease her and further assert his ownership. We get all of this shit in a matter of like 20 pages. It was so dumb and irritating.

Close Remembrance: The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 3 (Unabridged)

I just feel like the creative well ran dry there. As I read more about these novels, I learned that they are a collaboration of Anna Zairnes and her husband, who also happens to write. At first I was ready to be super impressed by a romance author who was able to provide such a rich alien culture and world.

Nothing wrong with that of course Ilona Andrews is a prime example , but one emerged as stronger than the other to me. So all in all I wanted to like it, but…meh. It had standout potential that became forgettable as the books went on. Perhaps it would have been better as a duology. There were still some bumps in Mia and Korum relantioship, but they will be resolved: D Now what mister 'best friend' did wasn't nice at all Now as for Korum Overall it was a really nice read, so thank you dear author for this story.

See ya and on to the next book!! This review can also be found on my blog: I was amazed by the Korum POV content. I was surprised by all his inner workings. He is really an extraordinary man and I love him so much. I loved him before but mostly because of how mysterious and deliciously intimidating he was. But now that I know what is inside of him I just melt. His world revolves around Mia.

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He would and has done almost anything for her. Her wish is his command. I love how it was said that the greatest force for peace between the Krinar and humanity is Korum's love for Mia. Not only were they happy and in love and going to live HEA, but then they view spoiler [discover a way to restore Mia's memories. And as if that weren't enough, Korum's gotta go and propose! And then they have the biggest wedding in the history of Earth and Krinar!

Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles #3) by Anna Zaires

Then they find out that they can have children!? Then the cherry on top is the Elders granting Mia's family immortality hide spoiler ]. Your smile, your laugh--even your stubbornness--make me happier than I've ever been before. I was sort of missing the tension that I loved so much about the first two books, but I am happy that Korum and Mia have such a bright future ahead of them. The conclusion of "The Krinar Chronicles" trilogy. Korum has claimed Mia as his charl. Life is good and the two can live out their lives in happiness and joy There are a few loose ends to tie up including the person behind The Rebellion , the fact that Mia will outlive her family as an immortal, the REAL reason Krinars are on Earth, and who the mysterious stalker is who showed up at the end of Book 2.

I held off reading this book as I really loved the previo The conclusion of "The Krinar Chronicles" trilogy. I held off reading this book as I really loved the previous two installments and was very worried that this one would ruin the series for me. There were a lot of pieces in the puzzle that needed to be handled along with finally finding out if Korum was a hero or a villian. Oh, it's pretty much slanted in one direction but blindsides have been known to happen. Overall I did appreciate the way this trilogy ended.

I am of the mind that all readers will never be pleased with the end result so I guess it all depended on if the sell would support how the last word of the last page would play out. I have come to the opinion that I was on board with the HEA ending and wrap up of things. I don't agree with certain subplot outcomes but it's not my place to play Goddess here so all is good in the world.

That man may have ice in his veins in public, but in the bedroom. The one downer in this was that I knew the trilogy would end with this installment. I do respect authors who don't string along fans by extending a series past their prime or whipping a dead horse to keep the series going. Always leave us wanting more right? To my surprise I discovered at the end of this book that the author has a WIP for a prequel to "The Krinar Chronicles" and she has set the stage for a spin off series.

I guess we haven't seen the end of Krinar. First off, this review is in regards to the book as a whole. I have to start off by saying I love the world building. Zaires obviously put a lot of thought into the world specifics. So while on one hand I am thoroughly impressed at her detail, on the other hand at times the explanations got a bit lengthy and boring.

But at least it all made sense. The sex was hot enough the first couple of times, but after a while the repetition bored me and I just skipped those parts. I was rolling my eyes at h First off, this review is in regards to the book as a whole. What I found interesting as well about the book was how similar it was to things I've written or thought about. It's almost as if Zaires picked through all my little tid bit writings and thoughts for some story lines and wrote them first So If I liked it so much why only 3 stars?

Because I hated Mia. Talk about whiny and hard to please. And really - how much sleep does a human need?

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I get 6 hours nightly, no naps. While I liked Korum, I did not fall in love with him. I also felt like in the book Korum completely changed but Mia didn't. All in all I really liked it but not in the all encompassing "New book boyfriend" "I can't set it down" kind of way.

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In fact many times I did set it down Korum has been just fabulous throughout the three books. In this one we get his POV for the first time, giving us a insight into what he thinks and how he feels. Mia is slightly less annoying but not by much! The traitor ups his plan and Korum and Mia are in more danger than ever before. But will his plan succeed or is Korum too strong of an adversary.

Mia's family feature more in this story as well. The sci fi aspects of this whole series have been superb, I loved all the world building and fabulous gadgets. Looking at the authors website I see we can look forward to another book a prequel, but it's about a new couple. No date yet for when it's due. Overall this series has been an interesting read. Jul 05, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it.

In the Third book of the series, and the final story of Korum and Mia, we have a story where life seems to be working so well for Korum and Mia. They are enjoying their lives together in Costa Rica. The trials have ended and justice has been met…. We see another side to the story with a villain, a villain who is fixated on Mia…. This story features a traumatic event where Mia loses her memory and something else…. This is a pretty emotional ride and boy it swept through my emotions like wild fire. Seeing them so happy in the beginning and then having to go through this challenge was pretty heart breaking at times.

I enjoy you, Mia—you enhance every moment of my existence. And we get some pretty fun times between these two as well. I swear this author can really write an emotional story that gives you all the feels. May 03, Juanita rated it liked it Shelves: I continued reading this series just for Korum: As I sit down to type this review, I can't get Freddie Mercury's voice out of my head, mournfully singing "Who wants to live forever? I like that this science fiction romance book not only has scorching love scenes, but introduces really new concepts for technology that seem so much more orga As I sit down to type this review, I can't get Freddie Mercury's voice out of my head, mournfully singing "Who wants to live forever?

I like that this science fiction romance book not only has scorching love scenes, but introduces really new concepts for technology that seem so much more organic that what has been offered in the past. The author has devised an exciting plot and an evil antagonist who causes a great many personal problems for Mia and Korum. But as the crisis for Mia and Korum unfolds, Zaires challenges you to take a look at society and wonder about the future of Earth in the face of population growth, diminishing resources, controlling government, burgeoning technological innovation and the importance of maintaining personal freedoms.

Rarely do I pick up a science fiction romance that makes me think on so many different levels. Zaires offers much more than mere escapism in the Krinar world. In my review of book two, I had hoped that the relationship between Mia and Korum would mature, and it did, but in a wholly backward way that had me holding my breath on their chances for a happily ever after.

Throughout the series, Zaire's penchant for a quick demise of central characters means a storyline can take a quick left turn and although I was rooting for Mia and Korum, I really didn't know what would happen to them.

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Bravo on this wonderful conclusion, Ms. In this third and final book Mia and Korum are living happily together in Lenkarda, we know from the prologue that this can't last, the last K traitor is still freely travelling the planet intent on carrying out his plan. Mia and Korum still have many obstacles to overcome if they're to find their happy ending.

It's difficult to say more without giving anything away but this is a fantastic book, I decided to read Liasions and Obsession again before starting Remembrance and I'm so glad I did not o In this third and final book Mia and Korum are living happily together in Lenkarda, we know from the prologue that this can't last, the last K traitor is still freely travelling the planet intent on carrying out his plan. It's difficult to say more without giving anything away but this is a fantastic book, I decided to read Liasions and Obsession again before starting Remembrance and I'm so glad I did not only did it refresh my memory but it gave me a chance to get totally lost in these books.

As always I loved Korum, again who wouldn't and the change in his character as a result of Mia is wonderful he becomes more human, I still had issues with Mia I found her naive and annoying at times then at others I appreciated how her character had matured but I must admit if I got to change anything about these books it would be her, something about her has irritated me in every book. This said I still loved these books, the story, the descriptions everything, wonderful series.

It satisfies the paranormal nerd in me, while still delivering the romance. We are talking about sexy aliens here folks! Different, yet very entertaining. I was thoroughly engaged in this other world, and the way it ended, I almost feel like there should be more to the story. I certainly want there to be more. Like hybrid babies or something. Or revenge, since plenty of the characters could want that.

I just like drama, so I'm open 4 - 4. I just like drama, so I'm open to possibilities. Some things were a bit repetitive sex scenes and dragged out, but overall, I enjoyed the world that was created and felt like I was sufficiently immersed. I enjoyed the series and would recommend to paranormal and or Sci-fi lovers that enjoy romance interspersed with their reads. OK, so this was the best of the series! D I still have issue with this book: